#1668 – Pit

The bathrooms at the local forest preserve I went to as a kid were frightening. They were just little rooms with a hole in the floor built over a huge underground pit. The underground part was much larger than the room you stood in. There were many living things down there. Moving. Making sounds. Getting peed on.

Also, you may have heard that we just had a major election here in the US. I hope those of you that were eligible to vote made it to the polls because my son did not.

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12 thoughts on “#1668 – Pit”

  1. CFsoftie says:

    The Biff RSS feed doesn’t seem to be going out. Anybody else having this problem?

    1. Chris says:

      Yep, it got broken on Sunday. I’m going to try and fix it tonight.

      1. CFsoftie says:


  2. Anila says:

    Chris, your son is adorable. It is sad that many who are eligible to vote don’t seem to want to =/

  3. I’ve never been to a bathroom that’s been as frightening as in the description above… But the Porta-potties at heavy metal festivals can be pretty frightening as well, even if there aren’t any living things in them… *Shivers*

  4. kingklash says:

    Oh, yeah, those bathrooms that aren’t at the Visitor Centers are pretty “interesting.” I make sure anything that could fall off me is either securely battened down, or left in the car.

  5. Voyager says:

    I still remember the time a wasp dropped a spider down my pants in one of those.

    You cannot get blue jeans off over hiking boots.

  6. Morris Keesan says:

    You’d better have really sent that video to the President. Otherwise I’m going to email your son and tell him that you lied to him.

  7. ZeoViolet says:

    That video gave me a chuckle. Hope the prez does see it. XD

  8. ladyamethyst83 says:

    that video was so freaking cute! My 5 year old daughter went with me when I voted and they gave her a I voted sticker too. I figured that she can vote in the year 2028 for the president when she’s turning 21… you have to show him that video when he’s 18 😛

  9. reynard61 says:

    I just hope that by the time your son is old enough it’ll still be *worth* taking the time and trouble to go to the polls.

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