#473 – Rayon

Have you ever been away from home and had something happen were you wound up wearing someone else’s clothes?

In case you missed the link in my Twitter feed yesterday, here’s a closeup of the cover for book 2.


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  1. PsychoDuck says:

    Yellow isn’t exactly Biff’s colour. He looks like a bald housewife…

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  2. Chuck says:

    My sister fell in a pool once and had to borrow clothes. Me, I ended up wearing my cousins’ clothes whenever there were unplanned sleep-overs.

  3. birdie says:

    my family took a trip to washington, dc when i was about twelve years old. on the way, we stopped at my aunt and uncle’s in phillie. well, we get to dc, and we’re unpacking the car into the hotel room, it occurs to me that i still hadn’t seen my suitcase. it had, indeed, been left behind. i spent the entirety of the week dressed in clothes that belonged to either my then- nine year old brother, and a girl cousin who was 15. needless to say i didn’t look like i belonged. to this day, i no longer trust my mother’s packing, and often keep a spare set of clothes or two with.


  4. SEA says:

    That is an…interesting look for biff o_O
    Me? Nope, don’t remember any time where that happened.

  5. Ty1012 says:

    Hm…..nope. I don’t think I have. I’ve had people need to borrow shirts I think before. But I’ll keep my own clothes on thank you very much

  6. domanickX says:

    w00t time travel week!

  7. Seraphine says:

    Biff pulls it off with aplomb. I ripped my
    jeans climbing over a fence. Wrapping my
    sweatshirt around my waist,I walked through
    school to my next class, then to my bff’s
    house after for replacement clothes.

  8. Lord Misfit says:

    Is Biff actually a Terminator? @_@

  9. tpiro says:

    Is that a muumuu?

  10. TwitchyHug says:

    Actually this has happened to me a lot. One time I was running through a big dried up lake which I then discovered to only have a thin, dried crust on top, and I got muddy up to my knees, then I borrowed my friend’s skirt. Another time I stepped on a skink (very small lizard) in socks and my foot felt wet and disgusting so I borrowed a friend’s sock. Another time I was in my own house, but me and my friends were pissed and we took off our clothes and swapped them around. However, since I was the only girl willing to remove clothes for the sake of having a laugh, I ended up wearing a huge beige t-shirt and a pair of shorts owned by a guy who was smaller than I was. The guy who got to wear my t-shirt and short shorts looked good in my clothes though, even if he stretched out the shoulders of the top.

  11. Taz says:

    Seeing Biff in a dress made my day.

    As for me, I’ve been able to avoid any interesting stories in which I had to wear someone else’s clothes. The only stuff I can remember is wearing an older family member’s sweater on a cold day or something along those lines.

    It could just be that I have experienced a very embarrassing moment in which I had to wear someone else’s clothes, but it was so much so that I’ve surpressed the memory so as to never experience that shred of shame again.

  12. Micah says:

    Further proof that Biff is not human.

    “Your clothes! Give dem to me!”

  13. Adam says:

    Biff rocks the muumuu rather well…

    Next: Biff tries the precarious world of 4-inch heels! (Maybe?)

  14. MaskedMan says:

    Ah! The James Cameron school of time travel…
    One wonders why Biff bothered to travel back to the 60s, though – There’s really not all that much there that he’d find interesting. Uneless maybe he was looking for Dr. Leary..? That would explain sooooo much!

  15. R.A. says:

    Dude, Biff in a dress-thingy rocks. He looks so petulant about it, too, and almost like he’s trying to muster up some dignity.

    You know, if that were the outfit Arnold ha worn in the first Terminator movie instead of the biker dude getup, Sarah Connor would have died of laughter and his mission would have succeeded. Maybe he should have tried that instead?

    *Is waiting for a TARDIS to show up in Time Travel Week*

  16. Maese Davas says:


    Time travelling week has been pretty god so far! Kudos!


  17. Someone from a location says:

    Another theme week? I predict the next week will be about…
    Kids toys.

  18. rozencrantz says:

    And what did it say about me that my first thought was not “Terminator” but “The Time Traveler’s Wife”?

    When we were about 9, my sister and I went on a trip to the mountains, and she forgot to pack pants, so I had to give her half of mine. (we’re twins, so it worked)

  19. Davey says:

    @ TwitchyHug: great name.
    Anydoodles, I used to have squirt gun fights with my friends during the summer.
    That was always at his house.

    I think I may still have some of his socks just sitting around. I doubt they still fit me.

  20. Gobbledegook says:

    Drinking Story:
    I went to a get-together whist in college and was offered a “virgin” pina colada. It tasted virgin, so I had several more.
    Turns out that I was a guinea pig for the host’s new brand of tequila, which they mixed with the drink so well that I couldn’t detect it until too late.

    When I eventually woke up, I was in someone else’s clothing.
    Apparently a few girls who dropped by after I conked out had taken some incriminating photos (at least by my then-girlfriend’s standards) as they used me like a ken doll. It was the only time in my life that I’ve worn a tutu.

  21. Dr-Pie says:

    A few weeks ago i accidently put on a pair of my brothers trousers. It was pretty easy to tell that they wern’t mine when I put them on, as he’s a few sizes bigger than me. He’s not huge, but the trousers just dropped right down to my ankles if I didn’t hold them.

    I then went and put my own on

  22. Micah says:

    Is it just me or does Biff look comforatable? o.O

  23. pieman says:

    i totally freaked out when i saw the picture. i am now scarred for life.
    _____ _____
    / /
    | | | ____|
    _____/ /

    this is merely a representation of how creeped out i was. it was actually much more than this. i’m a bit less now. it’s currently about o_O.

    the closest thing to this that happened to me, was we went to my grandads one holiday in lincoln, which was quite faw away from where we live, and my dad forgot to put my bag in the van, so sfter driving all the way to lincoln, he unpacked the bags, realised mine was missing, drove all the way back, picked my bag up, drove to lincoln again.

    GOD, that was one stressed out start to the holidays.

    oh and sorry ’bout the big pic.

  24. pieman says:

    note: the pic in the previous post was supposed to be a mega version of the O_o. you obviously cant put more’n one space in on place. Aw well.

  25. the Scarf says:

    Do I sense a return of Biffanny?

  26. Joshua Reese says:

    Yea I have had that happen once, it was after me and my friend decided to see what pepper spray felt like. I was in pain for 5 hours afterwards. And also ended up wearing his bathrobe and a pair of his shorts and one of his shirts.

  27. biggo says:

    I don’t remember ever having to wear other people’s clothes, but I sure have overworn my own. Last winter, while on stage, I did a supposedly humorous movement and I ripped my pants from waist to knee in front of a hundred people. And I’m the frontman, so reeeeeally embarassing moment there; we’re a comedy band though, I guess most bystanders just thought it was meant to happen. We were into the third-to-last song and I just kept singing like it was perfectly normal to stand there with a naked leg and my underwear exposed. 😀
    Now for the overwearing part: I couldn’t go home half-naked in mid-winter, obviously, so I wore a spare sweatshirt as a sort of long underpants and cover(-ish)ed it with the ex-trousers. Very interesting visual result, but not-so-efficient in keeping my man parts warm o_O

  28. Deteramot says:

    Never had to wear any one else’s clothing. None owned by my friends would fit me anyway. Odds are I’ve worn my sister’s pants more than once.

  29. the_gail says:

    I fell in a cow pond at a friends house once and had to borrow clothing. The sweater had heart shaped buttons on it, very not me.

  30. Asua says:

    I had one of those. I was over at my boyfriends, and we decided to bike riding. Well, when we were going back, it started to rain, then pour, and the rain was blowing towards us. I ended up wearing his sisters clothes while mine dried. At least they were warm.

  31. Nero says:

    Heh. Ended up switching clothes with my girlfriend when I spilled bleach on my favorite black shirt. Went all down the back of it and got on to my jeans too. Thankfully I look pretty good in a halter top and a skirt. Got to keep my platform goth boots on though.

  32. 3.14 says:

    Not exactly clothing, but…When I was little, around three or four, we went out to this large party. Since I was one of four kids at the time, putting underwear on child number three somehow slipped their minds in the rush to get ready. Now, I loved the dress they picked out for me because when I spun around, it would go out on either side of my waist like a ballerina’s skirt. So I’m spinning around in this dress at the party for hours before my mom picks me up, finally discovering what was missing and realiszing that I was probably flashing everyone there. With no other options, they put one of my little sister’s diapers on me.

  33. Zach Light says:

    damn terminator and they’re crappy, only certain metals and bio material can time jump

  34. Twigs says:

    This just reminded me of David Bowie on the cover of The Man Who Sold the World. x) I think it’s the same haughty expression.

  35. BrainpanSonata says:

    One time I went to visit my dad without realizing it had been planned for me to spend the night… I ended up wearing one of his t-shirts and a pair of his ex-girlfriend’s sweatpants since I hadn’t brought any pajamas.

  36. Tech says:

    Giiv me yoh cloz. ( I’m trying to do Arnie’s voice, but…)

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