#1591 – Sharpen

Sharp knives are something that have apparently eluded the common consumer my whole life. There is constantly some sort of incredibly sharp knife set or knife sharpener infomercial on TV. How can we prepare our microwave dinners without the constant availability of an inexpensive mailorder kitchen knife set?

Also, Hugs Bison shirts are once again back in stock!

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8 thoughts on “#1591 – Sharpen”

  1. Space Butler says:

    Yes, good comic

  2. I find those infomercials completely ridiculous! I think I’ve seen one where the chef can’t even cut a tomato with a normal/average kitchen knife, but then he uses the super sharp knife. He throws the tomato up in the air, and cuts it like some ninja while it’s still in mid-air.

    1. das-g says:

      That’s actually how ketchup is made. Though, think that, after this stunt, the ketchup would just fall down onto the cutting board from which the tomato had been picked up? It ain’t that easy. You’ll have to scrape it off the kitchen walls.

      (For taste, it helps to throw up a bit of salt, sugar, spices and vinegar with the tomato, before cutting through all that.)

  3. kingklash says:

    Right now, I’ve got a NuWave induction hot plate ad on my screen, under the Hugs Bison shirt ad. Would have been funnier if it was a Ginsu Knife ad. “In Japan, the hand can cut like a knife. (hi-ya!) But it can’t cut throught this tomato! (hi-ya! *splat*)”

  4. Mr. Meval says:


  5. jammit says:

    My dad’s hobby was as a wood worker. Sharp knives are a necessity for woodworking. I grew up knowing how to make knives ridiculously sharp. To this day if someone asks to borrow my pocket knife, I have to warn them it’s really sharp or they wind up cutting themselves. They’re not used to a sharp pocket knife, and over compensate for it.

  6. Exelbirth says:

    And when I read this one, there was some sort of add for a pocket knife with a flashlight on it.

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