#1826 – Finally

We only hide plastic eggs with coins or stickers in them. Not really an issue if one goes missing.

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5 thoughts on “#1826 – Finally”

  1. We never really had any Easter egg hunts (well, maybe once or twice maybe). Most of the times, I would just get an Easter egg with some kind of gift (and sometimes also candy) in it.

    The Easter eggs we have here in Sweden are usually made of some kind of paper/cardboard material, and they have Easter-y pictures on them (like cartoon chickens and bunnies and such). You buy them empty, so that you can fill them with whatever you want to.

    An Easter comic in July, by the way? How come? …It’s because of that lost Easter egg that Biff found now, right?

    1. Chris says:

      Yes, I made it now for you to appreciate how long the egg was lost. 🙂

  2. kingklash says:

    One year, the folks spent a while getting the eggs hid. We only found about half, and egg shells for the rest. The dog found those, and after the first couple of crunchy surprises, he figured out how to remove the shells. We kept him tied up the following year. (He also could peel a banana before eating it.)

  3. Zargon says:

    When I use an egg I try to poke a small hole in one end so I can save my hollowed out egg shells during the year. When Easter draws near I dye them, then fill them with half full with bird seed and glue a little tissue paper over the hole. That way when you find them, you can throw them at each other and they shatter. The birds clean up the rest.

  4. ZeoViolet says:

    But that takes all the fun out of decorating and hiding real eggs!

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