#1725 – Cocoa

Feeling down? Put on the choco-goggles and it will lead you to the closest chocolate source. 100 yard range. Batteries not included.

Also I’m doing an experiment and selling my ebooks here on the site as “pay what you want” PDFs. Basically you can get any single book for $1 or more. Check out the ebook store here.

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4 thoughts on “#1725 – Cocoa”

  1. Now that’s a great idea! Will there be other types of goggles as well, like ice-cream goggles, soda goggles, cookie goggles or maybe even popcorn goggles?

  2. toadhammer says:

    Not to be confused with beer goggles.

  3. Falos says:

    Not recommended for users seeking to lose weight.

    Which means more for me.

  4. kingklash says:

    If you’re looking for the nearest search engine, do you use Google Goggles?

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