#6 – Escalator


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  1. Otacon says:

    They really should.

  2. Yuccadude says:

    Escalators can never break; they can only become stairs.

  3. Osaka Fever says:

    Yeah, so when escalator breaks it must have a sign not “escalator temporarily out of order” but “escalator temporarily stairs”

  4. etherscythe says:

    Sorry for the convenience.

  5. Avarice says:

    LMAO!!! that’s soo something i would have done as a small child.
    which might be kinda sad if you think about it…. >>;

  6. DaWeaves says:

    lol, yes people make funny jokes about escalators becoming stairs. But give props where props are due people. Those jokes compliments of Mitch Hedberg.

  7. Neteeee says:

    We don’t even have signs. We have uncomfortable stairs with high steps if one breaks

  8. Jesus Jones says:

    R.I.P. Mitch, we all loved you, even the people who didn’t. Theyre just too stupid to realize it. Oh right, and Biff kicks ass too.

  9. mrbattery says:

    I love mitch hedbergs comedy D: and i miss him being alive to make me laugh…

    though i get the same kind of vibe from osaka, from azumanga daioh..

    and it is hilarious to see those pictures of her using his quotes XD
    she fits them perfectly

  10. Mr dude says:

    Biff does indeed kick ass, even more than chuck norris…how long do you think he was standing there?

  11. Jaz says:

    is he trying to push the “go” button?

  12. Malachite Dragon says:

    No, he just forgot to use his mind-powers.

  13. Mr dude says:

    biff has a mind?!?!? O.o

  14. Ian says:

    All of us have minds, if not we wouldnt be even able to do stupid stuff, cos we couldnt do ANYTHING at all. XD. so biffy has a mind. a stupid one, but nonetheless, a mind

  15. AVEENA says:

    aw poor biff…poor invulnerable, stupid biff….he must have been this way as a child, u kno to many blows to the head.

  16. K-Twist says:

    Mitch Hedburg homages = Funny
    Chuck Norris Jokes = Lame and Overdone

  17. Lumanaru says:

    I prefer elevators.

  18. Escalators have spoiled me…

  19. steve-o says:

    OMG! BIFFS MISSING AN EYEBROW!!! Maybe he lost one in the fan but…still… this is dangerous!

  20. Halo Chief says:

    1st 3: so very true.

  21. Hoa says:

    stopped escalators are NOT STAIRS!!

    they are dangerously steep and should NOT BE CLIMBED

  22. dtanza says:

    I wish my old apartment as an escaltor.

    Too many times have I fallen down stairs.

  23. Trypno01 says:

    Wow he’s been standing there long enough for a spider web to form

  24. Kokos says:

    This reminds me of the flash animation “Salad fingers”…

  25. Kitsune Dzelda says:

    No Biff, the power of your mind will not make the escalator go.

  26. Nokore says:

    Escalators scare the crap outta me.. I always feel like I’m going to fall off.

  27. Kaz says:

    Reading the comments on this one have made me crave Kiwi fruit.

  28. ArsonWolf says:

    i love the mitch hedberg quote

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