#402 – Blank

I think the one lost object that haunts me the most is my Spider-Man camera. When I was a kid I went on a camping trip with my friend Chris and his family. I took my new camera with me loaded with a fresh roll of film. I can still picture in my head some of the photos I took. The river, rock formations, fishing, the van covered in bugs. On the last day there Chris and I went to hang out on the swing set while his parents finished packing up. We got an urgent call “Hey, were leaving!” and ran back to the campsite so that we wouldn’t get left behind. It wasn’t until I got home and searched through my suitcase that I realized I had left the camera in the grass next to the swings. I always wondered if the person that found it developed the film.


38 thoughts on “#402 – Blank”

  1. Atkascha says:

    Heh, yeah. I remember losing a lot of things when I went to my friends houses as a child. D:

  2. MaskedMan says:


    I’m surprised he didn’t forget his head…

    I do that sometimes. Forget my head, I mean. Except that it’s bolted on with good quaility bolts. So maybe I don’t forget my head – I forget that I can’t forget it.

    Did that make any sense at all? I’ve got a sinus infection, and *wish* I could forget my head for a day or two…

  3. RFPT says:

    Chris, eh? I thought you were Chris.
    I don’t really forget anything, but walking down the street to the bus stop, I always wonder if I have. It bothers always me.

  4. Warcrime says:

    Maybe his friend was named Chris as well?

  5. Sleepingorange says:

    This one was really a sleeper. It didn’t strike me as funny until fully thirty secinds after I read it.

    Also, not even a mention of the GingerDead cameo? Shame…

  6. J says:

    Particularly highlarious today chris.

  7. Reina Sweet says:

    The worst thing I have lost was my social security card… yeah…

    I adore this comic. Always provides much needed cheer for my day. 😀

  8. J says:

    incidentally, i tend to forget things alot. mainly my hat or sunglasses, but especially erasers. i just cant hold onto an eraser. even when i’m just sitting in one spot i cant seem to hold onto one, it will always just disappear.

  9. Bubble says:

    I always forget my hair ties.

  10. Amanda says:

    yes, chris has a friend called chris. he talks about him a lot because friend chris can be a bit of an inspiration. 😛

  11. Plankster says:

    I don’t often forget things, but I’m constantly worrying that I have. I’m even a little nervous going into my classes at college, because I’m afraid I might be confused as to what day it is.

  12. Galindorf says:

    I had a look at GingerDead before I came over to have a look at Biff today and I have to say, you’re the man, Chris. 🙂 The whole thing warmed my heart (and Lenoir is so sweet, isn’t she?). I guess Biff knows what it’s like now to be as tall as I am…. 😀

  13. Seraphine says:

    Everything that we lose in life might
    be waiting for us when we die.

  14. Morzikei says:

    is this the same Chris in whose root beer you put jalapeno juice?

  15. Batdan says:

    When I first saw the comic without reading the caption this morning, I thought maybe the horizontal in Biff’s world had gone wonky. Like on those old TV sets.

  16. Natester says:

    Man, does he have any hover pants for compensation?

  17. cyber95 says:

    My friend was creating a trading card game, and one of the cards was one that I suggested. It was called “Other Pants”. It allowed you to retreive any card that you “lost”.

  18. Visi says:


    Me too. I’m always scared that I’ve gotten the day wrong, and that I’ll end up in the wrong class and be too confused to leave.

  19. PsychoDuck says:

    Chris is too common of a name. I say you change it. How about… Cecil!

    Anyways, I rarely forget objects. I often lose my train of thought, but rarely do I lose anything tangible.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  20. ShadowStarshine says:

    I have lost my backpack many times, but thankfully my friends pick it up and drive it to me over and over.

    What really sucks is leaving your wallet in your other pants, then when you go out and want to buy something.. well..

  21. Jason says:

    Isnt Biff scared of change? otherwise, LOL 🙂

  22. Cronyne says:

    I always keep losing the TV remote. It pops back up eventually. It’s always out in the open when I find it.

  23. Aytug says:

    The Chris on whose notebook Biff was first drawn for whose amusement… The Chris that worked in the ice-cream store with Chris, the Chris that Chris went camping with. This other Chris is becoming something of a running character. He is not an imaginary friend, is he? 🙂

    Anyway, why is this comic named “Blank”?

  24. steam punk says:

    Because Biff’s mind drew a blank?

    I always forget my phone in other pants. And then I think I lost it and have to phone it and it’s always in a pocket.

    I also have trouble remembering people’s names at work. A lot of them rhyme too, which should make it easier, but there are only a select few I remember. Everyone else, I usually just ask someone else what their name is.

    Lastly, I always forget to take my clothes out of the dryer. And then by the time I need them, I just grab the clothes I’m looking for, because I’m in a hurry and leave the rest. By the end of the week, the dryer is empty, but it’s a hassle for anyone else who wants to wash clothes.

  25. Kitsunie says:

    ….how did he even GET to the register?

  26. Morzikei says:

    the way all poor legless people move – he crawled. this raises the question – how did he not see he forgot his legs?

  27. Jojo says:

    Hey, I remember that camera.

    A lot of your pictures were out of focus.

  28. Clyde says:

    Ahhh, yes… lost objects.

    When I was 7 my dad bought me one of those air-powered toy planes. We went to the park to fly it. After pumping it full of air my dad showed me how to make the rotor spin and then throw it. He then demonstrated.

    It flew, and flew, and flew, and kept flying in a straight line. It went up and over the trees, over the woods, and out of sight never to be seen again.

    He then immediately went out and bought another one for me, but he lost it in a similar way.

    Air-hog #3 is around here… somewhere…

  29. KZero says:

    I’d say the thing I regret losing most would be the Shining Ghastly I accidently killed in Pokemon. Ghastly and its evolutions are some of my favorites so that would have been cool.

    I guess that isn’t a physical object though. The physical things I regret ‘losing’ were not lost but stolen. Lost a few choice super nintendo games, gameboy games, a 64 game, and a GameCube game that way.

  30. biggo says:

    Am I the only one who gets to lose things in his current pants?

  31. Chaos says:

    when i was in high school i lost my most prized possession a near perfect tear drop shaped tiger eye. there were no major flaws it was like one solid sheen no lines just gleam, i lost it waiting for the bus one morning. looked everywhere but to this day i have not found it.

  32. Alice Love says:

    If Biff is not tofu, can he be one of those mannequins you see at clothing stores? 😀

  33. Ash says:

    You know, I lost my pokemon blue when I was little. That game had mew on it, I had waited hours in line for that… I still think my friend stole it and took it with her when she moved away. I don’t get why she’d do that though, she had a gameshark.

  34. ThatSomethingGuy says:

    This comic may be what inspired one of my odder phrases: “My pants! My pants are full of legs!” Sometimes, someone bites, or plays along. Usually, getting told “Oh, my pants aren’t full of MY legs…” or “My pants are full of legs because there’s significantly more than two of them in here!”

    Chris: Inspirational.

  35. Mags says:

    I hate forgetting stuff in my pants. One day I forgot a bottle of water I stuck in my back pocket for a good time.
    I don’t know HOW I managed that.

  36. Jenny Creed says:

    Biff has so much in common with Topper Harley. Someone should write some shipping fiction!

  37. Monochrome says:

    And not at any other point during the very long trip there or when picking out items.

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