#941 – Wavy

One of the scariest dreams I’ve ever had involved dreaming that I woke up and was getting ready to go to school. I went into the bathroom and there was a ghost of a girl that screamed at me so loud it woke me up. I sat there in my bed stunned at how real it seemed. Then I got up and went to the bathroom again and was attacked by a second ghost. This ghost woke me up for real. It was really hard to open the bathroom door that third time.


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  1. Madness says:

    I’ve had that happen before. And Octopus-Biff is made of win!

  2. Polymorph says:

    I’ve had that happen a couple times. I just kept “waking” up repeatedly.

    Pretty scary since you don’t really know if this time you’re actually awake.

  3. Chuck says:

    I always have dreams that I wake up at 3PM. It’s alarm clock paranoia.

  4. Danieru says:

    Yeah, I hate those kinda dreams. Best thing you can do is test if you’re awake by trying to do something like levitate out of your bed.

    You’ll look ridiculous when you fail, but at least you’ll know… ^^;

  5. Eleanor says:

    I once lived through two days of school in a dream the day before it actually started (summer holidays)
    At the time, I didn’t notice that the IT lesson was odd because it had wooden desks and no computers (and because I no longer took IT)

  6. Morzikei says:

    I had a pretty similar situation… Dreamt that it’s the middle of the night, and there’s someone behind my door… For some reason I decide to open the door and scare whoever’s out there. That thing scares me, I wake up shrieking in terror, but somehow everything seems weird, as if the scream is inaudible…

    And that’s then I realised it’s a dream and instantly woke up…

    Actually, this instant-wake up upon realisation has worked like an alarm for me several times (usually when I didn’t have first period and could sleep past 7AM)…

  7. Zephir says:

    Huh. I wonder if I’m the only one that’s not had a dream like that. :O

  8. ZeoViolet says:

    My most common dream has to do with alarm clocks. Many nights I’ll dream repeatedly–because I’m constantly checking the time–that I am late. Always late. Usually late to work because I forgot to set my alarm. It is a surprising thing if I don’t have this dream at least weekly. The alarm clock shows a different time each time.

  9. Funderbunk says:

    I’ve never had that but like Eleanor I did dream through several days of school. It’s stranger in my case because I never realized something was off despite the fact that the auditorium was a swimming pool and the gym court was a series of tunnels and rock edges with malfunctioning gravity.

  10. Church says:

    @Zephir You are not alone I haven’t had a dream like this either. Personally I’d be glad to never have one like that too.

  11. SilentDragon says:

    @Zephir & Church
    Not me either, the closest I come is either unreal situations with a monster-hand-popout-scare and ye old classic cliff dream (with a real ending! [waking up on floor… good thing it was the lower bunk or that might’a hurt])

  12. soilent says:

    i never had a dream in a dream. at least not that i can remember.
    and if theres a girl in my bathroom, ghost or not, I sure would try to jump her.

  13. Thenumba1gunna says:

    I’ve had a recurring dream where I’m arguing with someone (not sure who the person is, sometimes its my dad, sometimes I don’t even know) and in a very heated shouting match…the reason the argument started is usually a mystery, but whatever it is seems to exponentially piss me off as time goes by, and as I try to scream louder and louder, I make less and less sound, as if I’m being muffled…I usually wake up feeling out of breath, as if I was just sprinting a 100yd dash, and with no clue of wtf just happened.

    Dreams like that scare me more than demons, monsters, etc. b/c its a perfectly realistic situation until the weird stuff starts happening…and by then youre too far in the dream to know its not real….weird huh?

  14. Croc says:

    Usually, I’m aware I’m dreaming – though I have had the “wake up” dreams once or twice. Those terrify me when I do wake up.

  15. MrBright01 says:

    Hey, good tip for this sort of thing. A friend of mine is a lucid dreamer, and she was having issues because she could never tell she was awake. Her doc said if she wanted to know if she was sleeping, just look at her hands.

    Apparently, while asleep, your brain is incapable of making your hands look and work in a realistic manner. Something about how complex and sensitive they are, your real world hands interfere with your dream hands.

    Only works if you think to check… but if you check when ever you wake up, you’ll at least know you’re indeed awake and not dreaming.

  16. Acies says:

    I am a combination of the dream within dream and the school crowd =P I’d dream that I woke up late for school or forgot to do homework, then scare myself “awake” only to find I’m STILL late for school, and then wake up again into real world. In highschool, I don’t know why I’m so paranoid as my parents would make sure I get out relatively on time. But now that I live on my own in university, when i finally wake up into the real world, I’m actually late XD

  17. MaskedMan says:

    Did Biff sleep through evolution? 😮

    Only recursive nightmare I’ve ever had was of a ship capsizing with me aboard. Then the rescue ship capsized. I woke up about the time the second rescue ship had arrived on the scene…

  18. Psychlycan says:

    I once had the most wonderful dream where I died, I drowned in 2 seperate dreams, and not having a bad time. Until recently where I was walking on the bottom of some wierd pool, and I couldn’t breath, tried to make it to the other side where there was air, holding my breath, until I woke up, realizing I was holding my breath for real. That was the first time my dreams actually tried to kill me, Freddy Kruger style.

  19. Hershey says:

    The scariest dream I had that I can remember, I had when I was five.
    I got eaten by a troll.
    I think if I ever had that nightmare again, it would still be seriously frightening.

  20. Hoyrel says:

    I had a dream once that was so horrifying I woke up screaming. That was an awesome dream, but then I enjoy nightmares, which leads us to a paradox. Can someone who enjoys nightmares ever have an unpleasant dream?

  21. jaqulin says:

    @Soilent: by “jump” to you mean “DO” or do you mean old fashioned jumping people? cause that would be weird if she was in the mens restroom personally. but cool too. as for weird dreams i have this dream where i’m being crucified on a cross. then, before i’m truly dead, they take me off and hang me. Next a girl tries to pour red gatoraide down my throat. *shuddder* nasty stuff.

  22. Vannah says:

    One of my scariest dreams was wjen there was an 8ft skull flying around my house and ironically I was hiding in the bathroom.

  23. Seanc says:

    The worst dreams that I ever have involve the death of my brother, like I’m an FBI investigator or something and I find my brother’s upper torso torn away from the rest of him and a look of terror frozen on his face.

    But then, I’ve always been protective of my brother.

  24. Kitsune Dzelda says:

    Dreams like what you have Chris are the kind that I intensely want to wake up from.

  25. Jaqulin says:

    @seanc: dear god!!!!! that would not be a dream. That qualifies as a nightmare

  26. Alex says:

    I never have dreams like that, but I do have dreams that frighten me. The worst is this weird dream were everything is normal. I’m always going through my normal day, but then some really tall guy comes along and chases me. He finally catches me and punchs me in the chest. I always wake up at this point, and always feel like I was just punched.

    Also, any dream I have with spiders in it is garanteed to wake me up screaming.

  27. Joural says:

    I once had a dream where there was a giant shark floating around my house, that would come through the ceiling and eat people. This was the dream where I discovered how logically my brain works, as in the dream I successfully explained away the shark, and it disappeared mid-crash in. course, this was about the time the demons started coming, so…

    Also, I honestly believe my mind hates me. I once had a dream where I was a CSI or some such, and was trying to solve a murder, and when I found the culprit they shoot me, and as I die they yell at me “Ha, ha, your dead!” most bizarre dream I have ever had… well… except maybe the dream where I met barney, but there were other dinosaurs, and they ate barney, then the McDonalds clown was in a disco ball, and he got eaten, then I rowed to the middle of the lake(which apparently the dinos couldn’t get to) and found myself in a giant ballroom, (as in, those ball pits they have at some fast-food places) where I played for a while, till the dinos got in, then I ran away, and suddenly I was in the middle of the lake being attacked by a pterodactyl… it went on for a while. At one point I got eaten, but instead of a stomach the dino had a food court or something… I honestly think I just went temporarily insane…

    my dreams hate me… I never remember the good ones…

    also, am I the only one who wakes up from a dreamless sleep, but feels the bed spring up from under you, as though you just fell into it, while your brain tells you that you just fell from a ridiculous height and hit the ground? cause that feeling freaks me the hell out…

  28. JSW says:

    I hate having dreams where I know I’m dreaming. These kinds of dreams always involve something going horribly wrong while I’m running from trouble, swearing at the top of my lungs.

  29. MadDavid says:

    There’s a Calvin and Hobbs comic in the same vein as your experience, Chris, except Calvin dreams he falls off a cliff as soon as goes out the door to go to school.

    Maybe forgetting things week?

  30. no name says:

    That would have scared me so much, Chris.

  31. gelugon2105 says:

    I don’t think it’s wise to write of paranormal experiences in a page for an otherwise light-hearted comic.

  32. I actually had a dream where I was going downstairs but then it was actually a computer simulation. That was just weird.

  33. edon says:

    Im weird i dont think ive ever had a normal dream that involved normal things. mine are like “Joural’s”, except that im a macabre horror fan/artist so my dreams involve dark creepy places, and monsters that are near indescribable. Though my twisted mind sees these as good dreams not nightmares strangely.

  34. ZeoViolet says:

    MadDavid: I have commented to Chris before about some of the similarity streaks I feel between Biff and the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. The true nature of reality isn’t the point. It’s what you can do with your perception of reality that makes a great strip. *L*

  35. onex says:

    Biff finally has enough arms to adjust his chair.

  36. Lurch says:

    my dreams know better than to mess with me.

    Of course, I do have one that recurs…I like it, cuz I’m a bit of a railfan. I’m at a railroad station when a BIG honkin’ steam locomotive pulls in with a passenger train. Millions and millions of M & M’s pour off the train and head for… wherever. Only, on closer inspection, the M&M’s are actually brightly colored spiders.

    It varies from there.. sometimes I board the train, sometimes not..

    (oh, and don’t get me wrong – I like spiders, too.)

  37. taber_man says:

    @onex: I was actually thinking the same thing before I read it! XD

  38. D D says:

    Worst dream I ever had was in high school. I’m walking around and enter this huge room – ceiling had to be a good 20 feet high or so and thousands of thousands of light bulbs. I throw the light switch and they start burning out all over the place. Freaked me out so bad I woke up shouting; likely woke up the whole house when I did.

  39. Island says:

    Sometimes I get night terrors where I’ll be walking and suddenly trip, and I’ll wake up as I’m falling. It’s startling enough that my heart races. And when I wake up and start to walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and then trip and wake up again, I get really irritated.

  40. Aerynne says:

    Heh, I once had a weird, long and complicated dream which inexplicitly ended when I suicided for some strange reason. Woke up feeling like I had been choked. Weird. I’d never suicide, at least not when awake and in a sane state.

  41. Sigurdgram says:

    I can almost never remember my dreams anymore. the last one I vividly remember, I was in a cave with glowing walls and hidden passages (like in some castle designed specifically for an intrigue novel), being chased by animatronic spock, animatronic kirk, animatronic scotty, and, oddly out of place, animatronic worf. nowadays, since I never remember any dreams but nightmares, if someone asks what I dreamt, I say “I was lex luthor, and superman beat me up with a sock that was full of fish.”

  42. jmkool says:

    It’s the return of the office chair! Now with more knobs than ever!

  43. Capshot says:

    I had a dream where I woke up, still lying in my bed, and something opens the door and scares the heck out of me.

  44. Daniel says:

    I hate those “dream within a dream” dreams. What’s weird is that I “wake up”, I’m in my bed, I get up to eat and stuff but there’s this really weird creepy vibe. That’s when I realize I’m dreaming and I “wake up” once more. I go on normally, realize I’m dreaming, etc… I get trapped in there, and although it isn’t dark or there are no monsters or bodies or anything, being trapped in my dream is one of the worst nightmares I have. Also had this dream where I was swimming underwater and couldn’t hold my breath. Turns out I was sleeping face down, on my pillow, and it was suffocating me.

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