#993 – Whipple

Paper cuts are a minor injury but they are usually very frustrating based on their location. I mainly get them on my hands. A perfect place to continuously bump and scrape the cut 20 or 30 times an hour. It probably doesn’t help that I am constantly slathering my hands in alcohol gel sanitizer.


If you weren’t here on the magic day, here’s what people saw and were responding to below. I held back the comments of people that figured it out until the next day.


277 thoughts on “#993 – Whipple”

  1. Lich king says:


  2. Küchenhexe says:

    … For a moment, I wondered if I went to xkcd by accident 😀 Coding bork ahoy! “It can be+ƒrus`‘[∂î≈=í#©ifÂFPÁ>¢m[……‰fl–˚yhE£ÖImF∆oñî√qª∫º˘∑ŒèrÛsæG-|ÃOKg®nÆ⁄∑ÓƇRfi΢≠Tº™øY⁄QPáj§^/◊GV◊fip”

  3. Mad David says:

    This one must be about web-page-updater goblins.

  4. Grug says:

    Someone broke biff!

  5. Charles says:

    OH nooo look at this mess on this day of April fooling

  6. Micah says:

    Yeah, I know this is the April Fool’s prank. I quit being fooled after the first one, but it’s still funny, nonetheless!

  7. Issal says:

    Dammit April 1st.

  8. B-caff says:

    D’oh- Prank’d again!


  9. jake says:

    oh my god, the quadratic formula exploded.
    ^sbemail reference.

  10. Shorty says:

    Either the picture isn’t appearing, or the random symbols are an April Fools joke.

  11. Jippen says:

    Very classy. Happy april, everyone.

  12. Kenny says:

    I see what you did there…

  13. PTTG says:

    “It can be+ƒrus`‘[∂î≈=í#©ifÂFPÁ>¢m[……‰fl–˚yhE£ÖImF∆oñî√qª∫º˘∑ŒèrÛsæG-|ÃOKg®nÆ⁄∑ÓƇRfi΢≠Tº™øY⁄QPáj§^/◊GV◊fip”

    I especially liked the “◊GV◊”! CLASSIC!

  14. Kbman says:

    Yeah, I tota+±±×@∞-♭¢€♪#**¥♪ª¢^$êçáóéîîíãáêàñçúÁÁÂÃÁÆÅÿÅøÃýÇÖÒÜØÌÖÎÙÖÚØÜÕÌŒÏÎÙκλλεπηβνθσρττγζΑΗΖχΖυΘφΘΒΔΝΔΞΔΚχΗΦΧ΄΄ΨΌ·ΩΈΤΎ΅΄ΉΆΨΌΥ;Ψίό☆ό◇○ςώ◎ς□ςίήΪύς’□□□□□□□□□□□□□

  15. Steriema says:

    For the love of Gods! I can’t see anything!
    If that stays so, you should change the format of your images!
    Ready to convert the images in the smaller J-PEG?
    Stop using such a big images, they don’t load all the time!
    This was a message to our dearest Writer.

    On the other hand, maybe it is my pc who can’t load the image.
    Furthermore, he is already old, so it would be logical to assume so.

    A shopping trip for a new PC, it seems.
    Part of me always wishes PC’s wouldn’t age that fast.
    Rather than buying a new PC, you could just keep the old one.
    I believe that is the future!
    Lovely people, follow me to that future, wherein PC’s don’t age!

  16. IQgryn says:

    I can’t figure out if you’re being clever with an April Fool’s joke and I’m just not getting it, or if the update actually got borked that badly.

  17. Keeper says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Indeed it can.

  18. Orvelo says:

    april 1st… Kinda cryptic message and broken image… dunno what to think 😀

  19. Sean says:

    Oh no, the comic is all messed up! This is terrible, it’s almost as if – as if someone is pulling a prank on us! Whoever would do such a heinous thing on a perfectly normal day such as today?


  20. dansushi says:

    It looks like your comic was eaten… by some Linux, or something…

  21. Space Butler says:

    April fools comic fail ahhhh!!!

  22. Bait says:

    I’m so sad right now. Happy April 1st, Chris. _^_

  23. Anobi says:

    Happy April Fool’s to everyone!

  24. RFPT says:

    oh god.

    I don’t want to know.

  25. zabba says:

    Happy April’s Fools to you too 🙂

  26. kruemi says:

    Sometimes i hat April 1. 😉

  27. Micha says:

    First…and confuzed

  28. thinkEdem says:

    And here I was thinkin9 17′”ea/W@#<<ĐđłÍőd . ˘1c}}w@ű¤ę.

  29. AlexDragonetti says:

    You know, i just got it. April, Fools!

    My first post on first place…

  30. Reina says:

    Oh noes! Biff seems to be under an error via… toilet paper… and I think the image is trying to say ‘sleep’ but it’s difficult to tell.
    Ahh, the good ol’ april fools. *mwah!*

  31. Miles says:

    Yes, yes it can. =D

  32. ZeoViolet says:

    Uhoh. All messed up!

  33. ZeoViolet says:

    Or maybe not. I smell April Fool’s.

  34. Q. Pheevr says:

    I know jçØØ;p¶ w§¾¿Þ y±% mצ/ƍ.

  35. Jakem says:

    I totally feel today’s comic, so true that it “It can be+ƒrus”. So true.

  36. i.half4 says:

    Oh, dear god. Thank you so much that this proverbial “fly on the wall” still has a few legendary “bugs in the system.”

    Bonus mythologies: AVATARS!

  37. Mike says:

    Yes AF5&#( it can GHjghjGHJgjhæG-|ÃOKg®nÆ⁄∑Ó†&•†^†^&›&•·°•·^™‹›†^&•·•&^†›‡Æ»„◊¿◊¿¿◊„”’◊‡Æ»±±⁄™‹›†^&•

  38. Malice says:

    i c wut u did thar

  39. JustSomeDude says:

    Hehe, cool! Maybe we’ll get to see what’s written there, once April Fools is over, that is

  40. Dave says:

    Nov schmoz ka pop?

  41. Green Torso says:

    Indeed it can, that’s pretty much all there is to say on the matter.

  42. Cinematic says:

    I hope the April fool’s joke isn’t me not being able to see the comic properly! Becaue all I see right now is:

    It can be+ƒrus`‘[∂î≈=í#©ifÂFPÁ>¢m[……‰fl–˚yhE£ÖImF∆oñî√qª∫º˘∑ŒèrÛsæG-|ÃOKg®nÆ⁄∑ÓƇRfi΢≠Tº™øY⁄QPáj§^/◊GV◊fip

  43. Ricotez says:

    Dude, the comic is broken.

  44. Heinrich says:

    oh noes!!1! a virus or something replace teh story w/ r4ndom characters ): n teh pic doesn’t w0rk

  45. Heinrich says:

    lulz april fools.

  46. Felix says:

    You broke your unicode.

  47. McGehee says:

    Who’s Loof Lirpa?

  48. … are we supposed to not be able to see this?

  49. Torri says:

    Ah No, it’s that day again.

    I’m going back to bed till Saturday.

  50. baughbe says:

    Yeah, that’s about right. Whipple is about a block from where I live and E£ÖImF∆oñî√qª∫º˘∑ŒèrÛsæG- describes it exactly. ƇRfi΢≠Tº™ however is a slight exaggeration.

  51. Duncman says:

    Maybe it’s an April Fool’s Day joke

  52. Dave says:

    … and what day is it today? 😉

  53. Hierophantria says:

    … It’s April Fool’s Day folks…

  54. tradiuz says:

    Remember what day it is… April Fools Day.

  55. P says:

    I can see a corrupted pic of biff sitting on the toilet, possibly twittering. The text is garbled though.

  56. Marks1stwife says:

    Perhaps the date might give some people a clue. 😉

  57. P says:

    Yeah I think this is an April Fool’s. XD Nice one!

  58. Mike says:

    I found the fix! In the url, enter 04/01/10 after the comic’s url. It should all become clear then.

  59. KJ Fellie says:

    Lol April Fools 😀

  60. just passing says:

    Ho no a fish have partly eaten the comic !!!

  61. bud the chud says:

    Ahh april 1st again?

  62. AdmiralMemo says:

    Dude! There’s a prob%&#$ h*’)*$ğ”+@!æ?ç”)(-ñž

  63. The dude says:

    it’s april fools!! you’re all being fooled 😮

  64. Raventhalos says:

    You do know what today is?

  65. Mophtran says:

    It’s funny how, every year, there a lot of people who don’t know what day it is.

    That being said, I’m intrigued by toilet biff and await the real comic. For now I’ll just wait for Chris to hide my post and watch the other reactions. 😀

  66. NaomiKnight says:


  67. PhoenixAnew says:

    Hey peeps, time to check the date!

  68. Cuzn Jimmy says:

    Wow, some people just don’t get it

  69. kroko_dok says:

    I love it how every year the people don’t get the April’s Fool Joke : D

  70. Seamonkey says:

    …stupid line noise, thought we got rid of that when I ditched dial-up…

  71. Oh noeS! It’s the April2k-2048+1 bug!

  72. Solteur says:

    Anyone notice the date?
    Hmm…… <.<

  73. Tofudisan says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is an April Fools Day prank? I mean it’s kind of a lame one but it could be a prank.

    Think about it…. the post hints at frustration.

  74. Corinthiar says:

    It looks to say:
    “The toilet paper goblins only attack when disturbed from their sleep.”

  75. silversaraph says:

    I have NO idea whats going on!

  76. Plaidman says:

    Must be the poop monsters interfering with the inter-tubes.

  77. Aliens says:

    I believe this is an April Fools page!

  78. Roobles says:

    I’m not sure if this is some form of a subtle sarcasm or meta humor, but can those here so far have really overlooked that today is April Fool’s day?

  79. Hank says:

    and today’s date is…

  80. -2! says:

    On purpose is my guess. Is it just me or all the avitars commented so far. Or at least a lot of them the same

  81. -2! says:

    Duh, April first. Darn exam time making me loose track of the dates. My guess was right about the on purpose and such although it took me a moment to get it.

  82. Obvious Guy says:

    Gotta love April 1st

  83. AnonymousMe says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter…
    I refreshed two times before I figured it out…

    I’m guessing April fools? =p

  84. Trip says:

    I’m suddenly reminded of lasagna…

  85. josh says:

    oh hey, look at the date, think it might be time for an april fools joke?

  86. Aytug says:

    First line ends with “attack”, second ends with “from their sleep” and I think the word “gremlins” is in there somewhere, but… Is this an April’s Fool joke?

  87. Contajusone says:

    April Fools?

  88. Kosh says:

    Hmm, I wonder what today’s date is?

  89. i.half4 says:

    Are the sixth mythical creatures this week Avatars?

  90. Slurreydude says:

    Darn goblins messin everything up! :p

  91. Gunna2Cool says:

    Very good joke… at first it didn’t load at all… probably all the people trying to refresh the “broken” image slowing it down ;)… PS: it’s way past 12 here already 😀

  92. Davad says:

    So, no one noticed the date then?

  93. bacon says:

    Brilliant 😉

  94. Ford4D says:

    Ha ha, brilliant!

  95. Felix says:

    Oh, please. Can’t you tell? It’s clearly A(%$*%&(%)^)£@:}¬!

  96. undead.exe says:

    …Clever April Fool’s o.O

  97. Dude says:

    April Fools!

  98. Anderitos says:

    April Fools, you guys are morons…..

  99. Rasheed says:

    Happy March 32nd everyone!!

  100. joe says:

    i love april fools day….

  101. Ptrick says:

    In regards to your comic strip, I find that on this fine day, the 32nd of March I believe, I have to remark that you’ve made quite a marvelous addition to an already marvelous collection.

  102. Ptrick says:

    A_4$Nd f*7__________thermo*re, I *(^4t w000d aP3aR aS t80Ugh UVE cnfsd s0mme pppl

  103. soilent says:

    Happy April’s Fools day.

    seriously… I hate this day.

  104. Skizinator says:

    Nice April Fool’s idea! Although the gag of April Fool’s ironically takes some humor out of the comic…

  105. That's the Joke! says:

    Enjoy April Fool’s!

  106. darthwrench says:

    alas this shall be hidden till later but this has to be one of the best april fools comics yet, thank you for brightening my day by alowing me to read all the angry comments

  107. Billy says:

    All I see is “It can be frust…” in the story part below the comic. So, part of me wonders if this was intentional…

  108. Schulzy says:


  109. DTanza says:


  110. good.news says:

    does nobody else get it? i could be wrong but what i interperate from this is he has an etch a sketch, and accidentally shook it while drawi–

    no wait ignore me, i have a vivid imagination

  111. Billy says:

    Do’h! Just remembered, its april fools day!

  112. MKH says:

    wow. lots of people don’t get April fools shenanigans.

  113. Prankster says:

    April fools day today. Just putting that out there.

  114. Aadi says:

    Lovin the april foolin!

  115. Kio says:

    I was lost at first.. then I remembered..

  116. SEA says:

    Gah, can’t read the caption. 🙁

  117. Koriina says:

    . . . I wonder how long it will take some of these commenters to realize it’s April Fool’s Day . . . .

  118. Julie says:

    I hate April Fools Day. LOL

  119. Ray Anselmo says:

    C’mon, Hallbeck, get off the dime and fix yer darn comic … please.

  120. sfchicken says:

    or… it’s April Fools Day..

  121. Sonoftunk says:

    April Fools ate Biff…

  122. Jason says:

    Urhm… april fools?

  123. Really? says:

    Is it an April fools joke that no one can see it’s an April fools joke? I thought by this time, people would be prepared for this day on the internet.

  124. Rafter says:

    Almost completely certain this is an April Fools thing people..

  125. random visitor says:

    Maybe it has something to do with today 🙂

  126. MoosePhysh says:

    @dansushi (= One of my favorites.

  127. Wind Lane says:

    And please insert really loose fish over on Luke’s sad kitchen in December, Sam.

  128. cultist434 says:

    H҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘Ȅ̐̑̒̚̕̚ IS C̒̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̚̕̚̕̚̕̚̕̚̕̚OMI҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘NG > ͡҉҉ ̵̡̢̛̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇̊̋̌̍̎̏̿̿̿̚ ҉ ҉҉̡̢̡̢̛̛̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑ ͡҉҉

  129. Wind Lane says:

    Sorry, I meant “…really insert..” not “…insert really…” – hope I didn’t offend anyone with the mix up, and I’m sorry if I did.

  130. no name says:

    Can anyone say… April Fools! I got tricked by your no eyebrows, your speech bubbles… well no longer!!

  131. Blade says:

    I love how no one realizes he had to INTENTIONAL garble the image in his drawing program. Think about the date people….

  132. Matt says:

    You people do realize it’s April Fool’s day right? xD

  133. PsychoDuck says:

    The world, it’s tearing itself apaaaaaaart!

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  134. August says:

    @Most Everybody- Are y’all kidding me? Does _nobody_ remember what certain prank filled holiday today is ?

    Looks like it worked! (it even got me for a second, I’ll admit it)

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  135. Patti Lipsig says:

    GUYS!!! hey, April 1st??? Hello? possible connection? Geez…

  136. Mahare says:

    Hahaha, I love what you’re trying to say with this one! It’s really deep…probably one of your most intellectual ones yet!

  137. suicidal larry says:

    happy april fools

  138. technosasquatch says:

    mobile phones get bad reception in bathrooms

  139. Raya says:

    Hey, guys… April Fools?

  140. MaskedMan says:

    April Fools. I predict that there are about a dozen ‘April Fools’ comments hung up in the moderation queue until tomorrow… 😛

  141. Dan says:

    Note the date, people. 😛

  142. JC says:

    The joke is actually quite obvious.

    On a related note, the comic displays biff on a toilet, with a gun in a mailbox, and some sorta flip phone.

  143. howdyhamster says:

    Ĩ̜̩͎̭̖͗́ͯ̿̒̀ͅ ̶̺̻͎̻̖͕̬̎d̡͖̯̦̗̳̟͔̭̼͗̓̾ͬ͊͆͟ő̴̡̮͔͈̪͍̟̻͗ͯ̍͆̇̂̂͢n̺̺̻̙̣̙̬ͪ͊͗̈̒’̛̮̙̙̳̾̿͑͗ͬ̆ͨṭ̸̶͓̫̫͛͌́ͦ̌͜ ͣ̾̓͌̈́͝҉̧̻͇̩̪̤̰̜s̡̻̺̯̗͎̦̫͎͕ͬ̀̽̋͢ȩ̢͕̯ͮͦ͊̌͒̕ẹ̙̣̝̤̥̬́͑͠͠ ̛͎͓͔̘̦̖͇̔͋͗̐̿̀͡ą̫̓͛̏͑͊ň̶͈̩̮̆ͣ͒̒̕y̾͂ͭͭ͟͏̵̱̙̬͉͈t̨̝̯̹̰́̀͆́̄̾̚͝ḩ̛̜̦̱̼̝͗͂͑̓̎̌̉i̛̮̯̭ͪͨ͑n̯̤͖̙̼̮ͯ̎̓͗̚̕ģ̞͕̘̮̪̄ͤ͛ͬ͋̊́͝ ͓͖̤ͨͫ̎̊̽͗͛̍ͩ̕͟͞ͅw̸̪̄̈́̀ͩ̊͗̓́r̶̔͂̽̚͏͙̪̠̫ọ̟̮̺͙̱̯͇͓̿̀n̢̮̼̤̈̋ģ̗̯͐ ͈͉̟̊̓́w̝̦̣̖ͭ͆͗̊͛͛̃̀̕͟ĩ̸̩̩̹̥͊ͨṫ̸̢̟͍͖͉̳͙ͅḩ̨̲̰̳͕̻̜̦̼̥͛͊̄̀ ̶̐̒́̉̄̓̓̕͏̭͈̣̞̲̲͍̯t̨͙͚̼̞̘̓̑̄͜h̷̢͗̈́͏̯͖͚͉̭̭͎̺í̢̜̼̲̾̇̓ͨ̔̉ͅs̶̪̝̱̱̣͖̫̲̏̿̌̋͠.̡̝̾ͪ̈ͪͧͣ͡

  144. Wayne says:

    I can’t make out the first couple words, but the rest seems to be “… paper cut gremlins only attack when disturbed from their sleep.” I think the comic got paper-cut… oh, and by the way, it is April 1, so this was probably intentional.

  145. Devious_Psychopath says:

    He comes….

  146. Darkdemon says:

    April Fool’s anyone?

  147. coughman says:


  148. Anony-mouse says:

    The comic is corrupted for the same reason that Google changed their name for.

  149. Rebelske says:

    Something makes its attack when obscured from her sleep?
    It is angry and something paper?

    It can be frustrating not to be able to read something you count on being able to read.


  150. Ganti says:

    You do know It’s April First, Right?

  151. PSpeed says:

    Does anyone know what day it is? My calendar is missing a page. 😉

  152. Crowagain says:

    Ho-my thats funny.

  153. Zalgo says:

    T̿̏͂͐̿ͤ̎̍̓͝҉̧̙ȏ̬̯͇̻̙̒̃͒ ̖̻̼̙ͭ̂̂̄́̕͡iͤ̀ͮ͏̫̙̪̯̭̺n̳͉͉̟̏̑v̙͓̺̓͊͒ͤ̅̏o͓͖͉̓̄̋ͥ̾k̷͈͍̖ͤͪ̀͢ͅȅ̡̛͚̮ͬ͆ͣͣ͌̐ͮͅ ̨͉̬̮̟̏͌ͨͬ̎̅͊͜t̨̮͎̞̦͒ͭ̓h͍̤̿ͩ͊̑̊̏͛͐̀̚͠e̷̡̥͈̪͔̫̺̗̼͖͑͐ͯ̂̑͟ ̴̴̤͓̟̝͉̲͐̚h̃̂̾̀̀̚͏̸̙̝̰̟͎̺̹i͔͓͛̽̔͂̽̓v͇͌ͣe̶̩͓̦̪̻̯͇̙̒ͫ̿̍ͦͭ̚-̸̢̠̦͈̯͙͉͗̏̈̑ͪm̸̻̗̲̞̼̞̐̽̅͜i̶̛͖̘̳̪̾̔ͧ̽̋̎͂́̚n̡̻̣͚̘̝̝̤̍ͮͬͫ͊̌̋͆̚͞d͗҉͖̫͙̜̀ ͇̫̯ͯͣͧ̋̓͘͡r̰̼͓̝̻̬̓ͥͭ͢͡e̸͚̗̫̩̘̙̤͉ͯ̐ͮ͠͞p̱͎̍͌ͧ̇̾r̵̈̋͛҉̵̞͉̝̹͍e͈͉̗̠ͬͩ̔ͭ̏̋̚͘͠ͅs̼̞̜͙͇̤̣͍͌ͯͣ̅̒̂̋͢ẽ̴ͭ҉̶̟̰͈n͔͈̲̗̤̅͌͋̽̅͋̿ͣ̂͞ͅt̮̫̩͉̃̐͆͂̇̆̍͡i̮ͫ̂͟ͅn̤̈́ͭ̍̅g̢̩̲̜̤̈̉̃̓ͦ̄͒ ͈̙͌̾́̾͢c̫̲͇̺̝̼̥ͣͫͅḫ̡͉̺̳̱̰ͦ͐̎̽ͫ̄̚͟à̤͚͕̝̹̏ͤͩ͒͊̔͢o̧̲̟͌s̼͖̫̬̘̼̤̯ͩ̒ͧ̐͢.̦͔̤̙͉̲͎̠̎́ͤ̓́ͫ̅ͅ
    ́̄̆̈͐҉̝̼͚̪̝̗̬͓͙Į̸͕̻̹͍͕̱͖̺̇͊ͮ̒n̩̫̳̻̤̫̹̯ͦ̉͊̇̏v̝̮͐̀õ̷̞̺͔͎ͨ̊̎͋͜͝k̤͕͇̠̻̹̟̱̥ͧi̖̮̲̔̓́͆͠n̶͙ͬ̊g̫̭͙̠͖̪̃̌̈̄ͧ̚ͅͅ ̻͉͎̣̲̉͗ͩ̆ͨͯ̑͡͞͡t̪̹̥̝͐̾ͮ̃́͗̈́͋ͮh͍̯͆ͦ̄́e̓̈́ͯ̃̒ͣͦ͏̨̗̠̮̳ ͈̹͇͔̖͍ͬ͑͟f̴̨͓͇̺̟̼̱̼͍͛ͭ̅̄̾̀̋ͦe̳̞͉̘̣̜̥̯̯̽̓̄͂̑̈́̇̓͞ę̱̘͇͕̲ͬͥͅl͙͎̜̼̥̬̦̏̓̅̉͑̾͛̚͘i̵̴͖̬̬̜͚͔͇͒͋n̡̮ͮ̅͗͝g̷͎͖͍̺̟̙̻͒̅͐̿ͩͮ͞ ̷̉͊͝҉͚̺̙̪̤͈ȯ̸̧̱͓̰̩͕̘̣̹ͣ͛͝f̧͇̘̠̻̦̟̔̅̊ͬ̓ͭ́̀ ̴̔̐̉ͪͯ͐̋ͫ̚̕҉͉̮̜ͅć̢͕͓͖͕͙̱̮̱̬͐̋̚h̪̭͓͚͂ͩ͂ͪ͗́̎̇̚a̜̬͎̪̖͙͉͆͑ͣ̅̎̊̔ͬ͟ͅo̷̍҉͇̬͕s̡̪̥͓̫̞̬̘͍͕̅ͣ͑ͭ͐̃.̷͖̞̣̖ͨ̉͊͊͋̕ͅ
    ̠̟̉ͪͭW̎͋̽̐͏̜̦̻i̵̳͕̙̲̱ͨ̒͐̉͜t̸̗̭ͬͨ̊̍͛̇̿́̀ͅh̛͔̲̣̟̐ͥ͜͞ ̷̖͎̞͔̣̱ͬ̃̈ͅo͎̊̾̀͟ư̵̢̝̦̜͚͙̩͔̅͂͛ͬͤͯ̄́ͅt͇͚̺̆͒̾ ̰̝̘̞̥̖̳͕̬͑͂̇̃ͦͫ̔͐͠oͤ͒ͧ͑͛̚҉̶̲͔̦̯̀ͅŗ̤͔̳̺͇͍͈̘ͥ̋͌̀ḑ̘͎͓̜͇͂ͩ͊́̄͌̏͘ẽ͕̲͓̈́͑͋ͧ̒͗̈́ȑ̞̳͈̪̻̻̝̟̃͘.̶͉ͦ́̉̂̊́ͬ͞
    ̨̖͔͑̀ͪ̑͢Tͬ̆̓ͤ̐͏̛͏̥̦̞ḫ͕̱̻̯ͫͨͭ͊̓ͣ́͗̊͝e̢̲̠͉̤̝̭ͩͯ̑͊̒͆ͣ̿͞ ͎̠̹̫͙̬̠̹͎̊̌͗N̘ͩ̉̓ͥ͋̓ͭé͈͙̝͎͇̱͎͉́ͬ̑ͦ̽͞z̧̛̺̘̪̻͌̒̀ͅp̶͍̬̃̿̇́̆͜ͅȩ̮̱͎̬̥̗̺̖͔ͬͤ̚r̩̪̟ͥͬ͆̌͐͊ͩ͜d͚͇̩͐̋̇͝i̛ͦ̾̎ͨͪ͏̧̰̟̜ͅa̡̳͈͔̿͗ͯ͐͌͐͌́̀n̲͙̲̭͍͖̳̄̊ͨ̆͛̓̑̽ ̡̦̉ͦ͆̑̓̅̇h͇̩̪̯͎̗̮̑̀̔́͟ȉ̧̢̝̣͔̗̥̤̭̪̠̃̐͑̚̚v̶̰͉̬ͣ͂͗́̀͌ͯ̎ę̫̞͍ͥͮͣͫ̓̃́̍͟-̹̜̫̣̗̬̹̤̠̉̂̑̈ͤ͋̏͑m͙͕͍̟̼͛͛̇̂̌̃͋̎͢͟i͙̽̽ͬ̐ͭ̒n̸̬̲̲̖̳͚̰̏͒ͩ̋̈͌͑̅̐͢d̵̛͉̯̩̦̫͖͈͙̂̌ͮ̈́͑ ̖͈̯̝̣̝̪̺ͬ̕͜o͔̖̪̗͓̻͈̓̇͒̏̋̌͂͟͡f̲̥̗̗̱̘͙́̐͋̕͡ͅ ͎̮̠̞͕̹̻̾͂̒̿c̴̣̹̰̼͈͚̩̐̽͑ͫͭͭ͜h̼͈̪ͪ̿a̶̧̞͕̙̅̽̈o̢̝͙͙͑͛ͤs̡̡̜͉͍̥̝͓̭͔̭̅̔ͨ͆ͤ́͞.̻̤̤͖͇̬͉̩̌̀͘͟ ̴͔̍ͪ͐̓̒Z̠̬̃́̀́͜a̒ͦ̅͆ͦͭ̚͏̼̝̥̻̬̮̟̩ḷ̵͔̝̻̥̥̻̇͆ͫ̚ġ̷̪̗̠̞ͥ̉͂͂ơ̼͙ͪͩ.̶̞͉̳̳͈̰̝ͮͮ̓́ͫ̕ ̵̴͚͓̐̈́͡ͅ
    ̸̮̞͖͓͍̻̬̤͑́̈́̽ͦ͋̕H̴̢͖̝̫̯͔̗ͭ̎ͩͧͬ̅̒́ė̼̥̭̤̲͙̱͔ͮ̐ͭͧ̀͢ ̽͌͒͒̚͏̤͈̤̠̫̣̥̫w̶̘ͧ̓h̋̐͐̔̽̉҉̱̯̤̠̻̠͍oͤ̀͐ͮ͗͢҉̴̳͇ ̸̢̢̠̜͎̥̍ͫ͊̉ͤ̈́ͅW̧̙̺̣͓̒͛̾̌ͩ̚͞a̵̱͚̙̦͈̋ͭ͐ͅi͚̠̬͓͇̻̞̼͑͆͋̚t̵̘̝͇̙̓̃̌͆ͥͮ͠s͍͖͓ͬ̓̑ͤ̌ͪ́ͅ ̶̶̩̘̱̠͋ͯ̉̌ͅB̭̤̪͔̤͈̳̀ͤͫ̄͝ͅe̥͕̳ͣ̊͗̄̀͝h̸̘͚̯̗͙̳̞͉̗̊ͨͮ͘͘i̸̺͈͇̟̝̝͛ͮ̈͐͆́̚ņ̙̲̪̙͇͍͗̈͘͠d̴͓͓̿̽ͤͮ̋͌́ͪ̏̀͡ ̴̢͕̲̺̣̲̗̻̈́̈̿̂ͤ̚̚T̮̮ͥ͐ͬ́ͤ͐͐͊h̸̥͚̍̉ͧͥ͊̿̅͡͝e̸̥̩̣ͩ̋ͮ̀̀ ̴̡͎̫͖̥̬̖̱̬̬ͣ͑̓͗̇W̸̤̺̝ͭ̏͂ͬa̡̨͈̻̳̭̥͉̣͔ͧͮ̇l̴̮̙̔̾ͅl̖̗̰̲ͧ̊̇̑͢.̱̯̤̺̮̝ͥ͒̍̎̈

  154. George says:

    It’s a april fools joke ya yankees

  155. J says:

    This could be an april fools joke too, just sayin…

  156. Alex says:

    Aprils fool’s comic.

  157. Alex says:

    Also, I love the avatars that are default.

  158. Nocturne says:

    Ah Chris. Love your April Fool’s prank this year! Nicely done!

  159. Meganekko says:

    Waaaait… nobody gets it?

  160. joe says:

    i̷ b̛et͠ tḩis i͏s ̕jus͝t͜ a̸͡n҉ a̶p̵͘r̸͘̕͠ì̛͟͝ĺ̸̀ ̴̸͠͞f̵̴̡̛͜o̡͜҉͘͟o̸̡̕͘͠l̴͠s͡͡҉͡ ҉̢́͠҉j̀͢o̧̧͠͠k҉͏͟ȩ̶̶͘҉

  161. Jason Reed says:

    Happy April Fools Everyone

  162. ZackDark says:

    wait, who is the guy in the last pic?

  163. Mkzimmer says:

    ‘Tis April Fools day.

  164. Tobbs says:

    No-one else has caught on that it’s April Fools Day? For shame…

  165. Ziriath says:

    Yay! It’s really frustrating!

  166. Lich king says:

    Have none of you ever heard of April Fools day? Sheesh.

  167. Stephen says:

    Lol and a happy April Fool’s day to you too.

  168. Stephen says:

    Waiiiit a second. My comment is “awaiting moderation?” Are you blocking everyone who knows it’s AF day? Clever, quite clever. But I guess if this comment shows up I’ll be wrong. Happy AF either way.

  169. john says:

    Come on guys, let’s think of what the day is today

  170. RabbirofDeath says:

    Seriously…. April Fool’s Day…. Anyone?

  171. Frank says:

    Wow.. you guys do realize it’s April Fools, right? I’m guessing it’s supposed to be like that.

  172. Hanii Puppy says:

    Am I the only one that thought it’s a joke about pictures getting corrupted when sent from mobile phones?

  173. Signature-Skitz says:

    I understand it perfectly.

    I know it’s hard to get but all you have to do is refresh the page, right click on the image and open in new window. Then you close that window, come back to this page, and look at the date.

  174. Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos says:

    This is a joke about loosing reception on your iphone while browsing.

    So many people don’t get it it’s like an unintentional April fools joke :p

  175. Cari says:

    April Fools!

  176. ryos says:

    The Book of Biff: updating via fax machine since April fools, 2010.

  177. Emily says:

    Hah! Its April first, people!

  178. moradin says:


  179. moradin says:

    also funny

  180. legonimis says:

    Come on, people! Check your calendars! Great comic.

  181. Magmo says:

    Has no one looked at today’s date?

  182. roy says:

    I knew it was a joke, and I still hit Refresh.

  183. Libramen says:

    Hahahaha Chris! This is better than last year’s! Kudo Chris! Kudo!

  184. Dizzy says:

    Nobody here gets it.
    It’s April Fool’s day today.
    He’s messing with us.

  185. Poikachoika says:

    “_______________ a paper cut gremlins only attack when disturbed from their sleep.” I can’t figure out the first part though.

  186. the doctor derek says:

    it’s obviously an april fool’s joke saying that his scanner or whatever he uses to upload his comics is fubar. 😛 but regardless I am still curious about what the actual comic would say!

  187. Cadu says:

    L2 April Fools Guys.

  188. Anonymous anonyminity says:

    Um, guys. I’m pretty sure the quality of the comic is an April Fool’s prank. We’re not supposed to be able to read it.

  189. Redmage says:

    Ohhh, I get it.

    April Fools!

  190. Anon says:

    You fools.

  191. Doh says:

    You realize today’s date, don’t you -.-

  192. bluelunar says:

    Nice April fool 🙂

  193. bard says:

    probably an april fools joke guys I mean seriously

  194. Kenny says:


    very clever!

  195. BradSk88 says:

    Avril Un.

    Bon travail.

  196. woo hoo says:

    try again tomorrow, when its not april fools

  197. redopz says:

    april fools?

  198. Someone says:

    really people? look at the date.

  199. you people really don’t get the joke?! XD

  200. Mort says:

    People seem to forget what day it is today. 😛

  201. Knuckles says:

    You guys need to remember it’s April 1st….

    sigh 😛

  202. Cam says:

    I swear no one is ever aware when april fools sneaks up

  203. LOLOLOL says:


  204. Sparta says:

    lol 😀

  205. First Time Poster says:

    Don’t you guys ever look at your calendars? 😛

  206. halfbeard says:

    It’s an April Fools prank, ya’ll…

  207. scott says:

    He spilled paper on the comic..get it?

  208. Grace says:

    yo. April’s fools.

  209. Julian says:

    I see what you did there. lol 😉

  210. Chris,

    Great April Fools. It seems like it WORKED on EVERYONE HERE.


  211. The enforcer says:

    You buffoons in the comment section! It’s a damn april fools joke so you can stop whining about it.

  212. Takla says:

    IT’S. APRIL. FOOLS. DAY. How has no one caught on to this?

  213. saber_elf says:

    April Fools…Love it!

  214. TheAlchemyst says:

    I smell April Fools on your face!

  215. ZeoViolet says:

    Guys…I repeat. It is APRIL FOOL’S DAY.

  216. Do I need to remind everyone what day is today?

  217. Seamonkey says:

    For those not in the United States:


  218. Mike says:

    I don’t wanna ruin it.

  219. Kitsune Dzelda says:

    I donmt know whats freakier…. I think this is the theme for the week or everyones avatars are so darned freaky.

    Ah yes, didnt get me Chris. Nice try. 😛

  220. Chronotis says:

    Uhhh, people, April 1st. get it? 🙂

  221. Bwahahaha, that’s great. :]

  222. Peter says:

    Is the april fools joke that the comic is broken?

  223. 84 says:

    happy april first?

  224. nomad says:

    Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!!!

  225. Teidar says:

    Happy April Fools day, biff!

  226. Moogle says:

    you know, there’s a funny day called April 1st… and there is a tradition to play pranks on this day…
    Figure it out

  227. solar says:

    April fools much?

  228. Aidan says:

    Seriously… no one? April fool’s!

  229. tailman says:

    Get a calendar people- dont you know what day it is?

  230. maverick660 says:

    Did everyone forget what today is? Nice one Chris

  231. None says:

    doesn’t anyone notice the date?

  232. Nonperson says:

    I see what you did there, subtle *chuckle*

  233. wooshra says:

    nobody gets it 😛


  234. JinnySH says:

    happy april fool’s everyone. i’m guessing that’s why we can’t read it, and biff’s on the john?
    a side of biff i sure never wanted to see….lol

  235. HD says:

    It took me a second to figure out how the paper changer was involved but now I’ve got it. Very well done sir!

  236. Jackie says:

    seriously?? Folks, look at the date…. at least the Americans should get it.

  237. K says:

    Happy April 1st, kids. ;p

  238. K says:

    I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, HALLBECK! *shakes his fist at the comment moderation*

  239. Dave says:

    Dear Everyone Else,

    Look At The Date This Comic Was Posted

    Love Dave

  240. Heatherface says:

    Either your readers are in cahoots and I’m left out of the party, or I’m simply the only one who knows what today is. 😛

  241. Nicoli says:

    April Fools?

  242. Keek says:

    Apparently I’m the only one who noticed it’s April Fools today…

  243. Kasain says:

    all i can make out of the text is that something (toilet paper?) only attacks when disturbed from it’s sleep…. otherwise i’m not entirely sure if the comic is supposed to be all glitchy or not >_< blah

  244. Cimon, guys, check the date on your timestamps

  245. Chris says:

    Um. Guys? April 21st, 2010? It might be an April Fool’s joke of some sort?
    ..if not, do fix your site Mr Hallbeck.

  246. ParisArlette says:

    April Fool’s?

  247. Hi says:

    Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!

  248. Cornbread says:

    Hasn’t ANYONE noticed the date?!?!

  249. Jackson says:

    This is the funniest Book of Biff yet.

  250. kevin says:

    April 1st

  251. Briandavi says:

    Um…April fools?

  252. Tony says:

    Did y’all forget, ITS APRIL FOOLS! Could this be his prank?

  253. Crimson_regret says:

    This is obviously April fools, guys, be smart…

  254. blackfedora says:

    Really guys? It was April Fools…

  255. Pietro says:

    I think it says something like ‘Twitter tresspass paper his on attack when absorbed from their sleep.’

    However, this makes very little sense to me.

  256. Samurai for God says:

    You all are aware of the date right?

  257. Alessia says:

    I have a feeling its intended to be garbled. It looks like it might be a scanning error.. BUT the typed text is garbled too. It’ll probably be revealed when the next upload is. Its april the first too.. or was.

  258. pockafwye says:

    Uh folks… it’s obviously an April Fool’s prank.

  259. Steve says:

    04/01… Y’think perhaps this was intentional? (For those who didn’t remember April Fools Day)

  260. Matt Lee says:

    Awesome joke, Chris! You are so friggin awesome!

    If you don’t get it this is an April Fools joke! Chris did this to the comic on purpose! Ha ha ha!

  261. Matt Lee says:

    Wait what? It cleared up?

  262. Crimson_regret says:

    I liked it better when it was a mess. =P

  263. Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos says:

    Lolz, I though the April Fools page was a legitimate joke about losing reception on an iphone:p (I don’t actually have an iphone so that was a guess, but that looks A LOT like he’s using a touch-phone, doesn’t it?)

  264. Pietro says:

    I don’t know what I’m more surprised by: the fact that I didn’t see that it was an april fool’s joke, or the fact that I was able to read most of it when it was garbled!

  265. tailman says:

    … did you have some script to block all comments containing the words april fools?cause a lot of those comments above my earlier post were not there when i made it…

  266. Aidan says:

    HAHAHA. I love how myself and everyone else thought we were the only person who realized what day it was.

  267. Aidan says:

    Besides MaskedMan, who is smarter than us all.

  268. Matt says:

    Strange, I never got this update in my RSS reader 🙁

  269. maverick660 says:

    lol, smart of Chris to moderate all the people who got the joke, kept it pure for those who didn’t. 😀

  270. i.half4 says:

    Find the line, find the shape through the grain
    Find the outline and things will tell you their name

    – Suzanne Vega
    Night Vision

  271. Acies says:

    @ cultist434, howdyhamster, etc.. how did you guys do that messy font? =O

    And I figured it’s April fools thing… but is there some way to read the “It can be+ƒrus`‘[∂î≈=í#©ifÂFPÁ>¢m[……‰fl–˚yhE£ÖImF∆oñî√qª∫º˘∑ŒèrÛsæG-|ÃOKg®nÆ⁄∑ÓƇRfi΢≠Tº™øY⁄QPáj§^/◊GV◊fip” bit? Like how when I was little I though “l33t” was just gibberish… or when my friend wrote a blog entry in wingdings and I translated it by copy and pasting onto Word and changing the font… can something like those be done to translate this passage?

  272. MaskedMan says:

    Well, my prediction was right… if you multiply 25! 😛

  273. Moogle says:

    I think that the real prank here was that no one who knew it was an April’s fools prank could be seen until today. Nonetheless, I like it!

  274. AdmiralMemo says:

    It’s been Chris’ tradition to moderate the April Fool’s Day comments. So the REAL fools were all those who thought they were the first to realize the joke and tried to clue “everyone else” in, only to have their comments masked along with the rest.

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