#998 – Maple

Watching some adults use a giant wood chipper was pretty mesmerizing as a kid. We would form a little crowd around a hundred feet away to “ooh” and “ahh” at it. The people using it would usually get into a rhythm of toss… bzzzzzt! toss… bzzzzzt! toss… bzzzzzt! with a sporadic thicker branch that would get ground up much more slowly with a louder lower pitched grrrrrrrrawwwwwwwwzzzzzziiip! Punctuated by a round of applause!

Biff’s 4th birthday is tomorrow! To celebrate, there is a crazy book sale in the store right now!

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14 thoughts on “#998 – Maple”

  1. Grug says:

    Aww if Biff’s birthday is tomorrow, couldn’t you have made an extra comic on April 1st and have it coincide with comic #1000?

  2. Space Butler says:

    This had me laughing so much. Also, in the future they’ll have elimated tailgating.

  3. Mister Disco says:

    so, is it an electric vehicle that propels itself foreward by chipping, and re-energizing the battery via the wheels?

  4. kroko_dok says:

    Most cynical Biff I’ve ever read. : D Comes into my rare favorite-folder.

  5. Matt Lee says:

    Personally I wouldn’t trust Biff behind the wheel of anything.

  6. Bobzone says:

    Trees and plants go in, liquid wood extracts come out. I heartily endorse!

  7. baughbe says:

    And it revives the economy by creating literally millions of street cleaner jobs! That is until the price of trees skyrockets… 🙁

    Happy birthday! Enjoy your Spaghetti Cake!

  8. Hoopajoo says:

    Actually, this idea already exists (somewhat) and is endorsed by FEMA.


    Still, this comic made me LOL.

  9. SEA says:

    This wood be fun to see on the road.

    … 😀

  10. You Sunk My Starship says:

    Hey You have a new reader
    it took me about 6 months to complete but I managed to read every comic in the archive!

  11. caffiend says:

    @SEA <,< bad bad little punster.

  12. Crimson_regret says:

    I can only think of positives for this one, chris. What could POSSIBLY go wrong, amirite?

  13. no name says:

    A 4 year old definitely should not be driving.

    Then again, NO ONE should do most of the things Biff does. 😀

  14. mrmeval says:

    Wood gas = poo?

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