#1231 – Tumble

Around these parts if you have an old appliance that still works that you want to get rid of you have to physically handed off to someone else. If it’s left out in the open for any length of time one of the scrap metal guys will snag it. We put a metal cabinet out not too long ago and I saw the guy take it. At first I was confused because he carried it around to the front of his truck. Then amazingly he tossed it onto the hood of the truck, climbed up next to it heaved it up onto the roof and then with a horrible scraping sound pushed it into the back of the truck. It must be a bittersweet experience for him when his truck finally dies. He has to get a new truck but he also gets to hand the old one in to the scrap metal yard.

Today’s Maximumble is happy either way.

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7 thoughts on “#1231 – Tumble”

  1. Schmordy says:

    But those ‘sanctuaries’ haven’t told you about their starch euthanasia, have they?

  2. ZeoViolet says:

    Pants do well at those places, but I think that is usually where our missing socks turn up? And I used to believe the washing machine simply ate them!

  3. Radical Edward says:

    Washers and dryers, run free! Whee!

  4. Baughbe says:

    So that’s where the old machines went when they upgraded the neighborhood laundromat. Now will oddly colored characters place them in their missing stomachs?

  5. S. Aquila says:

    Aww, they look so happy~
    Hey wait a minute! That dryer has my sock!

  6. caranthir6169 says:

    We have those people here in Appalachia. Except they usually knock on the door and ask. Otherwise, they might find a shotgun glaring at them and he body found in some backwoods holler. Oh, how I love living in Ohio with my redneck brethren Ya’ll city folk jus’ don’t understand us rednecks

  7. phendrana says:

    People will take anything…Even bags of leaves on the curb.
    I know this because I spent 6 hours raking last Saturday, and all 23 bags of leaves are gone.
    I miss them because they made a great corner- of-yard fort.

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