#940 – Comprehension

My mistake is usually reading a recipe and not making it for a week or two. I see the main ingredient on sale at the store and pick it up to make that night. I don’t realize until halfway through cooking that there are 3 essential pieces I’m missing to the puzzle. That’s when I’ll end up eating chicken ala plate and fork.


11 thoughts on “#940 – Comprehension”

  1. Joenis says:

    Man biff, ya gotta stop forgetting stuff like that! 😛

  2. Libramen says:

    Ouch, the price of rocket fuel has to hurt his wallet <.<

    Fortunately, if I were to miss any essential ingredients, a grocer is only quarter a mile away 😀
    Metro FTW

  3. Linzleh says:

    Ah yes, the challenge of ingredients…lots of snickering’s easy but where do you get the doodles for those cookies. An important point of recipe reading is actually understanding what’s required. Biff your moon pie will be gravelly not marshmallow-y…

  4. baughbe says:

    What annoys me is the recipes in the paper for ‘quick and economic’ meals. They usually have two or three exotic ingredients not to be found in the home of anyone making less that 7 figures a year. How many of you right now have fresh ginger (not powder), fresh coconut (not dried) and saffron in your kitchen?

  5. jwalters93 says:

    How do his eyebrows fit in that tiny helmet?

  6. sco3tt says:

    Like the 30 minute meals. They don’t mention the 3 hour shopping adventure of the 4 hours of prep that they had a team of 9 to accomplish.

    Gah, it’s like making a decent omelet, all the shopping and chopping. Easy sounding meal but it’s a lot of work, at least that’s what my wife tells me. I suppose I could help her somehow, but this coffee won’t drink itself!

  7. baughbe says:

    I just realized, that’s a cassette player in Biffs suit! Way to go Old School!

  8. killjoy99 says:

    Looks like hes going to make cookies :O

  9. rysworld says:

    So… Is that antenna one of his eyebrows with a bulb at the end? It looks that way to me.

  10. Acies says:

    Or I hate it when “simple and cheap” recipes asks for a spoonful of 10 different spices. Sure, each spoonful doesn’t cost much, therefore it’s “cheap”, but sometimes it’s not possible to buy just a spoonful of each spice. If you buy a bottle of each spice, that can add up quite quickly!

  11. linuxxorcist says:

    we do a lot of weird indian & chinese food at home, so we always have loads of different asian spices, but no european spices like oregano.

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