#732 – Ricotta

For anyone not here on the 1st the comments below the comic won’t make sense. Click here to see what the page looked like at the time. I blocked all of the comments coming from people that figured out the joke. I’ve now let them through so a lot of them will seem strange mixed in with all the others. Keep in mind most of these people read the comments and saw that nobody had figured out the joke and so they thought they were the first one to post about it. I guess I kind played a prank on both groups. πŸ™‚

β€”β€”β€”-original postβ€”β€”β€”-

I learned a lot about food from cartoons. For example, corn on the cob is meant to be eaten like you are a typewriter. Complete with “ding!” sound effects at the end of each row. Spaghetti is supposed to be slurped, splashing sauce all over your face. I could never get the hang of eating peas with a butter knife though. They always made that one look so easy but the peas refused to line up in a neat little row. It was easier to just stab them one at a time with a fork like a normal person.


277 thoughts on “#732 – Ricotta”

  1. Micah says:

    Yay! An April Fool’s Day comic!

  2. Micah says:

    Ah, so he can talk.

  3. C4Pottery says:

    oh no speech bubbles

  4. fuzzmanmatt says:

    Biff Speaks? What? Is this the joke? I don’t get it!

  5. Speakerblast says:


  6. Gratuitous Esquire says:

    wow, so Biff finally gets a voice?

  7. Space Butler says:

    …Biff can…talk? Hmm……..

  8. Speakerblast says:


    April fools day.


  9. Space Butler says:

    Aha! Attention everyone, I implore you all to check your calenders this instant!

  10. Dunro says:

    April Fools?

  11. captainzaven says:

    Biff gets a voice for April Fools day only πŸ™

  12. Dwarg91 says:


  13. Dude says:


  14. Ukesagi-tan says:

    Holy father of Biff, he can talk?

  15. Diran-Kun says:

    Talking!Biff makes me all happy inside.

  16. Nanu says:

    Donkey! Nooooooo!

  17. Gary says:

    April Fools!

  18. Diran-Kun says:

    Oh wait, April Fools right? Dammit.

  19. BarDelOcio says:

    Another great april’s fools day

  20. PsychoDuck says:

    DIALOG?!?! Oh, right, it’s April Fool’s Day. Move along, everyone!

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  21. Heinrich says:

    speach & thought bubbles. blasphemy. (:

  22. Heinrich says:

    april fools. of course it’s blasphemy.

  23. Heinrich says:

    anyone know what mfgr stands for? i can only think of jones soda n m f grape.

  24. Izual Shima says:

    Waaaait a minute!

    I do have to ask…is that really YOUR handwork Chris? It looks different from the rest. Makes me suspect someone else did it. Maybe something to do with April 1st? I’m not American so the vagaries might elude me.

    Nevertheless…we’re witnesses to Biff’s voice…then again, we don’t really know what he sounds like…tricky.

    @Kurast: Here’s hoping once again that you catch this post… Dude where did you get your “Kurast” nickname from? Is it from the Diablo 2 game? If not, where from? I wanna know for creative research reasons. Thanks.

  25. Dwarg91 says:


  26. Piotyr says:

    I think biff was better without the talking. Please keep Biff silent! He is so perfect when he can silently get his point across so well without a voice and it makes you think on the comic when you only have a little blurb to go on. Once you get that “Woah I get it!” it makes the comic much better than it would be otherwise.

  27. Dewd says:


  28. MaskedMan says:


    And his toaster is sentient, too!

    As for the peas..?
    “I eat my peas with honey
    “I’ve done it all my life
    “They do taste kinda funny
    “but it keeps them on my knife!

  29. SharkJumper says:

    For some reason, it didn’t occur to me that Biff had never talked. Rather, I thought: thinking toaster? Or is Biff just imagining that?

  30. Sciuridae says:

    Talking Bubbles are this year’s April Fool’s, right?
    Hope I’m right S:

  31. Kbman says:

    I love the new direction with Biff! It’s about time he got a wise-cracking sidekick. I was hoping for Washing Machine, but Toaster should do just fine.

  32. Arden says:

    Clearly, it’s his eye doing the talking.

  33. Tvae says:

    Hello there, toaster. How are you today?

  34. greenimp says:

    im scared and confused… is it scare and confuse greenimp week?

  35. Brightman says:

    I predict this has something to do with the date…but if not, consider my mind blown.

  36. JonBovi says:

    Happy April Fools?

  37. Devious_Psychopath says:

    The F***!? that toaster can think!

  38. Vidja says:

    Is that a cake or lasagna? Either way, if Donkey falls, it will be a delicious return to the top.
    Is Biff thinking for the unplugged toaster as well?

  39. JC says:

    *Gasp* Speaking Biff, or is it?
    Wonder what the subtitle will be.

  40. misslion says:

    I would be alarmed at the speech, but it IS April Fool’s Day.

  41. Madness says:

    Sweet April Fools comic you got going there.

  42. Brandon says:

    A small part of reality dies, as one of the unspoken laws of the universe is broken.

    Other than that, at first I thought there was a strip of bacon in the pan.
    (by the way, can anyone see the pun?)

  43. munineye says:

    Biff can talk?! NOOOOOOOOO!

    My mind, she is shattered.

  44. Kiwi says:


    …wrong year, sorry πŸ˜‰

  45. mr toast says:

    Happy April 1st everyone!!!!

  46. stonehydra says:

    that was grate.

  47. Nia says:

    It figures that Biff would speak on April Fools’ day.

  48. Pieman says:

    Hmm…I wonder what possible reason there is for the speech bubbles…


  49. LazerWulf says:

    Ah, I remember last year’s change from around this time…

  50. Murudai says:

    Hi Chris, I know you’re not going to let this through just yet. But Great April Fools prank, you almost got me for second there! πŸ˜€

  51. Darkpheonix005 says:

    Biff… talking… MY WORLD NO LONGER MAKES SENSE!!!

  52. Connor says:

    Wonder if the above people are taking this seriously…

  53. clintendo says:

    aha! so he does talk, i didn’t think he could get into all those crazy situations without talking, but now we have proof!

  54. Beat says:

    Oh dear, April Fool’s?

  55. biggo says:

    @Nanu: I sense a Weeble&Bob reference .-)
    @Chris: the whole of this comic is impossible: a talking Biff, a cracked pan of lasagna (or watsit), and a thinking toaster? Come on, the toaster isn’t even plugged in! And wait, what! speech bubbles? Nonsense. Next time you’ll tell us Biff’s got an invisible car, or something.

  56. Toofold says:

    It’s April Fool’s! Remember last year when Biff had no eyebrows?

  57. soulofaqua says:

    BIFF CAN TALK!? All I never knew was a lie!! -dramatic pose-

  58. Darkpheonix005 says:

    definitely foreign foods. Sushi, Tacos, and now Lasagna.

  59. SEA says:

    April first again so soon? :s

    Eek, corn D:

  60. alphamone says:

    even though I know this wont be visible till tommorow, fantasic april fools joke.

    I wonder how many other people are making comments like this one.

  61. Ty1012 says:

    wow…….there goes the whole silence motif >.>

  62. Flashback81 says:

    If you ever decide to make an animation of that comic, or a sound clip to accompany it, I’d like to be the voice of the Toaster, please.

  63. BlueKitsune says:

    Biff…talked… I… honestly dont like it and strangely this confused me more then normal

  64. Anonymous says:


  65. Aja says:

    A talking Biff? Nice day for it. πŸ˜‰

    Also, I don’t remember whether I’ve said so before, but my love for your comic is as extensive as Biff’s eyebrows. β™₯ Keep up the great work!

  66. Bobzone says:

    He speaks!

  67. where can i buy a toaster like that?

  68. Goofycabal says:

    I get the sneaking suspicion that Biff only uses his powers of speech once every 4th month πŸ˜›

    That, or the toaster makes some pretty powerful mind-altering toast…

  69. Get an avatar says:



  70. Emocry ;-; says:



  71. Axxle says:

    I was wondering how Biff was going to celebrate.

  72. Karadan says:

    Glad I’m not the only one that thought “WTF?! He spoke!” I wonder what the odds are that the next comic will be about the fact that he spoke.

    I already kind of prefer silent Biff though

  73. Tasha says:

    Lol, biff can talk o.o. But, I know why he’s talking today. I can’t say why, though, because people that say why are probably being edited out lol

  74. Chris says:

    Yeah, I don’t know what the big deal is. I never said Biff couldn’t speak. I just never wrote a comic that required it before.

  75. Mouserz says:

    wait… he has speech bubbles now?

  76. Grug says:

    Finally! I’ve been wanting Biff to talk since when I started. Now if chris would just fix the eyebrows and mouth…

  77. Cereal says:

    Food week?

  78. WillElMagnifico says:

    I for one am against the word bubbles. Before, I could interject as to what Biff would say. Oh well, It’s not that bad. I just hope you don’t turn it into an animation like they did over at PVP *shiver*.

  79. Japeth says:

    Weird how he decides on today to start talking.

  80. Kit-Kun says:

    I’m glad I can write this off as it’s April 1st…

  81. Fred says:

    OMG Biff talks!

  82. Kree says:

    There’s no caption! The wondrous wondrous caption! Only a gap where it may once have been. I suspect shenanigans! (a la the Simpsons’ family photo)

  83. Two words.


  84. Jackson says:


  85. Brad says:

    April Fools?

  86. steve-o says:

    No…no…NO! CHRIS! How dare you do this to Biff? How DARE you make him talk? I DEMAND that you either fix this comic or remove it. Yep, that’s how upset I am. Upset enough to suggest removing a Biff comic. Biff isn’t supposed to talk! Just…no! There has to be some sort of law against this. What’s wrong with putting captions at the bottom of comic? Why can’t they be a punchline that goes along with the comic? If Biff talks, he’s not really Biff anymore. This one must be an imposter!

    Now I’m all broken up inside.

  87. TigerGulp says:

    firstly, yaay! donkey lasagna! his ‘trip’ shall be delicious! secondly, oh snap! talking toaster! thirdly…. *eats some applesauce* thirdly, this applesauce tastes like oranges. fourthly, ITS APRIL FOOLS PPL!!!!!

    LMAO Nice one Chris πŸ™‚ Scaring all your readers

  88. JohnnyInk says:


    Good show Chris.

  89. Phoenix of Chaos says:

    And the lasagne / riacotta has a gap, WHY? lasagnes should be eaten whole, especially at that size.

  90. carrie says:

    Hardy har har…. APRIL FOOLS!!!!

  91. Phoenix of Chaos says:

    Wait… BIFF SPOKE! ZOMG! I think the world will end in T minus 10. Nice knowing you!

  92. DOOD! says:

    Good joke dude, April 1st is always a blast!

  93. roarkLaughed says:

    Talking Biff…. blasphemy. It’s almost like there ought to be a special day – perhaps only once a year – for such tom-foolery…

  94. ahron says:

    aprilfoolsjokeaprilfoolsjokeaprilfoolsjoke PLEASE!!!

  95. doc says:

    I eat my peas with honey,
    I’ve done it all my life.
    It does taste kind of funny,
    but it keeps them on the knife.

    old kids poem, salves the problem for you?

  96. William Syler says:

    Isn’t it April Fool’s Day? lol Silly forgetful people

  97. Dande says:

    What a conincedence. Biff speaks on the 1st of April, Otherwise known as APRIL FOOLS DAY

  98. Dwarg91 says:


  99. Xelrath says:

    Unexpected. I wonder what biffs voice sounds like..

    As for the pea-thing..

    Use a goddamn spoon, dude.

  100. Bakkerkid says:

    I wonder how many other people (who are all surprised Biff can talk) realized that today is April Fool’s Day…

  101. Alex says:

    Uh, don’t you guys realize what day it is? April 1st, which is April fools day. Chris did something like this last year where he revealed a redisgned Biff with normal eyebrows. Nobody caught on until he gave them the real strip.

  102. SaintCahier says:

    Biff talking, April 1st, is there any correlation? πŸ˜‰

  103. dartigen says:

    Peas are like soup – you can only ever use a spoon, otherwise it’s just weird.

    Biff talking is…odd…I’m not too sure if I like it or not.

  104. Lazarus says:

    Heh, nice fooling of the April’s.

  105. The Purple Dragon says:

    Hahaha… Nice, Chris.

  106. Julie says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how many people are disturbed by Biff speaking. I thought it was just an April Fools joke.

  107. WAHOOLIGAN says:

    It’s April Fools. He can’t talk. I’m sure he’ll never talk again… except next year.

  108. Dude says:

    Wow… a lot of April Fools on today >.>

  109. MarchnBandDiva says:

    ….hmmmm I’m hoping this is an effort towards pranking for april fools day???

  110. faldette says:

    at least he still has eyebrows…

  111. Karadan says:

    Anyone else notice that it is april 1st? April fool’s day anyone? I’m guessing this is a one time thing.

  112. Devious_Psychopath says:

    I just realized…
    it’s april 1st.

  113. Dal says:

    It’s not so much the talking but the lack of a caption that irk’s me. And of course the toaster can think. Although it seems to be a different model to the one that had the snake DNA. And hid in his shoes, messed up the place if it wasn’t fed etc etc etc.

  114. Paul says:

    In order to keep balance in the universe, I was sincerely hoping that Biff’s ability to speak would possibly remove said ability from say….my loud co-worker. But alas, the pain continues.

  115. Joe Montana says:

    Oh my god. He talks. I Hope it to bee an april fools Joke.

  116. Chris says:

    @Dal – It’s the same toaster. I just draw it slightly different each time.

  117. MaskedMan says:

    I should point out, that today is April Fools Day… Seems none of us had noticed.

  118. Fiona says:

    April fools? =P or is it only April the 1st over in England the day this was posted…

  119. -JAD- says:

    It also bothers me to see Biff speaking, but luckily April 1st happens only once a year, so I can live with that…

    Great job, Chris!!!

  120. MrSeb says:

    Wow, such a shock to see speech bubbles! And then… heheh. πŸ˜€
    I’m surprised nobody blew ‘it’ out loud already. Another nice one you pulled on your readers, Chris! :-O

  121. MrSeb says:

    OMG and you’re filtering the give-away comments again!!
    Eeeeevil you. πŸ˜€

  122. Marr965 says:

    I’m not going to ruin it, Chris…

  123. megan says:

    Am I the only one who remembers that it’s april fools day?

  124. Emma says:

    Happy April Fool’s to you to, Chris πŸ™‚

  125. Rolf says:

    people, look at the date.

  126. Caity says:

    I feel like I should point out the very obvious fact that should assuage everyone’s fears of the talking Biff, but I want the insanity to continue just a little while longer :3

  127. Orange says:

    Hey… not cool Biff talking, I mean I love when I can relate the frase to the image and I hate when u do all the work and I like more his thoughts than his words…

  128. JFargo says:

    At least this year he still has his eyebrows….

  129. bluelunar says:

    But… but… speach? Never has he spoken before!! The world, She is broken!

  130. Chris says:

    @Orange – I don’t see why it really matters. As long as the comics are as hilarious as today’s you should be happy.

  131. Shim Sham Jimmy says:

    I remain firmly convinced that Biff speaking is strictly April Fools related tomfoolery!

  132. David says:

    Umm.. guys.. you do realize what day it is right?

  133. Graceofbass says:

    He speaks! What a momentous occasion. I think it’s funny that of all the plastic/resin creatures Biff could be playing with, it’s a donkey. random. Oh wait, that’s what this comic is all about πŸ™‚

  134. SoySauce says:

    Simply adding to the social pressure, Chris, hope you don’t mind. *insert standard complaints over unwanted change here*

  135. Peter says:

    Has no one realized that it’s April Fools Day?

  136. Lucas Chromeck says:


  137. Dwarg91 says:

    Oh oh god this is funny nice job Chris

  138. DTanza says:

    MY EYES!!!!!

    Nah i`m just kidding it`s a funny twist having Biff talk after all this time.

  139. Gene says:

    ooh biff spoke, oh noes lets be dramatic. Ya know, Chris made this comic to entertain you, not to go by your assumption that Biff speaks, so you have to use less brainpower (like it ever took any to get these comics) to get the point, even though its mostly summed up by the caption under the comic, stop being attention whores and being dramatic, enjoy the comic and live life….. OMG a dog ive always heard quiet bark…the real world isnt what i know it once was!!!! ppffft…comon kids.

  140. DTanza says:


  141. Darkpheonix005 says:

    @Chris – I believe it’s the shock of biff’s first words ever that’s getting to most of the fans. After all, he’s gone for 731 comics without a single word being said.

  142. Osa says:

    I find humor in the fact that people can accept the talking toaster over a talking Biff.

  143. Thomas says:

    I knew the instant that I saw this comic that if I went to the comments, the first 20 or so would all be not unlike, “zomg, Biff is talking!” … I was right πŸ˜›

  144. Alex says:

    Aw, my comment didn’t make it. I guess it’s because I gave the secret away. Oh well, they’ll learn soon enough.

  145. -JAD- says:

    …but indeed, only The Duck should speak!!!


  146. Gary says:

    Why do I feel like I’m the only sane one here… Well, ‘cept the big guy, he knows what’s up.

  147. Hanii Puppy says:

    Kinda ruins the effect for me when he speaks πŸ™

  148. Chris says:

    @Gene – I know right? I mean I’ve never drawn a plastic donkey before either but nobody is freaking out about that. I don’t see what the big deal is.

  149. Matt says:

    Chris, I don’t suppose I’d be right in thinking that the bizarre and shocking turn of events in this comic is simply an April fools’ joke, would I? πŸ˜›

    (Don’t think anyone above knows the date. XD)

    Long time lurker, first time poster, keep it up dude, doing a great job! πŸ˜€

  150. Z2012 Ed says:

    Ah!!! Change!!! We hate change!!!

    I am, of course referring to the appalling fact that the toaster is a single slicer. Everyone knows that toast must be eaten in pairs, or else it will cause toenail cancer. But only in the 2nd toe, since it is the gateway to the realm of leprecauns and markers that smell like black licorice.

  151. DTanza says:

    Guys… it`s April Fools…..

  152. Jake says:


  153. Jake says:

    I feel it’s that important, APRIL FOOLS

  154. Ricotez says:

    Did anyone notice it’s April 1st? I believe something similiar to this happened at April Fools a few years back, only that time Biff’s large eyebrows and mouth disappeared. I’m certain the comics will return to normal tomorrow.

  155. Mirage says:

    My grandma eats peas with a butterfork. Just she holds it upside down (so it’s a hill instead of a hole). something to do with where she from…
    But really peas with a fork ain’t difficult lol.

  156. Wizard says:

    Heinrich – mfgr=manufacturer (Don’t ask me where the “g” came from.)

  157. Elle says:

    Does he have a high-pitched squeaky voice?

  158. Happymonkey says:

    Clearly, it’s his eyebrows that are speaking.

  159. fluffy says:

    Did everyone here already forget the last time Biff had a major change like this? Obviously this comic makes major improvements once a year.

  160. TaintedRose says:

    i can’t believe how slow everyone is, this kinda thing has already happened before and there was the same fuss that time, lol

    anyway, i love the little plastic donkey, i want one cause it looks so much cuter than any i’ve seen in shops, lol, and how did biff get that perfectly formed ravine in his lasange??

  161. Temperus says:

    OH NO HE DIDN’T!!! Chris, you’ve pulled a lot of stunts in your time, but this is the last straw! I will NOT tolerate animal cruelty in your comic strip. Won’t anyone think of the poor, terrified plastic donkey? I will never read your comic again, not for hours and hours and countless hours, until you make this right by replacing this horrible travesty on your front page with something for April 2nd. I mean it! This is my ultimatum, you have until midnight to fix this.

  162. Jon says:

    Honestly, people, it’s April Fools Day.

  163. wit says:

    Maybe only inanimate objects are the only things that can hear him. Somebody ask the curling iron.

  164. Cari says:

    April Fools! Biff can’t talk anymore than a toaster can think.

  165. Paul says:

    This day must be difficult for all of you each year.

  166. Kya says:

    I think the change is supposed to be an April fools joke
    It doesn’t have to be such a big production
    It’s still funny πŸ˜€

  167. Ten says:

    Hmm… I sense April Foolery.

  168. R.A. says:

    Perhaps Biff only has the ability to speak on April Fool’s Day?

  169. Jake says:

    Another comic defines anthropomorphism as when “a toaster flips you off”. Toasters must be real jerks, as they’re the only appliances I see anthropomorphized.

  170. clintendo says:

    @Chris – the big deal is that it’s something new and people have a hard time adjusting to new things, it’s not like it’s bad biff talked, it’s just different! and it’s nice to know biff has the same mentality as a child at times, ’cause i do too!

  171. fwtrump says:

    As I type this, I have yet to actually read today’s comic… I am almost afraid… Biff… talks…. I better check outside for the other signs of the oncoming apocalpse.

  172. zaffa says:

    He speaks?!

  173. David says:

    *crosses arms* Fine I won’t let people in on the joke then. >:(

  174. YAOMTC says:

    Happy April Fools’ Day, everybody.

  175. gaeamil says:

    Biff… talking? This… This… THIS IS AN APRIL FOOL’S DAY CARTOON, OF COURSE!

  176. HeWhoIsBob says:

    This isn’t just the first time Biff has talk, I believe it’s the first time another character has appeared, inanimate or not.

  177. Phos says:


    Epic April Fool. I’m curious how many others got it. Hopefully more than last year.

  178. Leslie says:

    Can it be that no one has remembered that it’s April Fool’s Day? I suspect that has something to do with Biff speaking πŸ˜‰

  179. Mophtran says:

    Nobody realized what day it is? Seriously? πŸ˜›

  180. Chris says:

    @clintendo – I mostly want people to get used to the idea of him talking so that it will be easier to do more product placements in the strip. There’s just more money available when you can have your characters say the brand name of the product that is being advertised.

  181. Stormqueene says:

    You guys DO realize it’s April Fool’s Day, right?

  182. steve-o says:

    It’s not that I’m not adapting to change, it’s that I don’t think it’s the same Biff anymore. One of the things that make Biff is the fact that he’s silent. The talking toaster doesn’t really bother me.

  183. bluelunar says:

    April fool??

  184. InkyBloc says:

    What an appropriate comic for today.

  185. guenh says:

    I would like to point out that its April Fool’s Day. So we probably shouldn’t take this talking thing too seriously.

  186. VampirePumpkins says:

    I gets it! XD

  187. VampirePumpkins says:

    This is the only webcomic that I’ve read so far that has done an April Fool comic =3 It makes me happy inside.

  188. Bobby-o says:


  189. pockafwye says:

    Heh… edgy.

    Biff talks on April 1st and you’d think the space-time continuum had been thrown into a tailspin.

  190. the man that ends with gift says:

    i thought the donkey was an animal cracker. Way to break another wall, Chris!

  191. TigerGulp says:

    I’m wondering if that is actually lasagna or super thick peanut butter brownies… *squints* or maybe its deepfried ice cream cake.

  192. no name says:

    What does Biff’s voice sound like? And, Chris, why don’t you give out points for guessing stuff anymore? That was fun… πŸ˜€

  193. -2! says:

    I know its April fools day so i am going to go along with it in my next coment because I think you are blodking the coments of those who know (like last year) oh and good job fooling them again, halarious as usaual

    anyway to the coment where i get “fooled” so i can join in with the crowd

    Also if you don’t let this comment in, well then fine i will look like i didn’t know, but I will still have not been fooled by you, and better fool everyone else!

  194. -2! says:


    Biff may never talk, he may never do so!!!!!

    This is horible my life has been ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™

  195. Ziggy Stardust says:

    OH. MY. GOD.
    Toastersnake is totally right, that is unfair!

  196. ZackDark says:

    Well, it actually degraded the humor when you made him talk.
    Subtitling humor just seems way better in Biff comics.
    Something like: “the toaster often wonder why it can’t play with it’s food” (though I didn’t find neither of them funny this time… sorry Chris)

  197. ZackDark says:


  198. yoshord says:

    I’m just wondering: are you filtering the messages that say “Today is April Fools Day fools!” again? I’d suspect so since no one else has mentioned it yet… I’ll let this one get filtered and play along with the next one, ‘K?

    Oh, and traditional first post: excellent comic Chris; love it, not just because it’s the funniest comic, but it is also the only one I regularly read that updates as promised.

  199. ZackDark says:

    (-blam!- you, lack of attention! -blam!- you!)

  200. -2! says:

    @ Chris yup i was right my first (April fools day and i knew it) comment is still awaiting moderation and yet my second comment has made it though (the one about me being all panicked about him talking).

    you didn’t fool me πŸ™‚

    I wonder how many other people did the same thing as me and were not really fooled.

    You could tell with a few of them, were not fooled and you still let them through!

    Now if you let this comic through first it would make absolutely no sense which would be kinda funny πŸ™‚

  201. codenameV says:

    I just finished going through the entire archive and i have to say that Biff is impressively funny!

  202. espatross says:

    Oh man, I can’t believe people are so passionate about an april fools joke…..

  203. Tyler says:

    April fools.

  204. Zoran says:

    I’d freak out and scream about how Biff should never talk, but then again, I have a calendar…..

  205. I R Tiny Kitn says:




  206. Nick says:

    Has it occurred to any of you that it’s April Fool’s Day?
    I believe last year Biff lost his eyebrows

  207. biggo says:

    Wait, is it Apr 2 already?
    *cough* *cough* *ahem*
    The balloons are OBVIOUSLY painted on a piece of glass put over the original image. I can see the reflection. No, really.

  208. biggo says:

    (Whoops. Time zone what?)

  209. foxfax says:

    I believe what the author is attempting to say is: APRIL FOOLS!!!!

  210. Rampage says:

    Hmm.. what would Biff sound like?

  211. Slimey Jenkins says:

    Does this mean that toaster is now an official character?

  212. ahron. says:

    I think I got censored before. Maybe it’s gonna be put in later?






  213. D D says:

    Wow! The great Biff speaks – perhaps it’s the one day of the year where he is normal (rememember last year – his eyebrows and mouth were normal on this day)?

  214. Silicon Giraffe says:

    I’m very surprised that nobody has caught this yet…
    *points at the date*

  215. Shorty says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this might be a trick?
    “Look, Biff can talk!
    April Fools!”

  216. Dal says:

    Sorry to double post but am I the only one who’s actually noticed how tiny the toasters plug is? Or is that because it’s a baby toaster hoping to grow up to be a double-slice variety?

  217. starseedjenny says:

    I KNEW there was something off about this comic but I didn’t know what it was until I read comments.

  218. sophistre says:

    …the comments section today had me lol-ing pretty hard. This was genius.

  219. sic says:

    I think on this special day he may talk at once πŸ˜‰

    Love to see that product placement. Just tell me your bank data, so my products can be placed too…

  220. Unoriginality says:

    … have ANY of you people freaking out noticed the date today? Just wonderin’.

  221. Warcrime says:

    …..excellent april fools joke. the product placement post you said Chris had it. everyone throws a hissy fit that the eternal silent biff talks….. it’s gotta be a joke. I mean come on, tommorow he’ll be back to his eternally silent self.

  222. sigh says:

    Not a single comment mentioning that it’s April Fool’s Day. You all don’t get out much, do you?

  223. Forte says:

    Simpletons. Biff talking is nothing more than an elaborate April Fool’s joke. The so-called “speech bubbles” are just cardboard cut-outs written with sharpie, hanging from the ceiling.

    What? You can’t see the strings? C’mon, they’re like…RIGHT THERE!

  224. Amani576 says:

    It’s april fools for crying out loud.

  225. Dwarg91 says:


  226. azurarey says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the talking is an April Fool’s joke?

  227. Chris says:

    @ZackDark – Well perhaps it’s time to move on then. I don’t think you will enjoy next weeks comics where Biff will talk about the joy of Pepsi Cola™

  228. Libraman says:

    Harharhar I am laughing so hard right now. πŸ˜€
    Good play Chris.

  229. Kratospie says:

    OMG!!!! Biff said is first words!!! Get the camera!!!

  230. Rated R for Redonk says:

    *Is poking the comic cautiously.* It’s going to explode, right? Odd….incidentially, has anyone realised today is April Fools Day?

  231. Heatherface says:

    I did the butterknife thing. It sucked only because I actually hate peas.

  232. Arnaud G. Vasquez says:

    …okay, I have to post. I know (at least, I hope) I’m not the only one to have solved this mystery…perhaps I assume too much, but…

    …what day is it, everyone? Hm? There ya go…

  233. Kay says:

    This is even better than last year when Biff shaved his eyebrows πŸ˜‰

  234. Ah. Very clever. says:

    Removing comments that have figured out the reason for the peculiarity of the comic – how sly, how sly.

  235. faeriian says:

    this might be the downfall of biff.. i was a lil shocked when i saw him talk.. oddly enough i wasnt as shocked at the toaster thinking.. and i just cant see the humor in this one.. but.. what i had never expected was chris selling out..

  236. Chris says:

    @faeriian – Seriously, you better not be insulting the crisp refreshing Pepsi Cola™ company. I won’t have any of that this far down the page.

  237. The Defective says:

    Hey guys, it’s April fool’s day.

    Are you oblivious?

    The “I get now” moment is the entire comic.

    He breaks all four walls, then builds a fifth one to shatter.

    Truly this is a masterstroke of surreality.

  238. Taresu says:

    People, it is April first…
    You know, April Fools day, the speech is probably just a joke…

  239. Peagreen says:


    I am appalled. Biff never had a plastic donkey before… πŸ™

    Sorry, I read one of your previous comments, and I just had to. πŸ™‚
    Really, I don’t see what the big deal is regarding Biff being able to talk and all. This particular comic wouldn’t be quite as funny, I think, without actual spoken words. Sure, I’ve enjoyed the previous 731 with subtitles (and yes, I had to go force myself to get all caught up), but it’s still great like this, I think. Keep up the great work, Chris. Your comics always brighten my day. πŸ™‚

  240. Aurion says:

    91 comments that I hope everyone gets the true joke behind.

    That said, two hours till next strip? Comeon people, lets set a record, 100 comments.

  241. Mojo says:

    It’s April Fools. Biff can’t really talk.

  242. NaomiKnight says:

    I can’t believe how many people have forgotten what day it is.

    Or, they’re all trying to fool ME by playing along! Egads, I’ve been had! XD

  243. nikie says:

    well, as long as you’re not advertising Coca-Cola… cause, ya know, Pepsi is so much better… especially the smooth sweetness of Vanilla Pepsi Cola…

    oh dear, i may be visiting the grocery store tomorrow.

  244. Nick says:

    April fools? Wow, you got most of these people.

  245. Bryce says:

    APRIL FOOLS GUYS. Seriously, hes done it before

  246. Kosovarian Rooster Boy says:

    Another Perilous Ribozome In Luxurious Festival Of Otherworldly Linguistic Stylings; Disguised Anonymously, Yes?

  247. Vonschmittou says:

    wonderful april fools day comic. I almost fell for it.

  248. Mike Chapman says:

    For all those who would say THIS IS MADNESS (as many have), I say:

    THIS! IS!…

    April πŸ˜›

  249. Stealth1525 says:

    I don’t have a problem with Biff talking,
    I think people are overreacting. But
    I don’t really agree with the product placement thing but it is your decision chris. I will continue to view future comics, speech bubbles or not

  250. Stealth1525 says:

    Of course, you might be joking about the advertising thing

  251. Mike Chapman says:

    Oh come on, Chris. I wanted to be the one to make the big reveal… oh well. Perhaps I am not in the same Time Zone as you. It may well still be the 1st where you are.

  252. scaught says:

    why does nobody ever see the pranks coming

  253. Osa says:

    Today is April first right. I wonder if that has anything to do with Biff’s Eyebrows talking

  254. bob says:

    April fools you fools

  255. C4Pottery says:

    So yeah, I’d support this if it weren’t an April fools joke. Nice one again this year, Chris. You still get me at first every time. I even went in expecting it.

  256. Eltharrion says:

    …And the whole time I was reading these comments I thought the text was just a great april’s fool day joke (seriously, nobody else noticed that part?)

    Some part of me still hope so, anyway. And other thinks “okay, not joke, so let’s move on people”

  257. Temperus says:

    Even if I get filtered again, I think I’m going to make a habit of posting in “outrage” every April Fool’s, mostly because it’s just so darn fun. Seriously, you pull the best pranks out of all my comics. Keep up the great work, Chris! And thank you!

  258. Micah says:

    @Scaut: Chris makes every post on April 1st go through him before it gets posted. He makes the posts mentioning it being a prank wait until AFTER April 1st is over. If you’ll scroll up, you’ll see several of us knew it. (I knew it was coming because of last year’s genius prank. That and I made a prank on one of my comics, so I was perfectly aware what day it was when I read this comic.)

  259. faeriian says:

    @chris- wait what?.. did i just fall for april fools joke?.. if so.. god damn like 9nth time this year.. if ur not selling out u gotta tell me..

  260. clintendo says:

    lol, i didn’t realize it was an april fools day comic because i read all your comics before i go to bed at 2 in the morning, it was still march in my mind!

  261. yoshord says:

    That caption is certainly better than my poor attempt at a caption.

  262. -2! says:

    Chris, i have to salute how amazing your stile is, that you can change such a (relatively) small thing, and cause people to go crazy not even realizing the day!


  263. nikie says:

    ha! awesome πŸ™‚

  264. Drakey says:

    that is cruel, Chris.

    I applaud you.

  265. tom says:

    I find it easy to eat peas with a butter knife if peanut butter is involved. They stick much better that way.

  266. HeWhoIsBob says:

    Doh! Should have seen it coming after the whole eyebrow fiasco.

  267. no name says:

    that was mean that was a very mean april fools day joke… ok so last year you took his eyebrows this year you took his silence… what’s next? his name????????

  268. no name says:

    or maybe his lonesomeness….

  269. Sir Bean says:


  270. kenshin620 says:

    ahh, the april fools comics. always love the amounts of comments for these, can’t wait til next year…ooh! you should change the color of his trademark rocket! HAH!

  271. SurveySays says:

    Okay-i /get/ it. it was a joke but….it was still a huge shock to see those speech bubbles.

  272. Pix says:

    Allot of comments mean, that this is a famous comic

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