#1789 – Smaller

It’s hard to keep yourself clean when you are a spider. Always crawling through places filled with dusty webs. You have to rely on the schedules of those pesky humans to catch a break.

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4 thoughts on “#1789 – Smaller”

  1. That bathtub looks a bit too big for a spider, unless it’s one of those giant, terrifying ones. A giant, hairy spider that can shake itself dry like a dog after it has finished showering.

  2. ZeoViolet says:

    This is how I’ve gotten a few of my spider bites; in the shower. The kind you don’t know about until afterwards, though. I seem to have a high tolerance for poison or something…

  3. kingklash says:

    Little known fact: Spiders invented the all-in-one bodywash/shampoo.

  4. onexused says:

    won’t *
    We don’t get many spiders in our showers. It was a different story when I visited my grandparents in the southern USA, though. There were some 5 – 10 spiders in their tub (granted, they’d been away for some time).

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