#733 – Tofu

I don’t think prank calls are quite as common now what with the caller ID and the GPS and what have you. It’s funny that I don’t remember actually making any calls myself but I do remember watching friends do it. I supplied the nervous background laughter for their antics.

Also, if you were here yesterday, make sure to read yesterday’s comic again.


25 thoughts on “#733 – Tofu”

  1. Micah says:

    Does he use a fake accent? He should know they have Caller I.D.

  2. Dwarg91 says:

    Oh man I am still reelind with laughter over yesterday

  3. Sammie says:

    Prank calls were the most fun to have with a cellphone.
    Good times.

  4. Eltharrion says:

    NOW I’m really understanding why I should be happy about not doing wrong-calls and pranks on restaurants. Thanks!

    …And the text was April’s fool joke? (Okay, I quessed that like 2 minutes ago on previous comic…)

  5. greenimp says:

    prank calls are still fairly common here, i mean, you can always switch your phone onto private mode… of course, most people dont do this so anyone prank calling me ends up suffering for it

  6. SharkJumper says:

    I seem to remember doing, and/or having done to me, some prank calling at band camp.

  7. SEA says:

    Hehe, that will teach biff XD

    Nice job blocking all the comments yesterday, bring back memories of last year ^_^

  8. Izual Shima says:

    So apparently I got the basic idea behind the joke yesterday, from the start. I’ve gotten way better at catching such “out of my culture” things. Also suspected the comments might be getting blocked for that reason, since no one seemed to mention the date in the ones I could see. I preferred to not babble too much on it and make a donkey out of myself.
    Yay for me?

    C’mon dude, you there? I just wanna know where you got your nickname from. Diablo 2? Anywhere else? This is like my 5th try, and I’m not known for giving up…..

  9. Eleanor says:

    April fool’s yesterday was fun, great joke Chris.
    And I have to thank you too! We used Book of Biff in our joke, posting the comics in the appropriate places around the school. Everyone had fun and nobody got wet this year, and you got free publicity (watch out for the horde of new readers, I think they liked the comic).

  10. A friend of mine just told me tonight that he and his girlfriend pranked his girlfriends mom at around 10pm. He called and said he was Dr. soandso from the ER and said something like “we have your daughter here, she was in a car accident, blahblahblah”. Apparently my friend felt really bad, his girlfriend thought it was hilarious.

    It’s still up in the air if i find it funny or not, but either way, i found it odd that you posted a Prank Call comic the same night he told me that story.

  11. TigerGulp says:

    Ppl have tried prank calling me while I was in college, but then i’d switch it on them by either agreeing with them as they were trying to do it and then gushing about such and such. It always shocked them to find someone who wanted to talk thru a prank. I once had 3 guys in shock for 13 minutes about giving Alkaselter to a raccoon and what to do when it was thrown at the cheerleaders during a football game 😀

  12. So, to all those people rioting in the streets about yesterday’s comic…

    Next year, someone will appear in the comic with Biff. A guest cameo, or just someone else who lives in Biffland. And I mean a HUMAN (or whatever Biff is).

  13. ZackDark says:

    wait, does that mean I missed all the OTHER april’s fools jokes?
    (you still have them, Chris?)

  14. Dwarg91 says:

    the only comments that could have lead people to know that was an April fools joke was my laughter

  15. steve-o says:

    Oh.Oh, good. I’m very, VERY relieved. Chris, you are still my favorite comic writer.

  16. Chris says:

    @steve-o – Pleased to have freaked you out. 🙂

  17. Speakerblast says:

    Good call on the moderation yesterday =P I didn’t realise what I had ruined till it was too late!

    Also, I ate takeout today. Awesome.

  18. Ziggy Stardust says:

    Nice comic, Chris. Now I can never order take-out again for fear of what they will give me.
    Also, side note, I hate it when people say ‘what have you’. Reminds me of my grandfather, the one that’s still alive that I hate. Irrational, yes, but makes sense. Old people!

  19. -2! says:

    @ Chris

    as I said yesterday it is amazing how you can freak out so many people. I was not here for the first years April fools joke but i probably would not have even noticed it (i am famously blind to details)…

    actually i probably would have… the eyebrows are key! anyway keep the unreasonably exact but epic style!

  20. ZackDark says:

    OMG eyebrowns-less Biff!!! must’ve been madness. no. must’ve been sparta!
    jokes aside, yesterday’s comic is still not Biff-funny…

  21. -2! says:

    @ ZackDark

    Yesterdays comics was specifically made for the April fools joke, without having an obvious real joke (to better the April fools joke). The funny part was for us who remembered (or in my case from when i last read the archive) last years April fools, and the day yesterday it was hilarious reading everyones comments and (at least in my case) playing along 🙂

  22. mrmeval says:

    You do it from a friends phone.

  23. DaemonThanatos says:

    *snicker snicker* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Gotta love the Take Out Ninjas! the masters of Prank Revenge!

  24. SurveySays says:

    Random person: Hello?
    Me: Hello, (Ma’am, Sir, alien species) i’m calling about your order.
    RP: what order?
    Me: Well we recived your bulk order and it looks like you finished the paper work, but you need to pay for shipment before we can give it to you.
    RP: What order are you talking about??
    Me: your ketchup.
    RP: What? i didn’t order ketchup!
    Me: Yes, you ordered a bulk package of 50 gallons worth of small ketchup packets.
    RP: What on earth would i want with that much Ketchup??
    Me: well that’s really none of my buisness(sir,ma’am,alien)
    RP: I did NOT order that!
    Me: your name his here on the paper. is this your phone number? 555-5555?
    RP: yes-but-!
    Me: Very good. we’ll have that mailed over to your house as soon as your check clears tomorow. thanks for choosing us for your condiment needs, we are having a sale on all Relish, Tartar sause and other pickle related condiments, are you interested?
    Me: well yes, you’ve ordered enough to kill an elephant. do you want any Relish sir?
    Me: Then why did you order so much?
    (The cursing generally starts about here. when ever i used this particular one when i was a kid, I ended hanging up on them out of bordem. they reeeaaaallly don’t want that ketchup ending up on their doorstep. I only ever had one person say “What is your company’s name again? i want to know who to make my check out too.” i got scared and hung up.)

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