#1097 – Hydration

Every time I draw some sort of squirt gun comic I think about the kids a few doors down that had battery powered squirt guns that they modified to be connected to a milk jug full of water that was in a backpack. I tended to keep my toys as pristine as possible where they were constantly hacking and upgrading theirs. What’s your favorite water fight memory?


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  1. animeloveofthegods says:

    Biff is a man after my own insanely ridiculous heart!

  2. PsychoDuck says:

    I remember seeing a Super Soaker (Or a similar no-name water gun) being advertised years ago that came with a water backpack. I was really excited for this and thought it sounded really awesome, but then I learned that the backpack only held the equivalent of two extra water tanks. Man, I wanted something that took up the whole backpack and let me battle for hours. Yeah, it would’ve weighed a crapton-and-a-half, but the battlefield is no place for sissies!

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  3. Obsidia Black says:

    I love the look on his face. It practically screams “Bring it on!”

  4. THKNN_NUL says:

    My parents were Baptized one Sunday Morning.
    The Pastor forgot to keep the heater on, so it was Ice cold.

    A few months Later, at Church Camp, held every summer, My dad was one of the Councilors. His team of 4th Graders, including my brother, went to the Kitchen before the Water Balloon War, and my Mom, In Charge of the Kitchen, brought out a Cooler filled with Icy Water Balloons. ‘These are for the Pastor, Only’

    The Pastor was almost UN-Touchable, until me sneaky little brother got behind a tent and waited for him to come by. The Pastor got close, not realizing my brother’s plan, and that’s when my bro took the chance and tip-toed over, Nailing him in the back.

    The Pastor let out a Howl of Ice Cold Agony as he fell to his knees.

    BEST. Fight…EVER!

  5. The Dukenator says:

    @Obsidia Black or “Come get some!”

  6. dartigen says:

    Water fights at school. We would use drink bottles (water pistols could get you suspended because they looked like a weapon and the Fun Police didn’t like that) so someone would always bring one of the big 1.5L bottles and we’d just throw the water at each other or squirt each other if we had pop-top bottles. It was more to keep cool than anything else, and nobody cared about the detentions – it meant more time in a nice, air-conditioned classroom and less out in the heat.
    Once someone managed water balloons, and two days later water balloons were banned from school grounds.

  7. Baughbe says:

    Long ago I had a water gun that had a tiny metal hex-nut nozzle. That thing really stung! That is until one of my older brothers convinced me to let them look at it, and they removed the nozzle and ‘lost’ it. After that it was no more powerful than any other water gun.

  8. Marks1stwife says:

    Mine is from church camp as well. Trash cans full of water balloons placed strategically around the grounds. Sometimes the balloons didn’t break of course, so one needed a dish soap bottle, industrial size, as back up. (which really do shoot quite a distance) and then decided we were wasting our time with so little water and moved up to buckets.

  9. Wizard says:

    I’m more the upgrade type, myself. I don’t consider something really mine if I haven’t voided the warranty yet.

  10. soilent says:

    I allways wanted a compressor super soaker and would have hacked one with a battery powered pressurizer or even one of those CO2 bottles from fizz makers, but my family was so cheesy that I had only a small model and it’s pressure valve promptly locked up even without use of a foreign pressures.

    One thing for sure, I will introduce my little ones to the joy of water battles. If I ever find a wife and have kids with her, that is.

  11. Glenn says:

    Some many years ago, at a medieval event held in the hottest part of the summer, I “just happened” to bring my Super Soaker 2000 (IMHO, the best one they ever made–it actually has perceptible recoil, and I still have it). To my delight, a friend also brought his, and we found this out when we were both wearing nearly identical green tunics. We instantly became “the Men in Green, saving Royalty from the Evils of Heat Prostration”, and went hunting Royals with cheerful abandon. This was, in fact, the year that Men In Black II came out…

  12. Feildin says:

    Growing up in a small town, 1200 people giver or take we would end up having town wide water fights. Making makeshift slings so we could easier carry our water guns on bikes. Then the Highschoolers would end up lining the bed of a truck with a tarp, fill it up with water, and drive around using buckets to soak people. Good times

  13. tekaramity says:

    Man, reading all these great stories proves to me that my kid self was a sissy. Never mind water guns and water balloons; I was frightened of the *sprinkler* then.

  14. Church says:

    I live on a small 3 block area. one day when I was little in the middle of summer every kid brought out their biggest super soakers. I had this behemouth that was so large it was taller than me. Shoulder strap to help hold it up. I walk up to a team mate and we set up a small barricade of tables at our home base. then sat and waited, when the people came to get our flag. Well lets just say it hurt them a lot more than it hurt me 😀

  15. grapy says:

    i remember when every sunday we would head up to our ants to play in a pool or have a water gun fight once i had both of the guns connected to the hose and i was spray mania i was shooting every one one at a time plus the hose guns were automatic shooters

  16. Stranger says:

    Amazing how awesome a garden hose seemed at the time.

    It was that or filling water balloons with soap water; everybody falling over within two steps.

  17. thunderstorm101 says:

    My favorite water fight memory is when I realized, at the age of seven or eight, that my father’s old Super Soaker (old then!) could be reloaded in the pool. I had a much better range that day then the people who were blowing through the hollow parts of the foam pool noodles!

  18. Cari says:

    We were on a canoe trip. The guides had a water cannon (you suck water thru the barrel with a plunger-it’s only one shot, but huge). We silently paddled up right next to their canoe while they were engaged in a water gun fight with another canoe on their other side. I reached in and took the cannon, and we silently paddled away. When one of the guides said “hey, where’s our cannon?” we got them with a sneak attack.

  19. MaskedMan says:

    Heh! Biff’s water cannon is going to have some *serious* recoil…

    Two big memories:
    1) At Scout camp, age 15 – We had these fire-fighting devices called indian pumps. They were a five gallon galvanized metal backpack with a hose out the bottom, attached to what looked like a bicycle pump – only it pumped water. You could get a stream 40 feet long from a pump in good condition, but none fired less than 20 feet. The older kids (such as myself) were strong enough to run with a full load of water, and we’d sneak and rush to ambush points no one would expect because of the range – NO ONE was safe – Not even our own troop members! 👿

    2) In the Nav – The USS Fanning pulled up alongside and challenged us to a water fight. Bad move – The Dixon was a Sub Tender, so towered over the Fanning, we had a crew three times as large, and a LOT more firehoses. 😀 Also, the Moulders and Shipfitters shops rigged up trebuchets and onagers for LARGE water balloons, scoring our first hits at over 100 meters (some ranging shots went OVER the Fanning at 100 meters). We (literally) hosed ’em when they closed the range! 😆
    (Your taxpayer dollars hard at work!)

  20. Khaydarin says:

    Mine isn’t really a favorite story, but, when I was little me and my friends would play in the church parking lot across the street from our house. Of course we had water battles. We could only afford dinky little guns or maybe a pump up super soaker, while another kid would see us playing and come with his super soaker back pack and soak all of us while we couldn’t get close. I hated that kid.

  21. Twilightfairy says:

    Man you all got cool water fight stories. The only one i can get is splash wars against the family in the pool.

  22. Cyndaquazy says:

    public void printMessage() {
    I’ve never really had a hard-core water gun fight. They’ve usually just involved me and my sister wetting each back and forth until one of us got tired…

  23. Saiph says:

    I have an OLD school super soaker xp150. Limited ammo, but 8 pumps and you KNEW when you got hit

    My best water fight was on a scout canoeing trip. a supersoaker 50 had floated away during a water battle. One mile downstream a leader was ambushing us with it from behind a tree when we went around the corner. So he’s standing there with a evil grin which immediately disappeared when I pulled out my dipstick. This was when they first came out so they were made with heavy duty PVC and only came in one size. BIG. He jumped behind the tree for cover as I started firing a solid 1/4 inch bolt of water from 20 feet out. It was powerful enough to completely drench him by hitting the tree next to him for the ricochet. The best part was hearing him screaming, “WHY AM I STILL GETTING WET?!?!?!?!?!?!”

    Consequently I don’t find many challengers these days.

  24. -2! says:

    I had one with a pressurized water holder. You didn’t have to pump it. It took not long at all to empty it, but if you hit someone with both streams, you could get them as wet as if you just pushed them in a lake. Unfortunately it was next to impossible to fill.

  25. ladyamethyst83 says:

    when we were little my brother and I both had rain parkas (his blue. mine of course was purple). and we’d get squirt water bottles and lids from trash cans for “shields” and just run around the yard chasing each other. i would have been around 10 and he would have been 7. good times.

  26. good.news says:

    Friend of mine and I went bowling and won 4 tiny waterguns in the arcade. We then proceeded to fill them up (where I can’t actually remember) and chased each other around the nearby shopping center having a waterfight. Sure we got some weird looks but it was still fun.

  27. CJ says:

    I did some salvage work while in high school, and ended up with a couple of 2.5 gallon fire extinguishers. Pour in the water, pressurize with the air pump for the car tires to 100 PSI and have at it. Left bruises though…

  28. CWi says:

    Best water weapon came out of a cereal box. It was a small plastic lid that would attach to a two liter bottle and you were supposed to squeeze the bottle to spray the water through a little hole. Turned out, that two liter bottles had the same diameter as a garden hose transforming the garden hose into the deadliest, bruise inducing, weapon in my arsenal. Who needs mobility with a 40 foot range that instills actual fear in your adversaries.

  29. My favorite Super Soaker was a gun with three nozzles that aimed in different directions when you pulled a lever back. Now they’ve all got the battery powered pumps and quick-switch water magazines. Combining the multi-shot Contra Soaker and the auto-fire and unlimited ammo would be the perfect watergun.

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