#853 – Wrinkle

Change was a wonderful thing when I was a kid. There were many places I could go to buy many things with change. Now it’s a nuisance that just takes up space. What would we do with it all if there were no more vending machines?

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23 thoughts on “#853 – Wrinkle”

  1. Heinrich says:

    i have a sister who has upwards of $10 in pennies. n i’ve found that i can often support my pop habits with my change. i’m not sure what i’d do with it if it wasn’t for vending machines… maybe save it for the bus?

  2. Drakey says:

    I need to cash in my coin jar.

  3. Solace says:

    Coinstar! My boyfriend came back with over $100 when he decided to take his change in. The machines ate the metal, and gave out paper. Just one of the miracles of modern science. 😉

  4. SharkJumper says:

    I collected up at least 70 pounds of pennies back in grade school. Haven’t added much in seven years since.

  5. William Syler says:

    Biff currently owns the most amazing jar of pennies in existence. According to current mathematicians and Nostradamus, Biff’s jar of pennies on its own rivals Sweden for total value within one country. Biff will need the help of many banks to cash this amazing jar in. Godspeed, Biff.

  6. Hershey says:

    My dad used to have this jar of pennies, with an occaisonal dime or nickel, but once he told my little brother about it it was all over. My little brother would dump all of them out, and tell me to count them. And then we’d try taking them out and using them, just to get yelled at and never put them back. I believe the jar is empty by now, or near that. I know my little brother would hide the pennies, twenty inside some hollow eggs he found that were just for decoration.

  7. chefshawn says:

    i never spend pocket change. i have a jar that counts it, and at the end of the year, i turn it all into a deposit into a small college account for my niece and nephew, that will not likely be getting much help from their mother. it’s not much, but it’s one option.

  8. Tigergulp says:

    I just started a jar for with my little one, but she keeps taking out the change and putting it into her piggy bank XD

  9. MaskedMan says:

    Coinstar saved the universe. Or at least our little corner of it… My coin jar have become so heavy that it was developing an event horizon. Why yes, I *was* using a five gallon bucket for coins. Why do you ask?

    I walked away with over US$500 – Had to use three different machines, before I was done.

  10. sco3tt says:

    Coin Star? Wasn’t that the heroes name in Spaceballs?

  11. -2! says:

    I have a thingy that counts the change as I put it in it. Currently Has about $50 in it.

    Also I still read this every day, just have not had a chance to comment with just beginning University and all (also no Internet for a week helps)

  12. SkydiverTodd says:

    Biff is warping space and time with the gravitational mass of pennies he has accumulated! If he gets too many more, he might get an event horizon and create a copper hole…

    We have a 5-gallon glass carboy (bottle) that we use for our change. We used to just throw our spare change in it at the end of every day. When I got my last six-week sabbatical and we were heading for several weeks in Europe, we poured out the change and cashed it in at the bank (Coinstar charges over 10%!). That was some of our spending money while on the trip–we had well over $750 from just 3 years of spare change.

    Not using it much now that times are tight…

  13. orphan38 says:

    I save mine up in a metal cup I got for free for talking to the Army National Reserve recruiters at a job fair. When that gets full I count it with my family’s coin counter (My dad owns a vending business – thank you everyone for your spare change ^_^) and deposit the rolled coins at the bank. It’s like I suddenly got all of this money that I had forgotten about. And cheaper than coin star.

    I bought a shelf from Ikea with my change once.

  14. Marr965 says:

    I forget how much money I have in a small wooden bowl on my desk… One moment… Not counting the two £1 coins and the £10 note, £3.81…

  15. Radical Edward says:

    I try saving change but I end up using it to eat out at Taco Bell or go to the pharmacy for some candy.

  16. Kratospie says:

    Biff’s Coin Jar – A wonder of modern science

  17. He’s gonna have a lot of trouble picking it up.

  18. ZachLight says:

    that must be a hell of a lot of pennies…..BIFF, LEND ME SOME!

  19. linuxxorcist says:

    what appears to be his cimney is actually the topmost portion of his penny container.

  20. Amy says:

    I can’t make myself spend dimes. It’s one of my many weird hang-ups. I’ve got about 800 of ’em in a pitcher. And a dozen 2003 pennies.

  21. steve-o says:

    His house is gonna be catapulted into the sky when he takes out his jar of pennies, since the ground will snap back into its original position.

  22. hayabusa says:

    i’ve used coinstar once, and probably won’t use it again unless i have to. it’s not that i don’t like getting money, it’s just that if i count it myself, i don’t have to pay a machine to give it back to me

  23. Late to this party (just discovered the strip) but I just take a handful of change to the self-checkout lane when I get groceries. No fee off the top for handling it, and I don’t have to go to a special branch of my bank to dump the jar in the coin counter.

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