#1613 – Divide

There is a cat at a relatives house that has sliced up my legs and feet a few times. So now I’m really nervous around her. Occasionally she will be sitting at the entrance to a hallway or flight of stairs. This means I have to change my plans and try that task later. But then I remembered the trusty laser pointer. If my passage is ever blocked I can just have her chase a red dot over to the other side of the room. Problem solved.

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9 thoughts on “#1613 – Divide”

  1. pbarnrob says:

    Aaaaaannnndddd, if you just happen to spot her retina, she might have a little bit harder time targeting your shins…

  2. My dog and my cats like to chase the red dot from a laser pointer, but the cats are more interesting to watch, because they actually understand that the red dot *can* appear on more surfaces than just the floor. My dog keeps staring on the floor right in front of him, and if the dot is more than 30 centimeters/one foot away from him, it doesn’t exist to him. Also, my dog’s eyesight isn’t the best in the world…

  3. Dzelda says:

    Ive seen…….. distressing images of dead cats carved up/roadkilled….

    I dont think I laughed at todays picture that much…..
    or at pb’s comment above……… only cuz Ive seen a cats retina without the socket it needs to be in….. Sorry Chris…… *shiver*

  4. Wizard says:

    And I thought they smelled bad on the outside…

    (Sorry, but didn’t you expect SOMEONE to say it?)

  5. kingklash says:

    To be fair, that cat did have the death sentence in several star systems.

  6. infrapinklizzard says:

    Remember to only use your new-found mastery of the Force for good, Chris.

  7. bbo says:

    That… NOT FUNNY.

  8. Flargon says:

    You’d think Biff would have learned after the first 8 times.

  9. pix says:

    Really, he didn’t know it was a light saber, wow, poor cat

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