#890 – Fabrication

It’s hard to give up a doctor that you like. I know many people that have moved to different states from where they grew up but schedule their vacations around going back there to get some dental work done. For some people this is the only way they will get their teeth cleaned on time.

Also, check out the Biff Xmas cards in the store!


15 thoughts on “#890 – Fabrication”

  1. Man that ends with gift says:

    I am that with my eye docter(can’t remember the title). I know of one that is less then twenty minutes away, but i would rather see the one i have seen for the last twenty years. too bad that is a 4 hour drive

  2. 3agle87 says:

    only my dentist is a bit out of the way for me, but 45 min is not too bad compared to a 4 hr drive.

  3. Se says:

    Yeah it sucks because my primary care doctor is probably going to retire soon. I donno where Ima go after this!

    Ahahaha fake IDs…

  4. billy says:

    I’m sad that I moved to Australia and it would take far far too long to see my doctor and Barber. I don’t suppose they make international house calls.

  5. Booger says:

    Definitely, I always feel strange going to different doctor’s offices. I like my family one :3

  6. JezMM says:

    I love those wire things with the beads on (in the left of the picture). Whenever I go to a bank with a friend I’ll sit down and play with those if a child isn’t, or at least re-arrange them so there aren’t any hanging around in the middle of the wires. The most awkward time was when an actual child came in with their mother and I had to sort of sheepishly walk away from it.

    Loving the Christmas card too!

  7. -2! says:

    I thinks I am going to have to use that Biffmass card image as one of my desktop backgrounds this Biffmass. Now if only I could find the xmas background version of this again (my frend drew that).

  8. Ziriath says:

    By the doctor I was visiting till 18 there were no interesting things in the waiting room but only very, very boring magazines about maternity and insurance. It would be better to die than wait there more than a hour, having no book with me.

  9. Marr965 says:

    Biff’s really short. If I were sat on one of those chairs, my knees would be somewhere around the vicinity of my chest.

  10. Space Butler says:

    I’m going to have to see some ID, “Young Man”.

  11. weerd2normal says:

    that looks my doctors office’s kids waiting room…

  12. Acies says:

    @JezMM: I’m the person who kept making as many beads as I can hang in the middle

  13. Matt Lee says:

    Even though I’m 19 I still wanna go to the kids section anyway. I’m still a kid right? Well, technically not, apparently. Seriously I agree with JezMM.

  14. Radical Edward says:

    Matt Lee, if you 19, you’re still a teenager.

    Anyway. I remember being told by my doctor. (He) said he couldn’t take my insurance. After a painful search, I got a new doctor and she is very nice and has kept some details about my life confident between me and her, although I have a check up due because I’m a 22-year old woman.

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