#1426 – Lipped

Did everyone else have that one kid in their school that could grow a mustache in 4th grade? Maybe he wasn’t actually a kid. A spy of some sort? Seems like the mustache would have been a dead giveaway. Somehow we were just jealous instead of suspicious.

Today’s Maximumble is ready.

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10 thoughts on “#1426 – Lipped”

  1. Space Butler says:


  2. Maskman says:

    That would have been me. I’ve been found out! 😮

    Gotta say, the facial hair got me invited to a LOT of parties – I could buy when all the other kids would get busted, no matter HOW artful their false IDs… I worse my false ID on my upper lip. 😀

  3. onex says:

    Obviously, they grew their mustaches with sheer force of will.

    Also, the readers of the newspapers I subscribe to are missing out by not seeing Biff every day. Have you thought about putting The Book of Biff in newspapers? It’s better than some of the comics I see.

  4. At first I thought it looked like Biff just had his mouth a bit open… But when I first started to read The Book Of Biff a couple of months ago, I thought his real mouth looked a bit like a weird mustache. (and I read through the archive in the right order, starting at #1, so maybe it’s because Biff looked a bit different back then compared to now…?)

  5. Wizard says:

    Hey, it was the seventies. Alien parasites weren’t even close to the weirdest things running around loose.

  6. JasonF says:

    Looks like the same strain of parasite to infect Cheech Marin and Frank Zappa.

  7. kingklash says:

    That would explain the way some of the actors look on “Dave’s Old Porn.”

  8. Dan says:

    This is a Reading Rainbow reference, and possibly Star Trek too. The host for Reading Rainbow, LeVar Burton, also played a character on Star Trek. ( He was also Kwame from Captain Planet.) But the show started in the early 80’s…
    Perhaps I’m over-thinking it. Maybe the mustaches are just alien parasites. The logo on the shirt though reminds me of the reading rainbow logo. lol

  9. Sam says:

    Yeah actually… I almost forgot about it, but yes that was me

  10. Arcan says:

    I curse those in middle school that can grow facial hair. I just finished my third year of college (well it should have been) and I still can’t grow proper facial hair. The best I can do is a little half goatee.

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