#803 – Spinous

I’m constantly injuring myself when I overreact to harmless things like a stray thread tickling my arm or a strand of hair landing on my cheek. I usually wind up bumping an elbow or straining a muscle for no real reason. Fortunately I’ve only spilled cold drinks as a result. No burn marks on my legs… yet.

One of the most amazing things happening right now in Canada is the creation of many boxes filled with The Book of Biff #4.


25 thoughts on “#803 – Spinous”

  1. Zerp64 says:

    Oh, man… I do that all the time. One time I was half-asleep, and got the crap scared out of me by my thumb which was sort of sticking up in front of my face.

    I thought a misshapen, armless bald man had broken into my room.

  2. Kratospie says:

    I sliced open my leg once, I was walking down the stairs, and I felt something on my neck, I turned around too fast, lost my balance, and fell. It was a concrete staircase. I found out what was on my neck, a fly.

  3. Tvae says:

    You used a – instead of : like the last 3! Oh dear, oh dear…

    Anyways, I completely agree. I hate when completely harmless and insignificant things scare the carp out of you. Happens to me all the time… >.>

  4. i.half4 says:

    @ Zerp64: Ha! Are you seeing the same ad I’m seeing?

    I don’t know if it’s for a real dating service or a web comic, but it’s got a drawing of a man being spooned by a big armed, perfectly shaped Wookie.

  5. ZeoViolet says:

    Ugh. I’m seeing that too, and my eyes about bugged out of my head. Which one is doing the wishing? *L*

  6. DrKirre says:

    Oh man, now this really hits close to home. XD

  7. i.half4 says:

    On Tuesday, I said something which suggested an end to a story. Then, not wanting to associate an ending with a new begining, (800+) I quickly added that I was looking forward to the 900 series.

    But why be shortsighted? Start planning the millipede series now!

  8. i.half4 says:

    …or maybe a collegiate theme. I’m reminding myself of a professor from Doonesbury who was doing research on the Loch Ness Monster:

    “Thank God I’ve got tenure.”

  9. i.half4 says:

    …or an interview I read once about Pink Floyd. One of them made the observation that after Dark Side of the Moon, it really didn’t matter to record companies what they did. They could produce an album of them just coughing and people would buy it because it said Pink Floyd.

    This is not an actual suggestion…

  10. Matt Lee says:

    Heck I wish I was that guy. Who wouldn’t? C’mon.

  11. Nilly says:

    I hate that obnoxious tickling feeling that hair or string causes in my arms. >.<

  12. Dzelda says:

    Well done comic Chris. Get that nasty old string Biff!

    Isnt it always a bummer though when you DO get that strey thread, and start to pull, when you start to lose half your shirt because the thread just keeps unraveling?

  13. Chris says:

    @Tvae – Well now the internet is ruined!

  14. Mophtran says:

    Creepy-crawly feelings in bed make my boyfriend get an elbow in the side, or face…. But It’s only paybacks because he does the same thing.

    Also when I’m outside in new england (especially when I lived in Portsmouth, the city is mostly built on a swamp outside of downtown) I have to wear pants, even in the summer. God forbid my tag rise up and tickle the back of my neck then.

  15. weerd2normal says:

    if i hit my funny bone, i frantically move my other hand unto my elbow without any redard to were i am, so i hould be mong the lawn and if i bump my elbow on the fence, i swing my left arm to my elbow and the lawn mower keeps going while im standing saying “ow”
    to myself

  16. Radical Edward says:

    I tend to hurt myself doing normal things like unplugging a plug or refilling a stapler. I scraped my hand against a table unplugging a plug and I stapled my thumb refilling a stapler.

  17. Hilary says:

    …Or when you find a long hair clinging to the back of your arm.

  18. DTanza says:


  19. Ziggy Stardust says:

    I don’t freak out about things like that… my friends are always like ‘Your tag is sticking out’ or ‘your bra strap is showing’, so I go, oh really? and go back to reading my book. The only way I ever really sustain any injury is from punchings, stumblings or harmless things like soup cans or paperwork.

  20. Linzleh says:

    You and Biff need a dose of OOMM, as in zen chanting or relaxing yoga…
    Threads and hairs need not cause you harm; deep breath and now address the stray bit…

  21. Matt Lee says:

    I have a dislocated vertebrae. His name is Bob. He came as a result of me trying to see my own forehead without a mirror.

  22. -2! says:

    If my comment is already here I am sorry for reposting but I cant see it but am pretty sure i said this…

    Chris do you have control over the the image that shows up for people like, say Ziggy Stardust who (at least on my computer) does not have an avatar. If you do you should consider adding Biff Eyebrows.

  23. Calvin says:

    I have a scar from a third degree burn on my left leg due to me accidentally dumping boiling water all over it. My first and so far only trip to the ER. Hopefully my last, too.

  24. ThatSomethingGuy says:

    What’s worse than being scared by the tickle of a piece of string and then dancing about flicking and swatting and squealing like a little girl?

    Feeling a tickle on the side of your face, brushing it off, and taking a look to see what it was, only to see a venomous spider. Seriously… it wasn’t cool. Sure, it wasn’t a ‘make you dead’ spider, more of a ‘make a nasty sore that hurts for days’ spider, but… do not want.

  25. Marr965 says:

    felt a tickle on the side of my leg yesterday, and reached down to swat it only to have my hand hit the cat’s head. It was one of her ears.

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