#854 – Noble

I wonder if anyone makes under carriage lighting for laptops. I want everyone to know how cool I am while I sit in the dimly lit corner of the coffee shop. I gotta sit by an outlet though. All of that glow needs extra juice.

Also, make your walls happy with the gift of Biff!


18 thoughts on “#854 – Noble”

  1. Drakey says:

    Sorta like those heated pants that are great until the first short circuit.

  2. mr toast says:

    at least biff has shoes on when walking around all the broken glass…

  3. SilentDragon says:

    Bit of a different approach. Come to think of it though, I haven’t seen kid shoes with the flashing lights in quite a while, I guess the phase has passed, I do see a lot of kids running around on roller-shoes, don’t know what else to call them, I don’t watch much TV, video games easily fill that space 😀

  4. darthwrench says:

    they do have LED laptop coolers its called the A.C. Ryan HushRush what it lacks in cooling capability it makes up for in lights

  5. SamFisher202 says:

    Some things were just never meant to be.

  6. ShatterScale says:

    I seem to recall seeing an Alienware (Post dell buyout) laptop that had lighting coming out of vents on the side, front, and back, and keyboard.

  7. frullic says:

    a keyboard with a bouncing hydraulic suspension?

  8. MaskedMan says:

    I have a Compaq laptop from a few years back that has blue “ground effect” lighting – pretty cool, really. It’s more-or-less a doorstop now, though – Still works, but is too weak to run any of the current bloatware.

  9. dartigen says:

    No under-carriage lighting on my lappy, but I do have a backlit keyboard. Incredibly convenient in blackouts and tunnels.

  10. Solace says:

    Ooooo pretty lights! I would put lights on EVERYTHING if I could.

  11. Hershey says:

    As far as keyboard lighting goes, I don’t need it.
    I only have a desktop, but even with that, If I turn off the lights in my room my moniter’s brightness lets me see enough to type.
    Perhaps undershoe lighting would be cooler if it wasn’t jutting out of the bottom.

  12. Amy says:


    I hear you on the “bloatware.” I love my 5-year-old laptop…but with every automatic update it gets a little more sluggish. *sigh* Must be upgrade time.

  13. sco3tt says:

    See, you just can’t use neon for that. LEDs man, that’s the way to go. Better yet, drill the soles and run the lights and wiring that way.

  14. jeremythedog says:

    i don’t see it working until i perfect the ‘hover shoe’ design i’ve been working on since the third grade.

  15. }o{ Chelsey-Wa }o{ says:

    LOL my laptop has like…wing lights on the lid…Everyone compliments me on it when they see it for the first time…It’s really too bad I never let my baby see the light of day anymore… >> <<

  16. Radical Edward says:

    I don’t need that fancy undercarriage lighting. I don’t even own a car or laptop. It would keep me from buying anime and manga.

  17. Baughbe says:

    I don’t care about the lights, I just want the green shoes. Since green is the opposite of red, the green shoes just might take me to a wonderful place filled with talking animals, magic, and an assortment of non-pc stereotypes. There’s no place like Berkeley, There’s no place like Berkeley, There’s no place like Berkeley.

  18. naithan says:

    people do infact make undercarriage lighting for laptops…. sometimes it comes in the form of a chill pad….. the one i have purchased has an amazing blue glow in the dark

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