#474 – Deltoid

What is it about shoulders that make them such a target for punching? I think it’s the one place on a person’s body that you can hit them really hard and still pretend that you are just joking around. If you just lightly punch someone in the face they tend to get really angry and then want to start punching you in the face.

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  1. Caitlin says:

    Personally I lightly punch people in the face all the time – no one’s hit me back yet.
    Excuse-wise, everybody says, “I don’t hit girls,” except for my boyfriend who just says, “You’d hit me back harder”.
    Ah, punching people. Such fun, such fun.

  2. Steve from Accounting says:

    They punch me on the shoulder on my birthday…Then my entire arm goes numb for the entire day.

    Usually I tell them to aim for my writing arm so I don’t have to go through school taking notes.

  3. SEA says:

    Whatever mistake could biff have made? =p

  4. Micah says:

    Aww…I would’ve liked to have seen Biff punching Biff.

  5. Astra Vance says:

    Biff…umm..he looks confused in a “wtf just happened?! o.O;;;” sort of way… XD

  6. cyber95 says:

    SEA: All of last week with his handy housework solutions.

  7. MaskedMan says:

    SEA: Leaving the keys in the house… Putting out grease fires with hammers… Wearing tuna-flavored sunblock… The list is nigh endless.

    For guys at least, the right and left pectoral portions of the chest are also fair game. For some reason, though, the center of the chest is NOT on… I had a girl friend that was punch-happy on my thighs. I’d get a charlie-horse from her on almost a daily basis.

  8. Jackson says:

    Micah, I too would have liked to see Biff punching Biff. That level of visual absurdity is just too good to pass up! Have we ever seen more than one Biff in a single panel? Two, three, seventeen…any number is good as long as it’s more than one. Doesn’t even have to be an integer. Irrational numbers would be especially appropriate.

    What happens if you go back in time and punch yourself so hard in the shoulder that you can’t punch? In order to prevent the paradox, you’d have to go back in time again and punch your punching self in the shoulder so hard that HE can’t punch!

  9. Dr-Pie says:


    If he did punch his punching self so his punching self couldn’t punch his pat self, then the punching future self wouldn’t have gone back in time to punch the past self, so the past self wouldn’t have travelled forward to stop the punching future self from punching the past self, therby, nothing would change, and the past self would get punched.

    My brain hurts now

  10. Plankster says:

    The chest works well to let people know that you’re mad at them, but that you don’t want to completely destroy their body. The shoulders really don’t hurt all that much when you get hit.

  11. Wannabeelf says:

    is it time travel week?

  12. Seraphine says:

    I like to pinch elbows.
    No matter how hard you squeeze
    on the very tip of the elbow, on that
    rough patch, it doesn’t hurt.
    Peencha, peencha. It’s satisfying
    and shows better class than rat
    punching somebody’s shoulder.

  13. Seraphine says:

    No, Wannabeelf, time travel is
    next week. We are just returning
    you back there now. Be patient.
    You’re almost back to square one.

  14. Chivalrybean says:


    Nuts, I was going to make a comemnt like that. Wait, I did, then you must have gone in time before I did it so I wouldn’t….

    Off topic, sometimes the ads that show up down here are quite interesting then compared to the strip. This one says ‘Want to increase your flexability?’
    I’m, not sure how that’s funny, but it almost is.

  15. Nezume says:

    One time I flicked someone randomly on the nose. He got unnatrally mad. It was funny.

  16. Lechteron says:

    I’m kind of weird. I like people to punch me in the back. I’m 6′ and 273 with a meat and potatoes build and tough skin so I can take a hit really well. Unfortunately I’m also incredibly ticklish (I can tickle myself) so a normal back rub just doesn’t cut it. If they don’t do it hard enough it just tickles like mad so I usually just tell people to punch me in the back a bunch. Most people can punch me full force with out it hurting. The only person I know who I wouldn’t want to use full force on me would be my dad. He’s about 220 but he’s also a former amateur boxer and has hand to hand combat training from his 22 years in the Navy. Sorry for the rambling.

  17. pieman says:

    @ micah: hear hear!

  18. Gobbledegook says:

    My wife hits me all over, all the time. She is especially fond of facial bombardment, though. She seems to think I’m invincible, and reacts with actual surprise when I get a bruise.

  19. ¡el pingüino bilingüe¿ says:

    this reminds me of a comic from calvin and hobbe (about a six year old and his stuffed tiger who seems real to him) where they time travel forward to pick up calvin’s done homework but the future calvin tride the same thing as the past calvin and hobbes so the homework was not done. So they went they all went to the calvin that was in the time inbetween them and past calvin threatened to punch middle calvin and middle calvin remarked it would hurt past calvin later.

  20. Bubble says:

    My friend and I have this really weird habit of puching each other on the upper arm. I still have no idea how it started and I really can’t remember what it’s like to have an arm without bruises

  21. Colin says:

    ohhhhh I get it!
    Same Background, so same area, he went back in time and punched himself for not bringing extra clothes!

  22. KZero says:

    You make a good point Chris. But I think it’s also that you can’t accidently hurt the person very much. Maybe a bruise but if it’s anything more than that you’ve got anger/control issues.

  23. Colin says:

    if only…

  24. PyroWildcat says:

    I can imagine a scene where the current Biff goes back in time to meet Biff from comic #1 an gives him a list of all the mistakes he made in between the two times; said list would probably reach a couple miles long by this point, though.

  25. Deteramot says:

    My friend beats the hell out of my arm. It got so bad one day that I couldn’t feel my fingers. I always make sure he hits my non-dominant arm. I’m a pretty scrawny child however, so it always surprises people that I can take a hit from some of the strongest people in school.

  26. wisp says:

    i can take a hit most any were on my body face and back included but even a light tap to the side of my chest just seems to deflate my lungs in a heartbeat, never could figure out why tho…

  27. marr965 says:

    I wonder if Biff said “jerk” to himself, and then got angry at himself, and tryed to kill his past self… My head asplode…

  28. YukiSnowflake says:

    I only ever get punched in the arm by 2 people.
    One of them only does it when I’ve just had an injection there, the other does it for fun.
    It’s amazing how I actually once had to do nothing for a whole school day because my arm was killing me.

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