#617 – Moisturize

A favorite running joke between my wife and I… she’ll say “My eyes are really dry.” to which I always respond “You should go look at some water.” I don’t have the dry eye problem she gets but I can already feel dry skin season coming on. Time to go put on some hand lotion and eat a sandwich.


30 thoughts on “#617 – Moisturize”

  1. Micah says:

    Yes! I love it when Biff is in pain…and that looks PAINFUL!

  2. Althea says:

    mmm… we’re just coming into summer here in Western Australia, and that looks strangely inviting in the 33 degree September heat. I can imagine that as a slip n’ slide type game…

  3. MaskedMan says:

    Biff gets an eyefull.

    Could be a new trend in eye wash stations, there…

  4. Jack Hollow says:

    Biff finds out that he has the most useless super power ever: ultra tears.

  5. Micah says:

    I think this is the second time I hit first comment this week. W00T!

    Sorry, I know that was irrelevant.

  6. Chris says:

    A new super power possibly? Instead of X-Ray vision he has fire hose vision!

  7. anatomically, it would come out his nose first. Yes, it also comes out his eyes though, I know that because I can blow, close my mouth and block my nose enough so that air comes out of my eyes where the tear ducts are or something. but it’s come out his nose first.

  8. RG says:

    Wow. I’m thinking Biff can literally cry someone a river…

  9. SEA says:

    The vote incentive looks o-o

    Anyway, biff have a new way to water the garden, he can see where the water’s going =p

  10. i.half4 says:

    @ RG: Bddrump!

  11. Jackson says:

    Did anyone else see this comic and immediately think “Cyclops?”

  12. Rondelier says:

    Drinking hosewater is toxic, especially if it has not been left running for a while. Chemicals can leach from the hose into the water when left for a while. Dont try that at home kids.

  13. Pottery says:

    Imagine: if somehow we could just change the state of the water and still get Biff to drink it.With steam Biff instantly obtains a hefty scalding attack that deals damage over time. With ice ‘cold look’ will take a whole new meaning, as well as a whole new tangibility.
    And thus, HydroBiff is created, dedicated to fighting the forces that be attacking his hose.

  14. Bryce says:

    @ Jackson: I did

  15. goldielocks says:

    @ micah’s 1st comment: yay! me 2!

  16. Izual Shima says:


    Notice how none of Biff’s mouth shows. Considering how big it is, technically, that’s saying something.
    Must be entirely focused on the hose.

    I guess this is the final explanation to his uncanny mouth and eyes? The ability to channel and impulse insane amounts of water?

    Yes, impulse too. Considering the hose is rather thin, is bent, and comes up from the ground, I think it’s clear that the normal water pressure from the hose itself, is not enough to explain the strength of the waterflow.

    So, yes, ladies and gentlemen…We finally learn what’s inside Biff’s head…an hydraulic pump of impressive capabilities.

    …or maybe I’m bringing a whole lot of logics to the wrong place, to begin with…

  17. 3lla says:

    @Jackson Don’t worry you’re not the only one who thought Cyclops when they saw this comic 🙂

  18. Chris says:

    That’s so funny. X-Men was one of my favorite comics when I was a kid but I didn’t think of Cyclops until reading it here. 🙂

  19. no name says:


    Chris, you already told us about that running joke. That’s something I think Biff would do. Look at some water to help with dry eyes. lol

  20. Chris says:

    @no name – I’m trying to mention it about once every 6 months. Look out April 2009.

  21. randomperson says:

    Good thing his hose doesn’t spray lemonade.

  22. The Pirate Lord says:

    @Chris – If you’re trying to mention the joke every 6 months, shouldn’t it have been mentioned in September instead? Not to be a lawyer or anything, but… you know.
    Maybe you should just stick with the trend, and mention it every 7 months. May 2009, oh the hilarity that will ensue for the third time.

  23. GL says:

    Woot, all caught up, hey Chris I’m another new reader, started reading because my girlfriend said Biff reminded her of me… I’m not sure what she means… :). Anyways, love the comics, wonderfully done.

  24. kenji1the1ninja says:

    @randomperson:or orange juice

  25. Jindra34 says:

    Finally got caught up after a week of reading… This is a very good comic.

  26. Radical Edward says:

    This reminds me of when Biff got a drink from the hydrant.

  27. maxsteele2 says:

    Childhood fears/restrictions week?

  28. YukiSnowflake says:

    he already knows thats a bad idea, he’s already killed his eyes with lemonade in that lemonade water fight
    (*unless he lost the tape with that days memories in*)

  29. ameil159 says:

    is it out-growing baby things week?

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