#916 – Creased

Other things that are frowned upon in art museums: cooking french fries, water balloon fights, spontaneous combustion, archery, monster truck rallys.


33 thoughts on “#916 – Creased”

  1. Metal Matt says:

    Archery is not allowed? Guess I won’t be going…

    The Mona Lisa is smiling because she knows her canvas would make the most perfectly weighted paper airplane ever, by the way. Little-known fact.

  2. Shorty says:

    On that same note, they also don’t take too kindly to origami in art museums.

  3. Steriema says:

    Nor liver transplantations, or birth giving.

  4. reynard61 says:

    Nor motocross, or beekeeping.

  5. Mad David says:

    Yeah, art museums are such dour places. Looks like we’re in for a week of paper comics.

  6. Big fan of too many webcomics says:

    It’s still art, its just no longer useless

  7. The Dukenator says:

    Last art museum I went to years back, was Terry Redlin Art Center in Watertown, SD. My sister had said that it looked like Montana Max’s mansion from Tiny Toon Adventures.
    You could see it right off of Interstate 29 and it was located south of McDonald’s.


  8. The Dukenator says:

    I live in Aberdeen, SD btw.

  9. Micah says:

    Paper Machete is faux pas in an art museum, too.

  10. Grug says:

    You can’t grow crops in an art museum, or raise livestock, or play reindeer games. Caroling might be approved, however. Check with your local curator.

  11. Anon says:

    I am sad to say that scuba diving is also prohibited in art museums.

  12. ZeoViolet says:

    Although I hate to burst a bubble, the Mona Lisa is not painted on a canvas that you can roll up like a piece of paper. It can’t bend, and it’s not due to age!

    I am sure they don’t allow cutting of holiday ornaments or paper snowflakes in museums either, however.

  13. billy says:

    Boiling lobsters, Pumpkin carving and Fox hunts are also on the no list.

  14. Chris says:

    @billy – I first read your comment as “fox carving” and was really disturbed.

  15. Beege says:

    @Micah – I want a paper machete 🙁

    Do art museums allow skydiving these days?

  16. Wizard says:

    @Chris – I’m pretty sure they don’t allow that either.

    @Beege – Man, talk about paper cuts…

  17. The Dukenator says:

    Running thru the museum in the nude is not allowed, even if they had the statue of David there.

  18. emo bob says:

    you forgot the most important one: pyromaniac conventions

  19. MaskedMan says:

    Tennis and Basketball are frowned upon, and WWF-style wrestling is *right* out. Also, flamethrowers and skeet-shooting are highly restricted.

    @Metal Matt, ZeoViolet is correct – The Mona Lisa is painted on wood. You could still make an airplane out of it, but it wouldn’t be paper.

  20. Kitsune Dzelda says:

    They also dont allow Biffs Invisible green car ever since that incident with the library a few years ago.

  21. Chris says:

    @MaskedMan – I suppose the Mona Lisa would have to be ground up an turned into some sort of pulp and then made into paper… then an airplane!

  22. Dr3w says:

    Fire eating and running with scissors are also not allowed. I had to call my local art museuem for these three, but it also turns out that food fights, high explosives, and spelunking are also on the “no” list.

  23. Church says:

    It’s paper week Isn’t it?

  24. Random says:

    @ Church: I just thought that.

    I think live dinosaurs are not allowed in museums either.

  25. Niha says:

    Does that mean you are safe from spontaneous combustion at a museum?

  26. Kharn says:

    The #1 thing frowned upon in art museums these days seems to be talent…

  27. HL2freak says:

    @Grug:That depends on the type of crops, if you give them any, and how much you give them.

  28. Tigergulp says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to an art museum…. (ponders)

  29. MaskedMan says:

    @Chris; I suppose, if you were willing to got the effort. Which I suppose Biff would. But it’s a high waste process; you’d get a very small sheet of paper. 😛

    @Kharn; Amen. 🙁

  30. The Dukenator says:

    @Random unless its Jurassic Park, then run like hell.

  31. Lunakrypt says:

    @ Kharn
    That is the truth.

  32. Metal Matt says:

    D’oh. I got pwned. I was unaware that the Mona Lisa wasn’t painted on canvas lol

  33. Ingo says:

    @ MetalMatt; It is, but the old kind of canvas that has more in common with a tablecloth than a pasteboard. Makes me think of a range of very expensive tableware…

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