#1270 – Switch

I got my first car back in high school and was excited to be able to drive there instead of walking or taking the bus. One morning I pulled up and turned off the engine but there was something wrong. I couldn’t get the key out of the ignition. I had no idea what to do. I started the car back up. Turned it off again. Turned it really hard. Nothing. Occasionally another student would walk by and I would casually rummage through my school bag as if they could tell that I was an idiot. I then replayed everything I did when I pulled up.

“Okay… pulled into the spot… hit the breaks to stop the car… put the shifter to park… oh wait. The car is still in drive.”

I was sitting there for 10 minutes with my foot on the break pedal and never put the car in park. The car was nice enough to not let me get out and leave before putting it in park.

Today’s Maximumble is sharp.

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17 thoughts on “#1270 – Switch”

  1. August says:

    I was visiting an aunt of mine for the summer, and because I wasn’t ready to trust myself with public transportation, I asked her if I could use her car during the day, since she took the bus to work. During my “audition” with her vehicle, I noticed with growing concern that every time I stopped accelerating the car would slow to a crawl almost immediately. She then informed me that the emoergency brake was still on. I then informed her that we had been previously parked on a completley flat surface.

    On the plus side, while I was stuck in her house, I got really good at painting my nails.

  2. Alphanumeric says:

    Hunh. I though your story would have been about that stupid button they hid on the steering column on certain 90’s vehicles that you had to press before it would release your key.

  3. Micah says:

    Ah, that reminds when of Portal 1 when GLaDOS says she has a surprise, but it ends up being her accidentally ejecting a personality core.

  4. ZeoViolet says:

    Beings as he’s on Mercury I would be almost as concerned if he accidentally ejected his suit’s AC system.

  5. Maskman says:

    Must make for quite the spectacle once those tanks clear the horizon…

  6. Baughbe says:

    …and that’s why the computer asks you AGAIN if you want to delete the system file…

  7. Cyndaquazy says:

    I can say that as a new driver myself (been so since last June) that I, too, have forgotten to put the car in park… very embarrassing…

  8. Tusch says:

    I wonder how he manages to stuff the eyebrows into that helmet.

  9. My Name says:

    This happens every time I drive an automatic because I’m used to a manual which doesn’t have these weird rules

  10. PsychoDuck says:

    He also appears to have jettisoned his eyebrows.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  11. Wizard says:

    Except for Earth, I really can’t think of a GOOD place to discover that…

    My current car messes with me a little because you have to hold the key horizontal to put it into the ignition; every other car I’ve ever owned, the key went in vertically. I’m also used to driving a stick, so when I drive an automatic I have to keep reminding myself to leave the shifter alone.

  12. dartigen says:

    I have some trouble putting the handbrake off even now that I know how to drive. Because it’s on of those pull-up type ones (as opposed to the pull-out ones which you can tell if they’re still on a bit) I don’t always turn it off completely. So then I wonder why my engine is revving so hard.

    (Also I still sometimes crunch my gears. The driving of a manual transmission car is not an exact science.)

  13. i have ridden in both a manual an automatic i like automatic ones better because there is not a clunky stick you have to move

  14. Junior Crowley says:

    This exact thing happened to me… I mean, the whole ‘why won’t you give me my keys?! … oh, not in park’. Fortunately, I had help from the Old Man, who noticed it wasn’t in park.

    I was also happy to be able to drive to school instead of riding the bus, but I quickly realized I still had to get up early if I wanted a parking spot not out in the Wasteland of the parking lot.

  15. Michael Chapman says:

    I did the exact same thing, except I was parked at the edge of the lot, and there was a cement curb, so I actually DID take my foot off the brake, but my car just rested against the curb. I was so flustered, and I was already late, so I just left the keys in my car and asked the secretary in the front office who liked me to keep an eye on it. Come the end of the school day, I was 10 seconds from calling AAA when I realized my stupidity. This was twelfth grade, I think. They still let me graduate, thankfully.

  16. KittenKat says:

    I had the same sort of problem lately. I was driving a Zipcar recently (for those who don’t live in larger cities, it’s an hour-by-hour car rental service for city dwellers who don’t own cars but occasionally need to drive places) and it was a Prius. Priuses are weird in that they have power buttons instead of ignitions– your keys just need to be somewhere in the vicinity of the car for you to be able to turn it on– and a “joystick” instead of a gear shift, with a separate button for Park. Also, because it’s a hybrid car, the engine doesn’t actually run when the car’s not running, so you can’t even hear the difference between On and Off. This makes for a perfect storm of “why will the car not lock? I wiggled the joystick and pressed the button and got out of the car… Oh wait I forgot to press the Off button.” Because you lock Zipcars by waving a card in front of a sensor, I probably looked extra-stupid, standing there waving my hand frantically over the windshield as if I could somehow use Jedi Mind Powers to lock my car…

  17. Ivanov says:

    I was once driving through an open parking lot, where people park wherever, and they had left hardly any room between each other. As I was leaving I came to a tight place, so I decided to get out to see if I could make it.

    So I parked my car, opened the door, stepped out… and the car started rolling forwards, lovingly pushing the open door into another car, and squishing me, as I threw my leg back into the car and onto the brake as fast as I could.

    Left the damn thing in drive.

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