#1614 – Subliminal

You will get a variety of cheeses. Not just Cheddar and Colby. Go for some Neufchâtel or maybe some Roquefort. Skip the “American Cheese”. It’s not cheese. Stop calling it that.

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19 thoughts on “#1614 – Subliminal”

  1. Ray Anselmo says:

    Don’t forget the Havarti!

  2. bbo says:

    these mouse & cheese jokes just dont work anymore for me…

    1. Chris says:

      Is it all dairy and rodents or specifically mice and cheese?

      1. bbo says:

        considering rodents in general only feed on dairy products when theres nothing else and the prefer breads, vegetables and even meat in some cases…

        1. Gameitect says:

          So, no problem with a rodent using mind control but the inaccuracies of cheese preferences are too absurd?

          Aside from the (also inaccurate) stereotypical mouse hole, how would the joke work out using breads, vegetables, etc.?

          What I find most funny, though, are all the well-placed cheese ads on all these cheese related comics. The power of technology, eh?

          1. bbo says:

            I just wrote those jokes dont work for *me* anymore.

            And the cheese ads are just google’s way of trying to influence you. or rather the companys that bought a spot on google’s adSense reel.

  3. Azkyroth says:

    Ironically, from what I’ve read rodents don’t actually like cheese that much – it just used to be almost the only thing in the house they could get to easily.

  4. I guess that maybe I’ve gotten one of those things on my head, because I like cheese…

    Mom has told me that mice like sausages, potato chips, chocolate and candy. Or, at least the mice that would appear at the gas station where she used to work. The mice ate that.

  5. kingklash says:

    I like most cheeses, even American. But then again, my people knew not of any cheesy goodness until you wacky Europeans crossed the ocean and brought dairy cattle here. Ask a convenient Native American about Government Surplus/Commodity Cheese, and more often than not, they will wax practically poetic about it. Even though Lactose Intolerance runs (ha!) somewhat in our peoples, we will body-check nuns and orphans for a block of “Commod” cheese.

  6. pbarnrob says:

    American cheese-like food product — pass! Trader Joe’s has a Dubliner that’s pretty intense and interesting; even my wife ‘Non-Dairy Donna’ likes it (when she doesn’t have to sing). It’s an allergy, not lactose-intolerance, and some of the local Mozzarella (but not European somehow) and lighter varieties are OK.

  7. GuyD says:

    I was born in Switzerland and still live there. If I go hiking in the mountains I often buy cheese directly at the producers on alp. The cows feeds various natural grown herbs and grass instead of silage and concentrated feed. Believe it or not, but you can taste that in the cheese! It is rich of various flavours and strong in taste. Just delicous!

      1. GuyD says:

        But you have to know: It’s not a cheap pleasure! Even if you buy directly at the door of a mountain hut, you pay about $ 45 – 50 per Kilo. Of course I take less (about 200 Gramms), I didn’t want to carry such a weight like one kilo in my backpack through the mountains! 😉

        Btw, did you ever tasted cheese made from sheep or goat milk?

        1. Chris says:

          Yeah, goat cheese is great!

    1. Dzelda says:

      Id believe you. Ive eaten chicken that wasnt factory bred before and you can taste what they eat when the final products placed at the farmers table.

      Best darn chicken I ever ate. A bit grassy mind you 😛

      1. bbo says:

        “it tastes like chicken” because chicken can taste like pretty much anything you feed it, feed it fishmeal: fishy chicks.

        1. Chuck says:

          I’m going to feed my chickens bacon.

      2. das-g says:

        I once had breakfast with someone who didn’t want to eat open land eggs, because the chickens would eat snails and worms. Hard to believe she actually was a daughter of farmers. (Open land production is not unusual for eggs sold in Switzerland. They taste as good as other eggs or even better. Can’t tell whether they taste like the worms or snails the chickens might have eaten, as I’ve never tried worms nor snails.)

    2. das-g says:

      I live in Switzerland, too, and got rather confused: First though “Neufchâtel” was just a misspelling of Neuchâtel (a city in Switzerland, called “Neuenburg”* in German). Though, although many Swiss regions, towns and villages have their own cheese varieties named after them, I didn’t know of any internationally known cheese to which Neuchâtel might have been namesake.

      Turns out Neufchâtel is the name of other places in France and Canada and the cheese originates from one of the French ones.

      *There’s other places called “Neuenburg”, too, though.

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