#616 – Security

I think the scariest movie that I remember from my childhood was Poltergeist. That movie had me scared for a number of years of being caught in a room at night with a television showing “snow.” I was relieved when we got a new TV that would immediately go to a blue screen when it lost the signal. Blue wasn’t really scary at all.

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58 thoughts on “#616 – Security”

  1. Dwarg91 says:

    I am guessing that this weeks theme is childhood securitys

  2. Chris says:

    Hmm the scariest for me was definitely the first Nightmare on Elm Street. That movie had me freaked out about having dreams and even now I still enjoy that movie. I really think it broke new ground.

  3. Dwarg91 says:

    for me the movie was “IT”

  4. mr toast says:

    i see biff likes to keep the company of his sock puppet Puptron when watching scary movies.

    im actually pretty good at watching scary movies now…though not when i was younger…stephen king’s “IT” scared the crap out of me.

  5. Jack Hollow says:

    who is “they”? does biff live with someone?

  6. Smileyfax says:

    “Blue wasn’t really scary at all.”

    At least, until the computer age! Bwahahahahaha…

    The scariest movie for me was Fire in the Sky. I’ve had a pathological fear of Grays ever since.

  7. Alex G says:

    I have the same question as Jack Hollow, does “they” refer to his sock puppet there?

  8. Retro says:

    Hehe great, mine was alien 2 those little things that was attached to there faces creeped me out.

  9. SharkJumper says:

    The Blob, for some reason, gave me the most nightmares. I guess it seemed the most immediate and unstoppable.

  10. Oblivio says:

    Poltergeist has given me nightmares to this day, and I’m 24. Was it Poltergeist 1or 2 where that clown doll comes to life? That scared the hell out of me for years. They just don’t make scary movies like they used to.

  11. Genesismonk says:

    Scariest movie? I saw Alien when I was like 10, and that was pretty creepy… But really I try and avoid the genre altogether. I’m always for comedy…(Hence why I post on this comic =P)

  12. Andrew Leche says:

    They could be someone else entirely. Maybe Biff’s at someone else’s house.

  13. Ryan says:

    I don’t do that…I just cringe and then freak out about it later. I would rather get it all overwith upfront like Biff.

  14. Kurast says:

    Jurassic Park and Jaws.

    Watching those movies when you’re 6 creates bad things.

  15. LazerWulf says:

    @Jack & Alex, “They” is obviously referring to Biff and his Sock Puppet.

    I never really watched scary movies, but when I was about 8, I had a nightmare involving a monster that looked like a cross between Freddy Kruger, The Cryptkeeper, and E.T.

    Oh, and the aliens from Independence Day also gave me nightmares, but that was when I was in the sixth grade.

  16. SEA says:

    I would suppose it’s the sudden appearance/sound that scares me =p

  17. RG says:

    I avoid scary movies at all costs…

  18. Lisa says:

    I saw Jurassic Park when it first came out on video so I would have been… (searches IMDB)… six or seven. I think we watched it just before bed time, with the lights off. No sleep for me that night!

    Now I find horror movies hilarious. I am not kidding at all, I laugh uncontrollably at the horrible violence and gore, and even more at my friend’s reactions. Have you seen Cube? HILARIOUS.

  19. Gadora says:

    I was quite frightened by the transformation scene in Pinocchio.

  20. starseedjenny says:

    I don’t remember what my scariest movie was. All scary movies scared me.

    I have two sisters. When one was maybe four and the other was fifteen, my older sister was downstairs watching Poltergeist one morning before anyone else got up. Eventually I woke up and went to do something, and then my little sister came out. My older sister told her that she could stay in the room with her if she covered her eyes and closed her ears when told. Naturally, this didn’t work, my little sister wouldn’t sleep alone for years, and she still yells at people when they mention Poltergeist.

  21. Bryce says:

    I don’t do scary movies actually, its never made sense to me. I mean, why would I pay money to be scared? And the closest thing I’ve come to a scary movie was ‘The Hills have Eyes’ unrated, which wasn’t so much scary as it was gory….I lasted about a half an hour in, I’m embarassed to say >.<

  22. Big_Willie_Styles says:

    Who is this “they”?

  23. Wannabeelf says:

    two words. Pet Cemetery.

  24. Amy says:

    The movie that creeped me worst was The Ring (though on repeat viewings it got stupid, and thus, unscary).

    That said, one night at my house (I lived in a student org house with 24 girls) I went downstairs to the great hall to get something, and found it pretty much deserted. Not only that, but the only bright light came from the TV, which was on static. I stood there for a couple beats, thinking “this could be a horror movie opening scene.” So, naturally, I walked a wide line around the TV to get a remote and turn it off. Dead batteries. So I go right up to the TV, lean my head down right next to it, and turn it off manually (the whole time thinking, “if something scary were to happen, it’d happen right now”).

    I stand up and turn my back, having successfully defeated the TV, when it immediately turned itself back on. I turned it off again, and it turned back on – still on silent snow. I grabbed what I needed from the great hall and ran back to my room.

    Turns out the power button was glitchy and we had to get it fixed. Still…I haven’t reenacted an as-yet-unmade horror movie before…and I’d rather not do it again.

  25. trilobite says:

    Yay, it’s Puptron! As for scary movies, when I was a kid, there was a live action miniseries of Alice in Wonderland on TV, and there was a scene where she was looking through the mirror and seeing her home, watching her loved ones and such, when suddenly the room got dark and the Jabberwocky came into the room and through the mirror at her. Scared the bejesus out of me. To this day mirrors creep me out, and I refuse to have a mirror in my bedroom at all. When that “Mirrors” movie with Keifer Sutherland came out, I took one look at the trailer and got chills. Not a movie I will ever be seeing.

  26. immortalsoul001 says:

    Scariest movie? Hmm.. I honestly don’t know.. Anything that deals with the telletubbies or Barney would probably be scariest for me XD

  27. Boumama says:

    @Wannabeelf Pet Sematery? Really? Nice. My cousin’s in it.

    I think the movie that upset me most as a kid was Gargantua. The local theater showed it as part of a summer movie program when I was, like, six, and I went to see it alone.

  28. goldielocks says:

    i also noticed that the caption said “they”…maybe biff isn’t alone in his world, he’s just the only one that isn’t invisible! 0_0 j/k i dunno. as far as scary movies go, i love them (not the mindless gory type though) but i wasn’t allowed 2 watch them as a child, so my nightmares came from my imagination, which was actually much worse. >_<

  29. i.half4 says:

    @ mr toast & trilobite: Who is this putron? Is that a real character from the archives of Biff, or elsewhere? Cause that looks like a puppesaur to me.

    Biff should have read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He could have gotten the same protection from a towel. I guess that wouldn’t have been strange enough for Biff’s world, though.

    Needed another twist, eh?

  30. Ben says:

    the scariest movie I have ever seen is “the ghost and the darkness”, about a couple of man eating lions in africa. it was SCARY!

  31. Micah says:

    Achievement week.

  32. starseedjenny says:

    @ trilobite – I’m the same way with dolls


  33. no name says:

    Childhood accomplishment week. How do I get a Biff avatar on my comments?

  34. no name says:

    wait a minute!! why don’t biff’s eyebrows cast shadows???

  35. Reynard says:

    The scariest movie I ever saw was The Haunting. One of the best things about the movie is that there are virtually no special effects. (unlike it’s bastard child of a remake…) The scares are created strictly through the cinematography (expert manipulation of lighting and shadow are *extremely* important in creating the mood!) and some frighteningly effective sound effects. If you’re going to rent a movie to watch on a dark Halloween night, this one is *DEFINITELY* worth the money!

  36. Chuck says:

    Poltergeist is my all-time favorite scary movie. And by that I mean it’s the only scary movie I enjoy even though it scared the absolute crap out of me every time.

  37. whitekatsu says:

    Oh man, on the topic of snowy TVs, I remember back in second grade when the TV would ‘snow’ and … *thinks* I think his name was Miles. He’d always say, “it’s the weather channel. See, it’s snowing!”

    Completely unrelated to fear though, sorry.

  38. Twilightfairy says:

    I’ve never seen Poltergiest yet. But i do remember The hills have eyes (the first one!) scaring the pants off me.

    Heh.. dual couch. I bet it morphs into an awesome bed.

  39. Chezetoats says:

    When I was a kid I got scared by the Wizard of Oz, I’m not kidding. I was about 5 or 6 when I first watched it, and the wicked witch that melted freaked me out! The I watched it a few years back, and realized that it wasn’t really scary at all.

    I’m actually not into scary movies, I just don’t want to waste my time or money getting scared, and then losing sleep over it.

  40. trilobite says:

    @i.half4: #608 Deception. I actually laughed out loud at that one and then had to show it to my husband. The look on Puptron’s face is priceless. Very expressive for a puppet. Anyway, it made an impression, so I noticed him draped over the couch in the current comic.

  41. Colin says:

    They? Biff is not alone? living the dream?

  42. Celtika says:

    My first scary movie was ‘What lies beneath.’ The scene with the woman in the bathroom scared me so much I was afraid to go in the bathroom by myself for some time.

  43. i.half4 says:

    Comment 42: I believe that others, or “they” in Biff’s world are like grownups in a Charlie Brown special: Mwaah, mwah, mwah…

    @ trilobite: Thanks. I’m still taking the archives at a stroll.

  44. i.half4 says:

    Oops. Dang, I could have sworn that said 41 comments just now.

    Ooops again. Wait a minute. 608? That was last week. My mind these days…

  45. Bakelite says:

    I have Poltergeist on CED videodisc. Basically a DVD from the early ’80s. If anyone still has one of these, you’ll know that when the movie’s ended, the player automatically turns off and the TV goes to static. Great.

  46. Bazza says:

    Um, I’m terrified of The Wizard of Oz. I’m not kidding. I watched The Exorcist *scuse the bad spelling* and didn’t bat an eyelid, but when I watched The Wizard Of Oz, I couldn’t sleep for a week. I will still watch The Ring over that movie. Something about it is creepy.

  47. The ill mannered M says:

    Three movies in my life have been those years-long-creep-outs. When I was a teensy lil girl, it was ‘The Gate’… I watched it with my older brother at my grandmothers house thinking it was so cool to watch a big kids movie. Honestly, it didn’t really scare me too much when I was watching it… it was just afterwords that I suddenly needed a nightlight again.

    Years later I watched this movie again and was so dissapointed with and myself… but it was good for comedic relief.

    After that? Childs Play. Same deal, pride was my down fall. At a slumber party with horror movies in 4th or 5th grade. I proudly proclaimed that I was not scared of anything – ‘Becca had stayed at my house the previous weekend and had been largely appalled at my selection of garfeild movies to watch for the night – so we watched a movie about a murderous doll and I stayed absolutely still, staring at a surprisingly similar doll perched on Becca’s dresser for the entire night.

    When I went home, I threw away every single doll I had, keeping only a stuffed fox for comfort. I do enjoy the Childs Play movies now, but only the classics, the new ones are just… blah.

    The last movie that terrified me was Children of the Corn. I honestly don’t know if it would still scare me. There are several in the series and after I freaked out a bare third of the way into the first one, I’ve yet to feel inclined to watch any single one of them to thius day.

  48. TheGSE says:

    Aliens@ age 8. Chestbursters FTW.
    Also, my kid brother has always been unafraid of all movies, save the gingerbread man scene in ‘The Brothers Grimm’

  49. Cari says:

    The movie that scared me the most was called “The Serpent and the Rainbow” (I think). It was about voodoo. We had it on the tv as background noise once when we were playing board games, and it still scared the crap out of me.

    Also, I’m arachniphobic. I had to sleep with the light on after the giant spider scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  50. Nokore says:

    *Twitch* The Grudge. o.e; Then I saw Scary Movie and Kayako fell down the stairs, and the movie was never the same again.

    Even though it was Yoko, the girl who got her jaw torn off, that creeped me out the most……. o.e;

  51. Alice Love says:

    The ring was the first movie to actually scare me. And the grudge. CURSE YOU JAPAN.

  52. Zach Light says:

    Hey, theres a key word right here that says Biff doens’t live alone.

  53. speearr says:

    I just realised something… who is “they”?

  54. Miles says:

    I recall watching the remake of Amityville Horror. It wan=sn’t the movie that scared me so much, it was the forty mile drive home, to the left of the middle of nowhere (the middle of nowhere is surprisingly populated) at midnight, on small roads with no street lights that kinda freaked me out.
    I kept expecting to look in hte rearview mirror and see a dead little girl look back.

  55. steve says:

    LMAO! Okay so I read these at work and when I saw this and laughed a bunch of the guys who walked by looked at me funny, had to explain this to them. Somehow they didn’t laugh as hard as I did.

  56. Radical Edward says:

    I never watched scary movies, but my mother used to freak me out by watching all those documentaries on serial killers, especially when that serial killer was still alive.

  57. DaemonThanatos says:

    hehehe…oh wait…i’m supposed to laugh HARDER! HAHAHAHAHA…*is remembering first scary movie ever watched* Ah…Anaconda…Great movie. I saw it when it first came out. I laughed so maniacally i scared myself back then…Good times, good times…

  58. Voyager says:

    Ironically, one of the scariest things I’ve ever watched was the PBS “In Search of Troy”. That wasn’t one that less scary the older I got.

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