#398 – Laun

Back in high school my friend Chris and I both worked at an ice cream store. I worked there longer than he did so I had the privilege of delegating any task that I didn’t want to do to him. One hot summer day I was told that we had to mow the grass out front. I waited for Chris to get to work and asked him to do it. While he was out front baking in the sun I decided to straighten out our hot dog condiment section. This is when I noticed that he had left his giant cup of root beer on the counter next to me. I took the tray of jalapeño peppers and poured a good quarter cup of the juice into his cup and swirled it around. When he finished up outside he came back in all hot and sweaty and headed straight for his drink. He took a huge mouthful… paused… then ran to the sink and spit it out. Luckily there were no customers in the store at that moment to hear all of the colorful words he used as he turned around to face me.


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  1. Gene says:

    That’s hilarious!
    My friends and I aren’t that mean to each other though… Although, I have to say it is very fun to do things like that to good friends (cause you know they won’t hate you for long) – Such as watching them get drawn on while passed out drunk…
    Why’s Biff holding his head like he’s got an brain-freeze?

  2. Chuck says:

    Gene, brain burn.

  3. Ryan says:

    I was like that with my friends….
    …in middle school.
    Once my friend went to the window and put his face inches from it and said “Ryan! Lets look out the window!” I came up to him and just slammed his face into it.
    Lol. Good times. I couldn’t stop laughing.
    So, Chris and Chris, eh? Must have been fun times.

  4. Bobs says:

    Can you legally name your kid the f word?

  5. Knight Blazer says:

    Jalapenos and rootbeer, yeeesh. Got one better for you though. About 3 years ago on April Fools, my two brothers, me, and my father were cutting dead limbs out of trees at my great aunt Leafy’s (yes obvious joke there) house. I had just opened a can of Pepsi and had taken a couple of sips when my dad yelled at me to get back to work. Twenty minutes later I managed to get back to my drink and took a couple of huge gulps ( I get hot quick when I’m working) before I realized there was something wrong with my soda. Horribly wrong. I threw up all over my shoes and looked up to see my baby brother Jeremiah laughing his ass off. The little mutant had dumped out almost all of my Pepsi and replaced it with straight vinegar.
    And the worst part of was that my aunt Leafy was in on it!

  6. pieman says:

    ages ago wen we went to andorra, my sister gave me one of those long thin sugar packets, so i chucked it all in my mouth, because i like sugar.

    turned out it was salt.

  7. SEA says:

    Lol at biff !
    And wow…that was mean, but funny =p

  8. Nick Steele says:

    Sort of reminds me of the time i ate half a homicidal chilli pepper….

  9. Oh bother the things you do to Biff, why must you torture him so!?

  10. MaskedMan says:

    OTOH, jalapeño beer can be very refreshing indeed. There’s a micro-brewery in Ft. Collins, CO, that makes a wonderful jalapeño-flavored beer. It’s not stright-up hot-pepper juice, but there’s a nice flavor that hovers in the background.

  11. dragonbrad says:

    Me and My brother tried habenaro peppers one time, We just had to stick our finger on the skin and lick it, We wre running allover the house likje chicken, good times very good times.

    Chris, your evil, but awesome for doing that to tour friend chris

  12. Gobbledegook says:

    In high school I went to the steak ‘n shake with my brother and a few friends, and realized I forgot my wallet. My brother offered to pay for me if I took one of the hot peppers from the hot sauce dispenser and ate it. We quickly found out that the peppers were not meant to be eaten straight; they were simply too hot. My taste buds were damaged and I couldn’t taste anything for a few days.

  13. geeklord says:

    Capsaicin can be cruel.

  14. Will says:

    dunno if its the same stuff MaskedMan mentioned, my friend bought a 6 pack of ‘chili beer’ once. adn let me warn you, that stuff should only be consumed on a dare! and lets hope your the one daring someone else to drink it. Ive never taken a sip of anything and immediately started sweating before. The friend who bought it ended up drinking 3 of them since me and my other friend refused to finish ours.

    He was a sad little panda during all that, and i still think theres a bottle or two in the fridge…. after about 3 months.

  15. Kaikuro says:

    Sometimes I eat the jalapenios out of the pizza boxes, but that’s nothing… 😛

    Poor Biff. 🙁 *gives him poisoned cookie*

  16. Tuesday says:

    Aside from the burning, I also can’t imagine that that would be very tasty at ALL.

  17. Plankster says:

    I think that’s the most pain I’ve ever seen Biff in. It’s even worse than the lemon juice eye-drops.

  18. PsychoDuck says:

    Heh heh, nice trick on your pal there, Chris 😀

    Me and my sister once fed my brother-in-law a whole ball of wasabi. It took a moment, but once it started to work he totally fell on the floor and made noises like a newborn piglet XD

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  19. MaskedMan says:


    I don’t *think* that micro-brew sells outside of the state of Colorado, but I might be wrong. Probably not the same stuff, though, unless you’re hyper-sensitive to the peppers… the brew I had was hot, but there was far more “beer” than “hot.”

    But then again, I eat the hot Mazeta jalapeño straight from the jar, like popcorn. So maybe I’m not the best one to say…

  20. Chivalrybean says:

    I put wasabi in my stir fry that my wife and I make. Only in mine, so I mix it in afterwards. Invariably, there is always a bit that isn’t mixed in well and I have a moment where I sorta flip out, but then I’m ok again, until I find the next hot pocket in my stir fry.

    Also, when I was a friends overnight birthday party growing up they gave us all a box of red hot gobstoppers, and over the course of the evening, night, and next day I ate the whole box. Food was bland for a week.

  21. Daniel says:

    That’s like, the meanest thing I’ve ever heard (read) you do. That didn’t stop me from laughing my face off though.

  22. kenshin620 says:

    interesting idea….this reminds me of that mythbusters episode where they try to use wasabi to cure spicy burning…turns out it either works, or it makes it worse.

  23. carrie says:

    I laugh so hard everytime I hear that story 😀 Glad to see it in a Biff comic to be remembered for all time 🙂

  24. Seraphine says:

    Poor Biff. I know the feeling.
    I hate when my body betrays me too.

  25. Trevor says:

    I’m sad there weren’t any customers in the store at that moment to hear all of the colorful words he used as he turned around to face you.

  26. Opalin says:

    Milk Biff! Drink milk!

    Yeah, we’ve had our fair share of spice incidents, mainly because half of our family loves spicy food, and the other half hates it. My dad likes sneaking jalapeños into people’s foods when he cooks.

  27. Kaikuro says:

    By the way I love the comics so far! Just wanted to say that “Biff” is one of those words that if you say it over and over, it will make you laugh.

    Funny how Biff continues to amuse even when you’re not on the site! 😀

  28. Yuki says:

    That’s actually a pretty awesome idea…my boyfriend (who’s also named Chris) is gonna have to watch out…xD

  29. Christian says:

    hehe I remember we were fishing and a small fish jumped inside the boat so we put it in a bottle with some salt-water and in the fridge. Next day my grandfather took a swig.

  30. Bobby says:

    Ha, my co-workers and I do this all the time. I work at subway, and we are welcome to help ourselves to as much soda as we can drink. At least once a shift, someone will put vinegar into someone’s drink, and they’ll spit it out. We often just sniff our drinks to make sure it hasn’t been vinegared. One day, i poured probably a half-cup of salt into my friend’s drink. He smelled it, okayed it, and gulped it down, and threw up. It was fantastic.

  31. Kit-Kun says:

    Gezz… I can only imagin what he did to get you back.

  32. Archemedes Rex says:

    Back in the early 90’s I had a friend who made homemade wine. As an experiment, he tried several different fruits, and one was a bottle of jalapeño wine. It was horrid. it tasted like watered-down jalapeño Tabasco sauce mixed with honey. The high alcohol content made it burn your mouth even worse. That didn’t stop my alcoholic friends from downing he whole bottle, though.

  33. Beet says:

    Sounds like fun, will have to remember that one.

  34. me says:

    one time when i was a kid i tried to drink the liquid in a pickle jar, it kind of put me off pickles

  35. Jagman says:

    Hey dill pickle juice is good… especially if you need to be rehydrated. but BIFF DRINK MILK AND PUT A SLICE OF WHITE BREAD ON THE ROOF OF YOUR MOUTH. instant heat killer. period.

  36. Radical Edward says:

    This reminds me of a cartoonist’s bad experience with mango-chile popsicles. He thought it wouldn’t have chile in there, but one bite and he was incensed.

    On closer inspection, the box had the printed word “chile” in small letters.

    I used to drink the brine that pickles came in when I was little. I stopped at around age 7.

  37. Colin says:

    i hate that dull feeling when you eat something thats too hot
    or spicy

  38. Patren says:

    Actually, jalapeno pepper rootbeer might not be -that- bad. I make a jalapeno mint limeade drink and it is pretty good, well at least good enough that I keep making it. *ponder* I might actually try it with rootbeer instead of limeade.

  39. the_orin-ginal says:

    so what’s up with the title?

  40. Maniac says:

    Ouch… I don’t especially like spicy food. I don’t like the aftertaste when I eat spicy food (really spicy like pepper, jalapeno or stuff like that). They make everything delicious taste strange.

  41. dragonbrad says:

    yes but pepper jelly is great

  42. Hagen says:

    Meh. jalapenos aren’t too spicy. hat and their flavor is not as good as some oter peppers. I like Habaneros flavor wise, but I can barely eat one of them

  43. Aaron says:

    I did something similar to this when I was working at a Sheetz Convenience Store. We had just gotten a Barista Coffee section added, and we had a bunch of flavoring that we added to Iced Coffee drinks.

    One day, when I was working a night shift, I played a prank on one of my co-workers by swiping his drink when he was busy, adding a few pumps of Hazelnut flavoring to it, then put it back. It was worth a laugh, but needless to say, it didn’t go over too well with him.

    Luckily, drinks for us are free, so no harm, no foul.

  44. Mad_Cat says:

    Back in High School I in our ultimate frisbee club and we’d play after school on fridays.

    There was an ongoing dare for anyone to drink a gallon of milk in a hour (which I later found out if near impossible) add that to the boiling hot weather in Chico and you get puking high school kids throwing discs at each other.

    Good times.

  45. Alli says:

    lol that was so freaking hilarious!!

  46. Brown Recluse says:

    I laugh out loud at that story.
    That’s awesome.

  47. Marr965 says:

    I love chili chocolate… But I don’t like spicy stuff… Wierdo I am…

  48. Zach Light says:

    aw man, halapenos in the mouth is one thing, imagine it going up your nose, aw the pain….

  49. ThatSomethingGuy says:

    I need to ramp up the cruelty level on my pranks. They’ve become literally watered down.
    A visiting friend left their barely touched can of coke in an obvious location, and was distracted long enough for me to fill another can with water and switch them. *sigh*

  50. Itegami says:

    I used to have sushi or other Japanese food for lunch and i would always get mooched off of. One time a friend of mine was being really annoying about it and finally convinced me 2 make him an onigiri(a type of Japanese food that is a triangular ball of rice wrapped in seaweed with some sort of ingredient on the inside). Well that weekend me and my friend were making him that nice onigiri except… we filled it with lots of wasabi. When we gave it to him he shoved half of in his mouth and after a second started screaming and cursing. He then gave the rest to a friend of his who had forgotten his lunch and was really hungry and told him to “avoid the green parts”. This friend somehow failed to avoid the green parts and there was more screaming and colorful language.

  51. Gotora says:

    hehehe, actually… the jalapeno root beer isn’t bad… Let’s just say that I am mildly obsessed with spicy food, and I had some people that weren’t privy to that info play the jalapeno juice prank on my root beer. I can never tell you how satisfying it is to turn a prank around and drink it all with a smile on your face. The looks are worth paying to see.
    Also, I’ll have to try making the wasabi onigiri. They sound tasty. ;]

  52. Mags says:

    I’d probably wouldn’t even smell that. I seemed to have grown the irrational fear of over-spicy things.

    On the other hand, I seriously thought he hit his head on the jar.
    And I seriously thought that was a pickle jar.
    …And I thought that was coffee.

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