#889 – Convenience

I wonder how long before there will be a new generation of kids that only understand gasoline powered cars from old movies and TV shows. I guess it will just be one of many weird old things like televisions with rabbit ears, telephones attached to wires, computers that were so big they took up your entire lap, houses made of “wood.”

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34 thoughts on “#889 – Convenience”

  1. Zephir says:

    Now I want a bunch of miniature gas tanks. :/

    Not for putting gas in mind you, but the novelty of it.

  2. Shorty says:

    Telephones. . .with wires?
    That’s preposterous!

  3. Toastedwhale says:

    That just makes me feel…old. Lovely.

  4. MaskedMan says:

    I remember 37-cent gasoline!

    And get off my lawn, you damn kids!

  5. Kitsune Dzelda says:

    Lawns? Probably replaced by fake cellophane lawns in 60 years! Quit livin in the past!

  6. JSW says:

    Do they sell matches in those vending machines as well?

  7. Space Butler says:

    At first I thought those were juice boxes and then the text and the colors explained it. Wow, that’d be a bad mix up to make.

  8. Ironically, I have no intention of giving up any of the examples you stated. Wood is a renewable building resource, I almost never use phones anyway (but I wouldn’t save any money on my DSL by going for a landline without phone service), I’m rather fond of my dual 19″ LCD monitors, and if I watched TV, I wouldn’t be willing to pay for cable or satellite.

  9. J says:

    i get wierded out sometimes at the thought that there are currently a whole generation of people old enough to carry out a coherent conversation, and have never seen a movie on vhs, or listened to a song on cassette or had their picture taken on film.

    i assume they know what such things are the same way i knew about phonographs and rotary phones. that being mainly from watching old cartoons. thank bog for youtube hmm?

  10. Dr3w says:

    Ok, so… what’s the theme for the week? Is there even a theme for the week? Or did I miss that? >_> *promises self to read the comments from now on*

  11. Mike says:

    Boy, imagine how hard it would be to get those out if they got stuck.

  12. John says:

    you can’t be talking about my netbook.. it’s slightly bigger then my hand lol.
    oh wait, you must mean an iPhone! why would anyone want an iPhone that big? it makes no sense! and they..were attached to… wires? why? didn’t they have wireless charging back then? :p

    anyhow yea lol, Xogen gas (also known as HHO gas) is the wave of the future regarding replacing regular gas in cars. stuff burns quiet, clean, and turns into water when it’s done burning. now that’s convenient! you get a drink every 10 miles or so. (I’m not kidding, do a youtube search for those terms to see)


  13. i.half4 says:

    OK. I give up. It’s waiting. Now we’re all eagerly waiting for the future so Chris can do a series about Biff and his flying electric car.

  14. baughbe says:

    I remember my Grandfathers TV when I was a kid. It had a remote! One button, turned it on and off. Now that was convenience! To change the channel, he waited till we came over for Christmas and had us turn the knob.

  15. Solace says:


  16. sco3tt says:

    And don’t forget the obsolete webcomic, as soon as the “From-Pencil-Straight-to-Brain” device comes out this year, JUST in time for Christmas! Imagine, drawing directly on 32.6K peoples grey matter! And erase, and draw, and erase, etc . . . Oh, did you want to remember your childhood? Bummer, but at least you have the #890 Biff comic!

  17. DracoZereul says:

    I’ve decided for a long time now that when I have kids I’m going to raise them the same way I was raised. First, their asses would be booted out of the house every weekend, all forms of technology would be locked away inside so they’d actually have to find ways to occupy themselves. And if they get hurt doing it, suck it up and let it scab over. I can see it now,

    “I don’t care if your friends have the latest DSi XML Virtua Awesome, you take this soccer ball and kick it into their faces. Have some fun, cause some injuries already.”

  18. reynard61 says:

    “I wonder how long before there will be a new generation of kids that only understand gasoline powered cars from old movies and TV shows.”

    Not long enough, as far as I’m concerned! The sooner we start making and using alternative-fuel vehicles (Electric, alcohol, Hydrogen, etc.) the happier I’ll be.

  19. Antheridium says:

    “I’ve decided for a long time now that when I have kids I’m going to raise them the same way I was raised.”

    Remember, Draco… someday, they’ll have to decide whether to put you in a nursing home. 😛

  20. i.half4 says:

    No, wait. Bodily function#5. Biff has gas.

  21. Langly says:

    Rabbit ears are still well around. As you can you get the latest HDTV air stations with them still and many people don’t care enough to buy cable. Heck a lot of TV could go wireless, when the tech is good enough to stream media wirelessly to everyone antennas for TV could become the norm again 🙂 You’ve got tv on your phones now, its just not HD.
    Why run cable or fiber everywhere for TV if some form of digital wireless can deliver it.

  22. Random says:

    either they started driving electric cars, or the mpg skyrocketed. I wonder what else biff would buy from vending machines? ( I sense a theme!)

  23. -2! says:

    Laptops won’t get smaller then netbooks when fully extended. Even then some will be bigger to have full keyboards.

    When folded up they will probaly be smaller then a ben with both the keyboard mouce and screen being Holagraphic or better.

  24. -2! says:

    ben is supposed to say pen

  25. dartigen says:

    I can’t see cables dying ever. We’ll still need power cords, but likely they will be extendable and slimmer than they are right now. I can see wireless peripherals though – we already have mouses, keyboards, headphones and various gaming things down, we just gotta figure out everything else.
    That and faster solid-state hard drives.

  26. Kharn says:

    “We’ll still need power cords”

    No. Look up wireless power

  27. i.half4 says:

    @Kharn: The age of Tesla? As he proved already, the physical engineering is the easy part. But the simple idea of giving away energy for free? Now that’s a realm of fantasy to this world.

  28. i.half4 says:

    I had another take on the theme, but first the third ending. You must have seen Allegro Non Troppo to get it. Feee Naa Laaay! Only for the twenty first century, with the little red-curtained stages replaced with a wireless device. (with yellow antenna)

  29. i.half4 says:

    In the National Gallery of Art are four very impressive works. It’s a series on the journey of life. Shall I compare these? Biff’s world begins in a place much like Mr. Rogers neighborhood. Where else would you find an in-house traffic signal? Biff, embarks on the great journey. Biff realizes how far the journey has taken him. Biff looks back.

  30. H3xx says:

    Sure its in vending machines, but its still expensive as hell. $1.90 a pint!?

  31. i.half4 says:

    Good thing Biff learns it’s best not to focus too long on the past.

    Now then, I regret to say I couldn’t interpret the last panel without finding that it still ends with a raspberry. Do all these stages of Biff’s life revolve around a single place? The Windy City?

    PS: Oh, Biff isn’t looking back. He’s listening for the unknown.

  32. i.half4 says:

    Life! Childhood: Eager, but forever held back. The jet pack stage: Cutting the umbilical cord. A sense of proportion: Time and distance just don’t seem to mean what they used to. The listening stage: Life’s mysteries are still mostly unsolved. The greatest of these is not life. Death: The last step requires very little energy.

    Hey! This cat Biff is brand new. Count’em. He’s still got nine last steps.

  33. Washu says:

    Houses made out of wood?
    That’s crazy talk that is.

  34. Wikimancer says:

    Actually, that kind of came up in a movie that was, incidentally, called “I, Robot”, when the female lead was worried that the male lead’s motorcycle would explode because it was powered by … well, explosives.

    Well, it did have robots in it, and it took place in the future. :-

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