#631 – Zits

We had a weird old pet store in my neighborhood when I was a kid. My friends and I would stop in there frequently and browse around when we were bored. The star attraction was the owner’s pet monkey Sputnik. There was a hand lettered sign on the wall next to him explaining where the name came from along with a drawing of the satellite flying through space and the warning “I bite.” There was also a big metal bathtub in the back of the store that always had 20 or 30 little white mice running around the bottom of it. I liked to lean over the edge and watch the never ending ripples of motion as they continuously climbed over one another. I went to that store for years before someone explained the horrific meaning behind the sign over the bathtub that read “Feeder Mice.”

Happy birthday to me! What’s that? You would like to get me something for my birthday? Order something from the store and make us both happy!


40 thoughts on “#631 – Zits”

  1. PsychoDuck says:

    So, I suppose this is storefront mishaps week, then? Window shopping downfalls? Something along those lines?

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  2. SharkJumper says:

    I’m thinking patronizing etiquette mishaps. But what of the title?

  3. Chris says:

    Monkeys are ferocious little terrors, plus they are breeding grounds for all sorts of diseases that are itching to make the species jump. I try to stay as far away from them as I can, though my brother is the one exception.

  4. TomTom says:

    Today represents the anniversary of the day you were forcefully evicted from your mother’s womb. Congratulations, Chris: You’re not dead, yet.

    I’ve owned three dogs in my life time and I don’t think a single one has come from a pet store. The first was a wedding present, the prime pup from a friend’s litter, the second was technically adopted, though for all intents and purposes we practically found her, and the third was another given by a family who had no need of more dogs and is, incidentally, the most disarmingly adorable of the three.

  5. Kurast says:

    I’ve had 4 dogs.

    1 was poisoned, 2 were run over, and the fourth took a 30-30 slug to the noggin.

    S’why I have cats now.

  6. Fred says:

    Happy Birthday Chris! =)

  7. Jackson says:

    Happy birthday, Chris!

  8. Tia says:

    Happy Birthday to you!!!! I’d sing more…but it’s early and I’m still tired. =P

  9. JB says:

    Happy Birthday from all the way away in lil old Australia 😉

    Now I’m going to go sleep..

  10. angusgangus says:

    Happy Birthday, Chris!

  11. biggo says:

    Happy Birthday from Switzerland.
    And next Tuesday is MY birthday! HB to me, HB to me!

  12. Happy birthday Chris!

    Yeah, learning what “Feeder Mice” means can be pretty terrible.

  13. I’m gonna have to go with Partially-Obscured Window Sign week.

  14. i.half4 says:

    Happy BD, Chris. Sorry I’m broke.

    To celebrate your birthday, I’m sending a link to your site to my family. It’s been quite a few years since I wrote a Christmas wish list. The good old Sears wish book…

  15. DTanza says:

    Happy Birthicans!

  16. Chris says:

    Hap-pay birthday! and I might buy something later. right now im low on the cash flow.

  17. Lesley says:

    Happy birthday from my evil dog and cats!

  18. £cake says:

    Being-kicked-out-of-businesses week!

  19. £cake says:

    Sorry for double-posting but…
    How on earth did your dog get shot in the head!?

  20. OK, I really messed up reading this one…I thought it said “Biff discovers that Sunday is THE only free sample day at the grocery store.”

    Think about that for a moment.

  21. no name says:

    BACKWARDS WRITING WEEK! Haha I’m so weird, oh well. But both comics this week have had backwards writing on storefronts. Did someone already say that?

  22. no name says:

    Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! Thanks for all the great comics.

  23. samsonguy says:

    Im still trying to wrap my head around the caption, but I do know that Biff looks terribly disappointed. Poor Biff!

  24. HALFABRAIN says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!111111111111oneone

  25. MaskedMan says:

    Me, I’m thinking “Denied” week, or maybe “Bitter Disappointments” week.

    Happy day, Chris!

  26. Tom says:

    Its both our B-days today. Happy B-day to us!

  27. Cpt.Ziggy says:

    they say its your birthday,happy birthday to you!

  28. speearr says:

    Happy birthday!

  29. Speakerblast says:

    Happy birthday Chris!

  30. Wizard says:

    Happy birthday, and thanks for the present you give us every day.

  31. SEA says:

    Oh blast, forgot about this.

    Happy birthday chris!

  32. Grug says:

    This comic is a real winner. For those who don’t get it, it says “Only the grocery store gives out free-samples.” Biff wants a puppy. Aww…

    All hail Biff! I ordered my books on Friday and am now an official member of the Church of Biff.

  33. Colin says:

    Happy Birthdat Chris, wish i could buy something, but i was not long ago robbed of about $1100… 🙁

  34. Stephania says:

    Feliz Cumpleaños a ti!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Just to be a little different. 😉

  35. reynard61 says:

    Happy Birthday, Chris!!! Enjoy! (Just don’t let Biff bake the cake…)

  36. Tofumage says:

    Happy Birthday, Chris!

    @Grug: Thanks! I was twisting my brain and would have been mulling this over all day. Poor Biff!

  37. Kamorth says:

    I like this one.. We used to breed golden retrievers when i was a kid.. Puppies are fun.

    I now own an alsation-huntaway cross.. he’s a big boy.

    Happy Proof-that-your-parents-had-sex day Chris!

  38. maxsteele2 says:

    They slice up puppies and kittens and stick toothpicks in them.

  39. YukiSnowflake says:

    He has a toaster already! Isn’t that better?!
    (*but i went “DAWWWWW……” anywayz*)

  40. Necoho says:

    Oh wow, I share my birthday with you?

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