#1827 – Drought

If you want a mild winter buy a fancy new snowblower. If you want the price of gas to go down tomorrow, fill up your tank today. If you want Ben & Jerry’s to reissue your favorite discontinued ice cream flavor, simply develop lactose intolerance.

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10 thoughts on “#1827 – Drought”

  1. If you want your favourite band to change which day they’ll perform on at a festival, pre-order a ticket for just their day very early (as in, order a Friday ticket, and your favourite band will perform on Saturday instead)!

    This actually happened to me last year, but luckily enough, they fixed this problem by letting you come in on Saturday if you had an unused Friday ticket! Many people went to this festival just because of that one band!

  2. GDA says:

    I see what you did there what with the TARDIS raincoat and such.

  3. Mudfoot says:

    Charles Schulz did a cartoon about Charlie Brown’s ultimate life goal. Own a lake and a convertible. If it wasn’t raining he could say, “great weather for driving around in my convertible”. And if it was raining, he could say, “at least the rain is filling up my lake”.

  4. sam says:

    best raincoat in the universe!

    1. GDA says:

      It’s one size fits all… at the same time.

  5. kingklash says:

    During the hot months, if I want to help it rain, I just go out to the parking lot here at work, and spray the weeds. Within a couple of days, we’ll get rain to help new weeds grow to take the place of the dead and dying ones.

  6. reynard61 says:

    If you want an injection-molded (relatively inexpensive, relatively easy to build) model kit of a particular subject, buy a vacuum-formed or resin version (expensive, time-consuming and challenging to build) of that subject. (And even *then* it doesn’t always work…)

  7. TehTimmah says:

    Tardis raincoat. Biff just got about 20% cooler

    1. Utuy says:

      It must be larger on the inside then.

      P.S. Like your avatar.

  8. Silly. The price of gas doesn’t go down.

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