#1634 – Matched

I get socks for Christmas every year. Always black. Always the same brand. But they are never exactly the same. The logo changes. The weave design changes. The black is sometime blueish, sometimes reddish. It turns laundry into a weird puzzle mini game.

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7 thoughts on “#1634 – Matched”

  1. I never get any socks for Christmas (woohoo!), but all my socks look exactly the same (plain black), except for one thing… Almost all of them are differently sized, despite the fact that they all were the same size when I bought them! Do my feet change their size all the time?!

    It would probably look more fun if I had socks with various colors and patterns like in the picture, but then again, I wouldn’t be able to just pair them up with any other sock when just one of them break…

  2. Katie says:

    I actually do have all sorts of different socks. when I was in college, I found a store that exclusively sells colorful socks, and since then, I’m still known as the weird sock girl, so people keep buying me unusual socks for Christmas.

    I have a drawer that I call the orphan sock drawer, where my clean socks that don’t have mates go. Every time I do laundry, the ones that don’t match up go in there, and then about once a month, I go through it, and mate up any that match. I’m sure there are some socks that have permanently lost their mates, and are doomed to spend eternity in the orphan sock drawer.

    1. Awesome says:

      You could just do what my wife does – she never wears two socks that are the same.

      I only wear white socks even though my work clothes are black. Black socks make my feet sweat uncontrollably.

  3. kingklash says:

    You ever notice, in Super Mario Bros 3, that the Boomerang Brother looks like he’s throwing a sock?

  4. LongshotLink says:

    I swear if a dream recorder actually becomes available for purchase, I will spend however long it takes to save up to purchase one.

  5. Miles says:

    Oh man, so would I!
    Also, my family thinks I am weird for matching up my socks to their wear patterns. I have to walk A LOT, and so it is something that makes a difference. And of course I always get the white Hanes mens ankle socks in size medium.

  6. pbarnrob says:

    I do keep a pair of green, and a pair of red, for around Christmas-time as Port and Starboard, twice.
    It occurs to me that any of us, like Awesome’s wife, including Katie (who’s almost there already!) could grab intentional mismatches. We’d occasionally be in a rush and have a match; *shrug*…

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