#900 – Suitable

I’ve never been on a blind date but I have gone somewhere to meet someone without knowing what they look like. It definitely helps to wear something memorable. Something easy to pick out in a crowd. Stilts would probably help.


39 thoughts on “#900 – Suitable”

  1. MaskedMan says:

    Stilts… Heh! I usually opt for a seriously loud green-and-purple Hawaiian shirt. Works a champ!

    Biff’s chicken suit is actually kinda creepy…

  2. Shorty says:

    Now I’m wondering what Biff was doing just before this.

  3. MadKanga says:

    yes – its a date-filter:
    if she stays she is clearly weird and unsuitable.
    if she does not, maybe she was worth dating

  4. Mad David says:


    If she stays, she is clearly weird and, for Biff, suitable.
    if she does not, she was probably not, for Biff, worth dating.

  5. Madness says:

    Happy 900th! Wow, 900 comics. I remember becoming a huge fan of this series somewhere around the mid 300s! And I haven’t been disappointed once!

    Keep up the good work Chris!

  6. fluffy says:

    Holy crap 900! Congratulations. That is nothing to sneeze at. Or maybe it is something to sneeze at but you’d have to sneeze pretty hard.

  7. Libramen says:

    Monday, March 1.
    I WILL be there. I WILL comment screaming “Congratulation Chris!”.
    Kudos to anybody who get what that day would be <.<

    Anyway, happy 900th! 😀

  8. Linzleh says:

    Masquerade Biff could be waiting for his “hot chick” date…

  9. ZeoViolet says:

    I hope *Biff* is hoping that Crowing Rooster meets Hot Hen Chickie, or she’ll just end up giving him the bird.

  10. Croc says:

    Hmm. That could prove interesting. Was Biff wearing that for work? If so, why was he wearing a chicken suit when he works for Scissors Solutions?

  11. Chris says:

    @Croc – I don’t think he kept that job for long. Too much travel. He wanted to spend more time with his toaster.

  12. greatslack says:

    Happy 900th comic! Here’s to another 900! Better yet, here’s to 900 other 900!

  13. Chris says:

    @greatslack – That’s a lot!

  14. Metal Matt says:

    @greatslack 810,000 to be exact. So Chris, if you keep the comic going for 3,115 years or so, that should about do it.

  15. Chris says:

    @Metal Matt – Eventually Biff will become sentient and will start making the comics himself. It will be highly entertaining right up until he destroys the planet.

  16. Marr965 says:

    I love the fact that Biff’s eyelashes are poking out of the eyeholes. And wadaya mean, Biff isn’t sentient? He might be extremely stupid, but he’s certainly sentient. He knows he’s there.

  17. Raya says:

    Hence why, in public, i’m normally wearing something EXTRAORDINARILY GOTHIC. My black straightjacket with rainbow straps is my favorite.

    Biff is not sentient… yet. He’s on his way to it, though. Soon, he’ll be seen in various other comics, scoping out the competition, then take them out one by one like in Assassins Creed.

  18. MaskedMan says:

    Sentient or not, I don’t much care… So long as he never discovers the fourth wall!

  19. Radical Edward says:


    I never been on a blind date before. I don’t really have any friends in the real world to hook me up with a date. But I might wear my kung-fu jacket.

  20. Tigergulp says:

    woo! 900 strips! congrats chris!

    i’ve never been on a blind date………..

  21. Zach Light says:

    This, however, is not valid for Biff, if his date is, say, A giant chicken, such as in Family Guy.

  22. no name says:

    Congratulations on 900 comics!!!

  23. Baughbe says:

    And if sir is ready to order? The chicken soup? Very good choice sir.

  24. reynard61 says:

    Happy 500th, Chris! On to 1,000!

  25. reynard61 says:

    *facepalm of Ultimate Fail* Darn it! I meant “Happy 900th!”

  26. Savannah says:

    Happy 900th Biffaversary!

  27. Woo, happy 900!!

    #1000 is scheduled to go up Tuesday, April 13th, 2010.

    I’ll be waiting. 🙂

  28. Chris says:

    @Andore Mordre – I think 1000 will actually be Monday the 12th. That’s cool because Biff’s 4th anniversary will be on Friday April 9th – comic #999:)

  29. Hershey says:

    Maybe Biff was protesting for Peta. McCruelty! xD

    Happy 900th!

  30. @Chris: Huh…I thought there would be an extra one for the ’00s. Oh well, two celebrations in as many days next year! Here’s to another 6000 or more!

  31. The Scarf says:

    Man. 900.
    When meeting someone who you’ve never seen before, it’s useful to wear something specific and let the other person know. For instance, when I met up with SpriteMeister (from the forums) at Powells, I was wearing my ‘I love tacos!’ T-shirt, and he was wearing an Orange T-shirt that had something to do with videogames. We both let eachother know before hand so we wouldn’t be sitting at opposite ends of the room, looking around helplessly for the other person and leaving disappointed because we couldn’t find eachother.

    That was a pretty interesting meeting…

  32. Kitsune Dzelda says:

    Hi everyone, Im here to point out the obvious:

    Now THATS wierd.

  33. killjoy99 says:

    I like how the colours of the flower, vase, and candle match the colours on Biff, and the window!!!!!!! Happy 900th!!!

  34. gelugon2105 says:

    Milestone achieved! #900 strip!

  35. Fred says:

    Hapy 900th, Chris! 😀

  36. steve-o says:

    900! Woohoo! Congrats!

  37. Lisa says:

    Back in the 90s we were having a geek meet at a bar, so that people knew what table to join we had a golden elvis bust sitting on the table, it was a hit, even people that weren’t meeting up with us wanted to sit with us.

  38. Josh says:

    Does no one else have a chicken suit? I mean, I wore my chicken suit to my last band concert in high school and the last physics lecture that I went to. People look at you funny but you get used to it.

  39. Marscaleb says:

    This page made me laugh out loud.

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