#1269 – Roofed

This kind of thing happened so often I’m surprised they don’t have a commercial solution to sell you in toy or hardware stores. They make long poles with rope activated clippers for trimming tree branches high off the ground. It probably wouldn’t be too hard to make a different attachment to that pole that was a gripper claw. Get toys off of roofs and out of trees!

Today’s Maximumble is bitter.

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10 thoughts on “#1269 – Roofed”

  1. Kitsune Dzelda says:

    Usually the rain ends up doing the job of the grapple broom, so whether or not you actually got it, youd still get the frisbeee back eventually.

  2. SleepySheep says:


  3. Mark says:

    Biff is over thinking. It is so easy to just climb on the roof.

  4. MaskedMan says:

    Actually, there is a commercial solution. It’s called a ‘roof rake’ and it’s also useful for snow off your roof.

  5. i once made a crude grapple hook with a broken flower hoe thingie and a metal cord

  6. i.half4 says:

    Beautiful. The inevitable as depicted by poetry in stop motion.

  7. Gwid says:

    Biff not only has ingenious ideas about getting frisbees off the roof, he also has ideas about rope-pretzels.

    My sister once threw her hoola-hoop on the roof of our old house. It was visible from the front yard, and the other day we drove back past it. We moved out almost 8 years ago. It’s still there.


  8. pbarnrob says:

    If you can, make the grabber totally non-metallic, non-conducting, in case it gets on or near a power line. That could make for a very short day, or a long night in the ER…

  9. Draco Dei says:

    pbarnrob: No “If you can” about it I don’t think. They make some GOOD plastics these days, and with liability laws what they are plus the fact that often times it would be children who would end up using it…

  10. Arcan says:

    The problem is when the item caught on the roof is small enough to fit in the gutter. Those NEVER come down. Ever. They are doomed to cause leaf clogs for all eternity.

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