#1096 – Tug

I own a dog and I’ve owned other dogs in the past but I’ve never been to a dog park. I don’t think any of my dogs have known they exist so they probably don’t resent me. At least not for that. They always seem pretty disappointed that I don’t constantly drop large plates of food on accident.


7 thoughts on “#1096 – Tug”

  1. Obsidia Black says:

    WHOA FIDO, WHOA!!!!!!!

  2. Howls Like Wolf says:

    Silly me; it never occurred to me to put a tether on my Frisbee. I always just had to run after it when the thing wouldn’t come back to me.

  3. Baughbe says:

    You can give your dog even more exercise with an Aerobie. However they don’t survive chewing as well as a Frisbee.

    Let me guess, St. Bernard or a Commodore?

  4. MaskedMan says:

    Or a Marema… Or a Swissie… Or an Anatolian Shepherd… Or, being that this is Biff’s world, a stegamosauruseses…

    I stay the hell out of dog parks. Too many clueless owners, too many ill-mannered dogs. Unfortunately, one of MY dogs in an ill-mannered* dog, so, being a non-clueless owner, I stay out of dog parks.

    * She’s not very social, and HATES puppies. Seeing as she’s something like 27 inches and 95 pounds… I keep her away from puppies. And dog parks.

  5. Tigerbitten says:

    LOL. My little mutt will sit right at the stove and watch as I stir, spoon, drip and make a good awful racket called “dinner”. After which, she will check the cabinets and floor for anything that fell and I missed cleaning up.

    If she gets chased out the kitchen, she will lay by the deep freezer, peeping around the corner to see who is left in the kitchen. If no one is there, she will go find ppl and then place her head on their knee and look up with big brown eyes. Not begging, mind you, just looking. Begging requires one to look pitiful; she just looks as the food goes from plate to mouth. XD

  6. grapy says:

    i can just imagine how strong that dog is to pull biff

  7. Karen says:

    You’re not missing anything by not going to dog parks — like MaskedMan already said, too many badly behaved owners. Yappy little ankle-biters running around, completely out of control, and owners who’ll yell at you if you dare to shoo their “precious baby” away from you.

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