#1595 – Loaf

You gotta strike first. Beat that bread before it beats you. Chop it, don’t slice it.

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4 thoughts on “#1595 – Loaf”

  1. Dzelda says:

    Remembah Biff…

    Wax on…. wax off….

  2. What, does the bread attack you if it knows that you are allergic? So this is kinda similar to how cats seem to know if someone is allergic to them, so they can snuggle up to that person and give them extra much cat hair to sneeze at?

  3. kingklash says:

    To strike, you need only strike at the crust. The crust is bread’s only defense, as it’s interior is soft, fluffy and fragile. You strike through the crust, and bread is defeated.

  4. Maxwell Smart says:

    Would you believe that back in my prime that I could karate chop through 8 bricks.
    Would you believe 7 bricks?
    Would you believe 5 bricks?
    You believe a loaf of bread?

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