#1726 – Creamed

Hmm? Oh no, I only eat ice cream in the summer. Yep. I guess you will have to finally buy some for yourself! Why is there a knife in my leg?

Also I’m doing an experiment and selling my ebooks here on the site as “pay what you want” PDFs. Basically you can get any single book for $1 or more. Check out the ebook store here.

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2 thoughts on “#1726 – Creamed”

  1. I wonder if the snowman is happy because of the ice-cream, or if he’s just happy anyway.

    Biff just has to remember to take the ice-cream again before the weather gets warmer and the snow (and ice-cream) begins to melt…

  2. kingklash says:

    What do snowmen eat for Ice Cream Headaches?

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