#1666 – Look

Back when I rode the subway in Boston I would sometimes have a creepy feeling about someone standing behind me. It’s funny how I would usually just stand there being creeped out. Moving away from someone in a sparsely populated car was somehow more embarrassing. It’s silly how humans can let embarrassment override safety.

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9 thoughts on “#1666 – Look”

  1. Heinrich says:

    i want a hat like that.

  2. Now we just need another guy with an eye hat, and someone with a nose/mouth hat, so that they can make a creepy “hat face” together with Biff! They just have to remember who’s going to stand where, so that they won’t make a “hat face” that has the mouth at the side, and an eye in the middle. Or would that make it look even more creepy?

  3. kingklash says:

    Normally, I release musk when threatened, and escape in the confusion.

    1. Wizard says:

      I just squirt ink and jet away.

  4. Space Butler says:

    ARG!!!! More Biff stuff that ought to be real (and could be).

  5. Dzelda says:

    Looks like Biffs got eyes in the back of his head. -w-

    1. pbarnrob says:

      Teachers (and some parents and grandparents) have historically been suspected of this. As a product, it would perpetuate the myth, which might not be a bad thing!

  6. Azkyroth says:

    Apparently it works. O.o

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