#1633 – Packaged

It’s sometimes hard to choose an appropriate gift when you are early in a relationship. If you meet someone 2 weeks before their birthday do you just get them a card or should you spring for the LEGO Millennium Falcon? Maybe start out small like a TIE Fighter and save the Falcon for an anniversary?

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10 thoughts on “#1633 – Packaged”

  1. Word. I ended up getting my boyfriend a peg-legged pirate parrot plushie from Legoland. His birthday was literally two weeks after we started dating. And his birthday is the day after Valentine’s day.

  2. I’ve never been in that situation… Well, actually I haven’t given that many gifts at all in my life, but anyway… If I had to choose more gifts for people all by myself, then… Uh, I have no idea! They would probably get: A. Random stuff they maybe don’t even want, or B. Exactly that specific item they said that they wanted.

  3. Pyro says:

    ah see I already HAVE the Lego Millenium falcon, so that wouldn’t work for me.

  4. kingklash says:

    It was the head of Jimmy Osmond, wasn’t it?

  5. This is basically a horror story for me. I already have a near-phobia of giving gifts anyway. I do fine if I don’t know you – just grab you something cheesy based on some trait I’ve noticed.

    But the better I know you, the harder those traits are to distinguish from the whole, and the more frantic I get that I’ll get you something you won’t like and I’ll have just been wasting time and money, and what if it’s more expensive than what you’re comfortable with? Or not expensive enough and you think I’m cheap?

    I…don’t like giving gifts.

    1. R. E. Hunter says:

      Did you know that “gift” is actually the German word for poison?

      1. “Gift” is the Swedish word for poison too, and it can also mean “married”! …Is that really just a coincidence? I wonder…

  6. Wanderer says:

    I’ve wanted the lego MIllenium Falcon for YEARS, gimme gimme gimme. The old school one, not the new one, please.

    1. Chris says:

      Oh, I have one to giveaway but it’s a brand new one. I guess I’ll just return it to Amazon then.

  7. Fox Barrett says:

    Proving once again that how, when, and where you poke some holes into your girlfriend’s box makes all the difference in the world to your relationship.

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