#9 – Elevator


0 thoughts on “#9 – Elevator”

  1. prometheus says:

    It is true…

  2. Greywolf says:

    “…WHAT fourth wall?”

  3. Jesus Jones says:

    The one my wife is having installed later today. Now if you’ll excuse me, as a busy fireman, i have books to burn.

  4. Malachite Dragon says:

    Jesus Jones comment = reference to Ferenheit 451.

    “Fourth wall? what fourth wall?”

  5. Female Fox Furry says:

    The arrow appears to be pointing between the 1 and the 2… Is he on floor 1 1/2? That would be neat…

  6. The Hebrew Hammer says:

    If the building has a 13th floor then a 1 1/2th floor seems just as probable. ^_^

  7. Adam says:

    Actually, the way it looks, it probably would be more like floor 1.4221. Just to be precise.

  8. 66point6 says:

    *rolls eyes* ( ‘)_( ‘)

  9. Wyntrë says:

    ….. Actually, the exact floor number is (e+2)/3.

    *King of precision*

  10. DemonRex says:

    …I don’t think i want to see what happens when the elevator goes up…

  11. Darkpheonix XIII says:


    get’im! (refering to Invader Zim)

  12. Mr dude says:

    wow this kinda reminds me of final destination 2 D: ouch…

  13. Jaz says:

    the alien for small children

  14. Vetoed says:

    hey, that stuff hurts…

  15. Neteeee says:

    and the elevator exam

  16. Murky says:

    you know, probably the best part about this ‘nugget of a webcomic’ is the responses people leave 😀 i’ve been gigglesnorting at them like a happy little maniac. yeah. laughter is good for you, kids. but not for your keyboards/monitors.

  17. Radical Edward says:

    Biff, there is no 19th floor.
    Besides, the stairs are out of order.
    The goozacks have slammed shut.

    (References to a Louis Sachar book)

  18. PlutoBum says:

    yay for Invader zim….

    and omg this comic is hilarious

  19. AVEENA says:

    iv had bad experiences with things closing on my arm…like car windows…and doors…painfull memories!

  20. PlutoBum says:

    if he wasn’t solid enough to set off the sensors, how is his arm making that hole? lol

  21. St.J says:

    they never consider ink drawings when they make elevators.

    seems a bit discriminary..


  22. Elkian says:

    “… but they CAN wrinkle the doors…”

  23. Lumanaru says:

    if he wasn’t solid enough to set off the sensors, how is his arm making that hole? lol

    More importantly, look at his arm, If it’s not that solid, how is it bending the metal doors?

  24. Felinous says:

    Infrared senses heat right? He gives off no heat, but he still has solidity.

  25. BlueDragon says:

    why is the hole bigger than his arm?

  26. Halo Chief says:

    STOP WITH THE PRECISION!!!!!! It makes my brain hurt.

    66.6: werd

  27. dtanza says:


    But isn`t the elevator a pern an ink drawing?


  28. mic says:

    I actually got stuck in an elevator recently and had to hold open the doors and stick my hand out

  29. Deteramot says:

    Invader Zim was never really for kids. That’s why it was cancelled. It gave little chilluns the nightmares. Johnen Vasquez is one twisted man.

    In any case, the elevator is more than pen and ink. It has color too.

  30. BiffBiffley says:

    You laugh, but I actually had this happen to me once. didn’t reach far enough to trigger the censor and the door closed on my hand. Fortunatley someone near by had the presence of mind to hit the button and open the door.. it was still three or so of the scariest seconds of my life.

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