#98 – Cereal

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70 thoughts on “#98 – Cereal”

  1. J says:

    best laugh i’v had all month

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks, this one is a personal favorite of mine.

  3. Greg says:

    Truly brilliant, now all I need is a slingshot…

  4. Otacon says:

    OH MY GOD!!! That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, Im so glad I found this webcomic, thanks for the laugh.

  5. Chris says:

    Thanks Otacon, I’ve always liked this one myself.

  6. Harlequin says:

    Was this inspired by a frat party? Simply. Genious.

  7. Squire Retard says:

    OMFG. i hope he left the spoon out.

  8. XRS says:

    Oh man, thats hilarious XD

  9. Calthin says:

    I didn’t think you could top the previous. Well done, Sir!

  10. Gravekeeper says:

    This one is my most favorite. Ever. You don’t know how much my friends and I argue over how sick soggy cereal is (they find it delicious when it’s soggy, for some ungodly reason)

  11. Genericguy13 says:

    i like cereal without milk =]

  12. Chris says:

    I like some cereal dry as well, it depends on the cereal. 🙂

  13. Psychosis says:

    I’m laughing to tears!

  14. Warcrime says:

    I always eat my cereal too fast for it to get soggy.

  15. Vex says:

    This is doomed from the start, I kind of expected the next one to be the cereal bowl jammed in the wall with Biff’s body under it.

  16. Fenix says:

    Mmm… Maybe the cereal is the responsible about me eating as fast as I usually do…

  17. Alva says:

    X3, oh god yes, a great way to solve an age old problem! Other than the inevitable pain and chance of death, i would totally do that… hmmm, perhaps i would do it even with that in mind… hmmm, do you think insurance covers that? XD either way niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

  18. Warcrime says:

    get a cereal that doesn’t get soggy in like 2 minutes after being poured XD

  19. mic says:

    I never pour milk with cereal, it’s not really apealling. I think I did once with my favorite cereal, but it was taken off the market like 5-8 years ago…

  20. Greywolf says:

    You owe me a new monitor since the one on the left just shorted out from the coffee I spewed on it.

  21. Chuck says:

    OH GOD, GREAT! Anticipation… wait for it, wait for it… SPLORT!

  22. pip says:

    How does the cereal stay that way???? Doth Biff have a saturn gravity bowl to go with his shoes???? Methinks he does!

  23. Sam says:

    No pip, He’s got that sideways gravity…

  24. pip says:

    ohhh…. Now I want a Sideways Gravity Bowl too!

  25. ben says:

    so far, this is my favorite one EVER

  26. Malachite Dragon says:

    I can just imagine the coroner as he tries to clear up the body to take it to the morgue…”He did WHAT!?”

  27. zantarath says:

    The next part in his life, like almost every other second, had to be censored for gore. Then the morgue had to pull the ceramic shards out of his eyes.

  28. Female Fox Furry says:

    I don’t like my cereal dry… But I don’t like it soggy. And I eat it in a pattern… Don’t ask how you can eat cereal in a pattern. v.v

  29. Nate says:

    All these comments about gravity, but no one noticed the lever he’s about to pull..

  30. Konola says:

    I’d do that. But I don’t have the money 🙁

  31. Oddly Frozen says:

    why did i look at the milk and think IV?

  32. Spoot Knight says:

    Depends on the cereal, like Life for example, it gets that way anyway (I have tons of it in one bowl when I eat it), but it’s alright because all the sugar gets inside through the holes, you have sugar filled cereal right there.

  33. Demonprophet says:


    “Open the pod bay doors, Hal! I’m going in!”

    *Click* *Splash* *Crunch*

    Awesome. This is definitely one of the best pages ever.

  34. Mint Sharpie says:

    This would be a wonderful thing if you’re in a hurry for school or something. Ready, aim, fire, eat, run!

  35. I’m sad to say, I’ve done this with a lot of food items. Just remember kids, that steak isn’t so tasty when it has half of your teeth imbedded into it.

  36. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    Really? Is that why you’re called “waffle of DOOM?”

    I can just see Biff getting hit in the face, flying backwards out of his chair, through a window, then getting hit by a delivery truck for the same cereal he was eating.

  37. DemonRex says:

    “I forsee much pain in your future.”

  38. TomCC says:

    Now, some real acceleration would present itself when he used his eyebrows as the slingshot…

  39. MetMan.EXE says:

    If it was sideways gravity like earlier comments stated, what about the milk flowing down? Huh?

  40. Adam says:

    Obviously it’s CONTAINED sideways gravity, duh. I mean, otherwise, Biff would be on the wall in that comic where he introduced sideways gravity.

  41. katheb says:

    Thats hilarious!

  42. Johnmadden says:

    I can’t form words worthy of the brilliance of this one.

    I tip my hat to you Chris. Well played.

  43. Ethan says:

    i had to comment on this one, it was the first to really make me laugh other than a snicker. very clever.

  44. TheChampionKnight says:

    Indeed, sheer brilliance!

  45. Mort says:

    Now i have Beer all over my Laptop.

  46. Kellor says:

    I feel sad. I’m too exhausted to get this joke…. 🙁

  47. Kanki-chan says:

    nurse: Uhm, doctor, Biff’s back in the Emergency room.
    doc *sigh* what’d he do now?
    Biff: Hey doc, you mind helping me get the spoon out of my nose?

    doc: *thinking* they don’t pay me enough for this job

  48. Andrewp says:

    Ow. This one hurt so good. Seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing for at least 5 minutes.

  49. KayRis says:

    I don’t think it’ll be too painful. He can swallow a beachball whole, so how hard can it be to swallow all that cereal?

  50. David says:

    But he didn’t manage to swallow the beach ball, just got it into his mouth.

  51. Darth Walrus says:

    I hate soggy cereal! I will let Biff in on my secret: you put a spoon of dry cereal in your mouth, then take a swig of milk, then chew!

  52. Justin says:


  53. Shaddeth says:

    Hey I like soggy cereal 😀

  54. Graham says:

    damn shreddies. whats the first thing the mortician thinks when he see’s the body?

  55. Torg says:

    They’re magically malicious!

  56. Tyler says:

    I just wanted to comment in this comic in particular. It’s my personal favorite Biff ever. The bowl of cereal occupying the foreground, it’s just… ominous. A symbol of disasters to come. Kudos to you, Chris.

  57. Retro says:

    haha the funniest part is that he actually thinks this i a good idea 😀

  58. Cowbox says:

    This was the first panel to actually make me fall over laughing.

    Good job, sir.

  59. Vidja says:

    You are about to make a mistake…
    Wait, why do I care?

  60. Joanassie says:

    Thanks for explaining, Adam.

  61. afjuvat says:

    Ohmygosh. This is insanely funny.

  62. TylerP says:

    I think I know what I would buy from the BiffCo Catalog, a BiffTek Advanced Cereal Delivery System with Automatic Milk Dispenser. Although, I do think that it would have a hard time passing federal safety guidelines… especially after seeing the test footage!

  63. mrmeval says:

    If you’ve wondered why Cap’n Crunch has that lardy mouth feel it is fat of some sort. It coats the cereal pieces so that milk cannot penetrate. I’m not sure what they’re using now but they can’t use hydrogenated oil anymore. I suppose it’s lard now.

  64. SaixDecirr says:

    Dang…i think this is so stupid i tryed it once xD

  65. Corinthiar says:

    He could improve the device by having the lever control the flow of milk, too, so there wasn’t so much milk wasted before adding it to the cereal.

  66. Austin says:

    I like soggy cereal

  67. Robert says:

    I can relate. You know if you tell me how that worked out, you’ll save me the trubble of trying myself ;P

  68. Benzene the Scientist says:

    If Force= Mass * acceleration (or velocity for impact)
    Then the mass of the cereal times the speed it gets equals pain

  69. extremist343 says:

    I prefer my cereal soggy.

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