#1667 – Details

It’s funny how quickly dreams fall apart when you look at the details. “Well I was at home on the couch… well actually I don’t even own a couch. And my real house is not on a slant like that. And why was everything covered in feathers?”

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13 thoughts on “#1667 – Details”

  1. My dreams are often not that different from real life at all. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten confused during the day because something that happened in the dream wasn’t real anymore…

    1. Sven says:

      There are actually two different stages of sleep during which you dream. During most of the night, you will either not dream or dream really mundane things, which helps your brain create connections and memorize stuff.
      Only during REM sleep, which happens mostly in the later hours of the night before you wake up, do you have the really crazy dreams.

      1. Wizard says:

        Thanks to the DST switch, my sleep cycle is currently a little disrupted. So, I’m waking up right in the middle of those bizarro dreams and remembering them. Some of the things going on inside my head really worry me.

      2. REM is the last state of every sleep cycle. of which you have several a night. As the night progresses, the other stages get shorter to allow for longer REM stages. So yes, you’ll have more strange dreams towards the end of the night, but that isn’t the only time.

  2. Anon_omis says:

    For some reason a common motif on my dreams is smoking, particularly me smoking. Thing is I’ve never smoked in my life nor do I plan on it.

  3. Mr. Meval says:

    I was taught the proper type of taco to order and the proper toppings and sides by a Chinese/Apache/American who was born and raised in a Los Angeles ghetto.

    I had found a place around the corner from work buried in a cluster of houses that served great tortas.

    What I now order there is genuine tacos with onions and cilantro with limes, radishes and cucumbers on the side. I also like salsa verde

    I intend to offer to fix their TV for tacos, it broke.

    The Coca Cola made and bottled in Monterrey Mexico tastes divine, it’s still the 1936 recipe. *sigh*

    1. I prefer fake tacos to real tacos, and US Coke to Mexicoke. I wasn’t around in 1936 so I guess I never developed a taste for it.

      1. kingklash says:

        Cane Sugar Coke was supplanted by Corn Syrup Coke relatively recently. Maybe even within your lifetime.

      2. Mr. Meval says:

        Ah well Chuck you’re probably not a fanatic. The original Coca Cola had cocaine in it. They eventually removed it and in 1936 or so did a revision of the formula to make it Kosher and by extension safe for Muslims. Things were glorious for many decades because this formula is marvelous. Then things got bad in the 80s. Coca cola was no longer king and Things Had To Be Done and Marketing Ruled. They secretly designed New Coke to be everything they now HATED about the original American Icon of Corporate Joy and Happiness. And New Coke was unleashed upon the earth. It had the unintended effect of a backlash from Americans who thought it, like apple pie was eternal.

        New Coke died a slow and lingering death, replaced by “original formula” coke which has never been either the original or the 1936ish reformulation. It is no longer Kosher and no longer safe for Muslims and considering the HFCS no longer safe for any sentient being on the planet.

        I lost faith. I never drank coke again.

        I then found out about the Coca Cola made in Monterrey Mexico. I tasted it and I found my Corporate Joy and Happiness again.

        I must make a pilgrimage to the holy shrine in Monterrey Mexico someday.

        1. I actually knew all that, but I still prefer the non-original Original Coke to cane sugar Coke. The 1936 thing was a joke. I doubt very many of us WERE there so I thought it was obvious. I apologize for my misplaced humor.

  4. Falos says:

    Cilantro seems harder for gringos to pronounce than, say, quesadilla. Then again I suppose there’s a line where the original word is no longer being spoken, but a new English variant, like with burrito and Mexico, and especially Los Angeles.

    Then you have “karaoke” – we adopted a half-adopted word. Madness.

  5. kingklash says:

    Mmmmm… sky tacos.

  6. Mr. Meval says:

    Bah Falos! English especially American English will wage war on a language and conquer it and plunder for verbiage!!!

    It sometimes creates bastards, guess more than plunder goes on.

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