#804 – Chime

One night a few summers ago my wife and I cranked up the air conditioner in the bedroom, closed the door and got in bed. A few minutes later I thought I heard talking. I crept up to the door and slowly opened it a crack and was horrified to hear muffled voices coming from the living room downstairs. Fortunately a few moments later a McDonald’s commercial came on and we realized that we turned the TV off but left the sound system on.

Here’s the place where I write something silly as an excuse to link to The Book of Biff #4 preorder sale.


24 thoughts on “#804 – Chime”


    So true…

  2. speearr says:

    Haha this made me smile…

  3. A.L. says:

    Don’t you just hate it when that happens xD? See ya Monday.

  4. Hershey says:

    Oh gosh xD
    Poor Biff.
    But why is he scared, Hes immortal!

  5. GeminiTwin says:

    Funny thing (or not), I have done pretty much the same thing. Turned off the TV, but left the audio on. Except when I went to go check out the “voices”, it was at a silent part of the movie, then “BOOM”!! There was an explosion. I nearly jumped out of my skin, if such a thing were possible.

  6. baughbe says:

    Once when I was a kid, I had stayed up watching a all-night horror/ Sci-fi festival. My dad wouldn’t let me sleep the next day to ‘teach me a lesson’ about staying up all night, by that next evening my brain was toast, then when coming in from outside just after dark… passing by the bushes… came this sound that could have only come from the depths of hell itself. Actually it was a cat getting very noisily sick. But I think my dad learned a lesson about teaching lessons to me.

  7. sco3tt says:

    Three times this week. I hate that doorbell.

  8. Ziggy Stardust says:

    After reading lots of Batman, for a while I was afraid to answer the doorbell for fear it was the Joker, come to shoot me Barbara Jordan-style. And I still get afraid of what’s going on in other parts of the house while I’m taking a shower- I have devised situations in my head where I crawl out the window and alert the police officer I live across the street from.

  9. Maskdt says:

    Can’t say this has happened to me. I guess I just don’t scare easy.

  10. sandy kilo says:

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  11. The Dustin says:

    even better, when you order pizza to your friend’s house while you are watching a scary movie… incidentally I wasn’t invited back, even though I paid for the pizza.

  12. Radical Edward says:

    Doorbells in general aren’t scary to me. The doorbell in my house broke quite some time ago and my father doesn’t want to fix it.

    I don’t watch scary movies. Although I will watch shows that parody scary movies, the real thing either does a number on my psyche, or if the movie is really old and cheap, I’ll laugh at it (The original “The Blob” movie was more funny to me than scary.)

  13. dartigen says:

    I am amused by my doorbell. My dog will race to the door and start jumping about (he loves meeting new people) even if there is nobody there. Occasionally, I take the doorbell off and ring it just to see him race to the front door and start jumping about.

  14. Speakerblast says:

    I get that nervous just calling the pizza guy. And for some reason i just took a job where a main comnponent is calling and meeting strangers.

    stupid stupid stupid

  15. Matt Lee says:

    Is it possible to have this reaction many times in the same second or should I get that checked?

  16. Has nothing to do with this comic- Can someone tell me which biff comic it was that had to do with a sleeping bag?

  17. i.half4 says:

    MD: Oddly coincidental. I was just going to add an even less topical observation of my own. I was just listening (Thursday, noonish, NPR) to a story on how pharmeceuticals are sold. In some countries the government is needed to pay for drugs because almost no one living there could afford them otherwise. So there is this room, where they market to governments, (or something like that) and in this room they have this gong, and whenever they make a sale, they get to ring the gong…

    (next window please)

  18. i.half4 says:

    it left me of a mind to sing my own version of a lately popular Todd Rundgren number…

    I don’t wanna work
    I just wanna bang on the gong all day

    Sorry. It was flippant and thoughtless, I know. But this *was* creepy week.
    “Meanwhile… I was *still* thinkin…”

  19. -2! says:

    Chris you don’t need an excuse to link to The Book of Biff 4.

    @ Malachite Dragon

    is this the comic you are looking for?

  20. @-2! : YES. Thank you X-x Been trying to find it for days, for some reason my eyes just kept skipping over #300. Thank yous!

  21. Crimson1regret says:

    Oh my god, scary movie marathon…my brother went to the bathroom, he left the seat up, gravity took it’s course around the time the demon mutant dogs face was 3/4 melted off.

  22. -2! says:

    @ Malachite Dragon

    I found it within about 5 min with the search 😀

  23. Trae says:

    One day me and everyone in the house (including pets) were sitting around in the living room with the lights off while we watched.. Rose Red I think it was. Some horror movie anyway. All of a sudden we see a shadow go by in the doorway to the kitchen. We all went to investigate, but found nothing.

  24. YukiSnowflake says:

    hah… i’m a wimp with things like this
    i played the new sims 3, and ended up killing half my sims for fun. that night i kept hallucinating that he was at the end of my bed.
    after watching a horror movie while my parents were out, i managed to somehow remove sleep from my daily course of actions for 2 weeks (*more or less*)

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