#8 – Fork

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0 thoughts on “#8 – Fork”

  1. MetMan says:

    How did it get in his forehead?

  2. the evil that is Aku says:


  3. Sordid Euphemism says:

    I would presume whiplash from being in the noodles, friend.

  4. The Bird says:

    either way, looks painful>_

  5. Michael says:

    Well, it is simple physics. because the fork was still stuck in the noodles, specially if the noodles were intertwined with the fork, when starting to slurp the noodle, the fork would unwind, creating a spin around its own axis and then the noodle would whiplash as the fork comes undone and would (coincidental that is) hit him in the face.

  6. Kaos Machina says:

    whodawhat now?

    But seriously. What?

  7. Avarice says:

    lol! … im soo showing this to a small child next time i baby sit and we’re eating that stuff. XD

  8. Secularist says:

    I’m guessing he failed the fork exam.

  9. Pickleduck McWeaselpants says:


  10. 66point6 says:


    Funny stuff. ^_^

  11. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    Along with the knife exam, the spoon exam, and the finger food exam.

  12. Malachite Dragon says:


  13. KinkyNinjaKiller says:

    Been there done that

  14. DemonRex says:

    He seems somewhat… surprised.

  15. I just discovered this nugget of a webcomic and I am thoroughly amused! This one just about put coffee on my monitor. 😀

  16. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    Biff, thinking: *how’d that get there? And why’s my spaghetti tied to it?*

  17. Mr dude says:

    was that when the fork caused brain damage?

  18. Jaz says:

    he looks pissed

  19. Vetoed says:

    He reminds me of my family…
    Is that a bad thing?

  20. Adam says:

    Mr. Dude, Biff probably had brain damage after the top of his head got shaved off in the very first page.

  21. Mr dude says:

    true, true…

  22. Mremaknu says:

    The better lesson would be to keep a firm -grip- on the fork, I think.

  23. Radical Edward says:


    I try not to make pasta that strong.

  24. Malachite Dragon says:

    When you throw Spagetti on the wall and it sticks, its done. Thank youuuu, Sophia! =D Its true, too.

  25. AVEENA says:

    AHAH another good reason y chopsix r best!!

  26. PlutoBum says:

    he’s lucky they didn’t hit an eye!

  27. Lumanaru says:

    Pasta shouldn’t be that rubbery. What brand is he using?…

  28. Halo ChIef says:

    This is impossible.But more importantly, where does he buy this food?!?

  29. Halo Chief says:

    Biff has no eyes

    Adam: he had to have brain damage to let the barber near his head with a chainsaw

  30. Kaz says:

    First, the barber was OBVIOUSLY Benjamin Barker. Second, “Now I don’t know math…”

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