#1590 – Serpentine

I’ve only seen a few snakes in my neighborhood. I’m sure there are plenty more of them but they are sneaky. I think they were all garter snakes. Although I think I was 16 or 17 before I realized they weren’t called “gardener snakes”.

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10 thoughts on “#1590 – Serpentine”

  1. Starkittens says:

    Wait, they’re not calls Gardener snakes? Then why does everybody call them that?!


    1. Slogra says:

      Because garter snakes occur more often in the country, where people insist you “worsh” dishes in a “crick”. This, coming from someone who lived for several years in rural Ohio. Or, Ohiah.

  2. I have only seen maybe two or three “snakes” in the wild ever, and they were in the forest. Or, well, actually they weren’t even real snakes, but that’s just the ones I have seen. I looked it up, and apparently they’re called blindworms or slowworms in English. This is the animal I’m talking about:


    The snake in the comic reminds me of a toy snake that I got from Ikea when I was a little kid. If you google “Ikea green plush snake” there should be like four pictures of it, among the first ones that show up. At least that’s what happened when I googled it…

    1. Chris says:

      Hey I remember that snake! I bought one of those for the daughter of a friend around 10 years ago.

      1. Yeah, and a bit later there was another, equally big plush snake available at Ikea. This one looked way more realistic, and I think it was supposed to be a rattlesnake. It had a rattle inside the tip of its tail, but I thought of it as a python snake, probably because of its size.

  3. F. Dwarf says:

    I’m suprised that nobody has mentioned that scene where Van Damme punches a snake.

  4. kingklash says:

    It almost looks like Biff is holding a knife.

    1. devopablo says:

      It looks more like he’s about to go cull some wheat.

  5. Sven says:

    Look out Graham^H^H^H^H^H^HBiff, a POOOOISONOUS snake!

  6. Arcan says:

    Is it just me, or does the snake look more worried than Biff is? Almost like it’s thinking “Oh crap. This guy doesn’t care if he attacks his own arm.”

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