#1589 – Boosted

When I was a kid I liked to fill the ice cube trays with a selection of things I wanted to drink. Usuall milk and orange juice. Then I could put the frozen milk cubes in my glass of milk and keep it cold without watering it down. My wife will put regular ice cubes in her milk. This is clearly an abomination.

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12 thoughts on “#1589 – Boosted”

  1. I pretty much always add (at least) one Stok coffee shot to my coffee every morning, because there is absolutely no benefit in half-assing caffeine.

  2. Ice cubes in milk?! Aaauuugh!! …But that is just *my* reaction… I never put ice cubes in anything, because I think it gets way too cold then!

    And is that a coffee machine in a coffee machine? Would that be like if you made coffee using coffee instead of water? Coffee^2 or something?

    1. pbarnrob says:

      Almost as bad as ice in wine! Fortunately, they make thin glass decanters with a long obscene insert plug for the ice; could work nice for tea too!

      I make two pots of green tea (about a liter and a half each), and in one pot, before it steeps, I’ve put a shotglass with an ounce and a half of honey. Remember to stir before it cools. It cools by the windowsill, then all goes in a tea jug in the fridge.

      1. Exelbirth says:

        That sounds quite nice actually

  3. kingklash says:

    I usually make tea in my coffee maker, due to Ma having to cut back on cofffee years ago after her first heart attack. Even now after she’s gone, I make tea in the morning. I have a big 64-once convienence store cup that can hold the entire pot that I take to work. But the Oklahoma heat is in full swing, so I’ve been freezing part of it the day before. I pour most of the tea, add the Splenda, toss in the tea cubes, refill the trays and put them back, and whatever’s left goes in the big mug. Iced tea for work!

  4. Chrispytimes says:

    I actually had a friend who did that, sort of. He would brew his coffee, then pour it back in the water tank, put new grounds, and then brew it again. It was hell on the coffee maker, constantly had to clean the innards out.

  5. I used to have a Joe Pro, but I got rid of it for a better version, the Joe Mama.
    Just like mama used to make!

  6. jammit says:

    (Why is my chest starting to hurt, and why has my left arm gone limp)

  7. S. Aquila says:


  8. mysteryman203 says:

    milk is a staple in my family we run through at least a gallon every 2 days so we buy a lot of milk so we don’t ruin it with ice if i want my milk colder i will put frozen blueberries in it

    1. kingklash says:

      Now that’s an idea!

  9. Tech says:

    Coffin Varnish factory.

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