#380 – Fission

I always loved stuff that glowed in the dark. Stickers, necklaces, shirts. I had a Star Wars paint by number kit that I thought was really cool because of the glowing lightsaber. Another favorite of mine was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt although I guess I never got to show it off much. I didn’t really hang out with people in the dark back then. Did anyone have one of those cool bedroom ceilings covered with the glow-in-the-dark planets?


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  1. Alex G says:

    I so had glowing planets and stars on my ceiling.

  2. cyber95 says:

    I still regularly wear a glow in the dark shirt.

  3. Mullack says:

    Hmm Thats a good idea I should start doing that

  4. the Scarf says:

    so close to being first!

    Hee! I really like this one! I wasn’t expecting it to update today, and so the Green Glowing Biff caught me by surprise!
    Love it!

  5. the Scarf says:

    My sister used to have the glowing stars. We had this game that involved hiding them, and beanie babies around the upper floor, and blindfolding whomever was ‘it.’ we then had to find them…or something like that…the rules changed every time…so its hard to remember how to play…

  6. Hominyjibjib says:

    My sis had the stars too, she liked to change the constellations around according to the season

  7. Caitlin says:

    My brother once had glow in the dark planet stickers, as well as the little plastic glowing stars that I had/have.
    I had them and photos all over my walls, but after taking them down to repaint at the beginning of the year, I completely forgot about them all, until my boyfriend found the box they were in on my bottom shelf.
    I figured I’d go back to being a little childish and stick all the stars back up πŸ™‚

  8. MrPriest says:

    I have some posters and toys that glow in the dark (old ones, though)

    There is that thing that is awsomely cool – Glow in the Dark tatoos! I saw someone on the web that tatooed a skeleton on his body and it is transparent in the day, but in the dark it looks like a skeleton moving. Awsome.

  9. my childhood ceiling = milky way.

    And that’s the way I liked it =D

  10. Micah says:

    Wow, I started laughing before I read the caption.

    I always had those glow in the dark toys, never any stickers. I remember my sister and I got some glow worm toys when we were younger. They were weird.

  11. ZenMonkey says:

    My dorm room in high school was completely covered, ceiling and walls and furniture, with glow stars and planets and moons. When the light went out you were surrounded by a glowy universe.

  12. Chuck says:

    I like tings that glow in the dark, but not in my room. They scare me at night.

  13. Morigale says:

    I had some glow in the dark planets on my ceiling. I had a few stars up too, and I intended to make constellations out of them, but I got bored with it.

    The glue on the planets was lousy, so they fell on me while I slept and scared me senseless on a regular basis. Even putting tape along the edges didn’t help keep them up, it just made them feel like giant bugs with lots of legs instead of giant bugs with no legs.

  14. Gabe C. says:

    When my high school came to Israel for our senior trip, we were housed in rooms with those awesome slats that keep all the light from the outside out and from the inside in, just in case Syria or Egypt decides to bomb us. Some friends and I initially planned to fill most of the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars, but we ran out before we could make it cool, so we just wrote “Obscene.” To this day, we still love that story: “Hey, there’s something obscene on the ceiling!” I hope we spelled it right, at least.

    -Gabe C.

  15. Kree says:

    In my old bedroom we had a bunch of planets and stars on the ceiling. We put them up randomly but they ended up roughly in the shape of a cartoony bee. After we noticed the shape I would always see a bee up there instead of a random assortment of stars.

    Also, I wonder how many people don’t actually know that nuclear material doesn’t glow πŸ˜› I know it’s glaringly obvious it’s a popular visual effect, but I just wonder about some people…

  16. Radical Edward says:

    I went walking early in the morning a few days ago. My mother asked where I’ve been, but later wrote it off, seeing as I was “freaky”.

    I was recently suffering from sleeping problems

  17. MrPriest says:

    Nuclear material does not really glow? Don’t they add some sort of artificual color to warn others from radiation like with gas smell (which is actually smell-less but manufacturers add smell so you would not choke without noticing that you are in a gas filled area)

  18. Myrthe. says:

    Oh, yes, the glow-in-the-dark stars… One by one they would fall down until there were only three or so left. I think I might still have one or two.
    Nowadays I’m totally obsessed with glow-in-the-dark skeletons, spiders, maggots… They are so tacky =)

  19. Gus says:

    I used to have the glow-in-the dark stars and planet. I put a comet on the ceiling fan: instant fun!

  20. alpaca says:

    no there is no thing like a color added to neuclear material. it would only contaminate the stuff, and they do enormous efforts to get it as pure as possible. anyone coming in contact with radiation should be trained enough to make the required precautions anyway.

  21. KayRis says:

    My brother had glow in the dark stuff on his ceiling. I used to like sleeping in his room when he was gone (he had a bigger bed) but I always had trouble falling asleep because the bright glowing planets kept me awake at night. I live in the country so I’m used to near pitch-black at night.

  22. I had the plastic glowy stars too. Took them to college with me and made a star chart on my ceiling. Stupid stucco ceiling meant using a lot of that sticky putty though, and occasionally I’d get hit in the face when one fell down.

    No glow-in-the-dark clothing per se, but I do have an electroluminescent shirt with the Decepticon insignia on it.

  23. Charlotte says:

    Good comic! This one took about 5 seconds to kick in before I started giggling for a minute without being able to stop.

    My sister used to have the glow in the dark planets and stars on her ceiling, but I couldn’t sleep with lights in my room so I just elected to paint moons and stars on the walls with a stensil.

  24. Gobbledegook says:

    Great comic today!
    I had the stars and moons in my bedroom.

  25. Frank says:

    Yea…I had glowing planets. The sticky stuff on the back dried up, though, and they all fell down eventually.

  26. MaskedMan says:

    @Kree; “…I wonder how many people don’t actually know that nuclear material doesn’t glow…”

    Well, actually that’s not *entirely* true, though it’s true for most purposes. If you get enough radioisotopes of the right energy embedded in an insulator (like water), you can get Cherenkov radiation, which *does* glow, albeit it glows *blue.* Note that the human body is largely water…

    Of course, Biff isn’t really human, and his glow is the wrong color for Cherenkov, so I suppose he simply has a large natural (or unnatural) body burden of copper-doped zinc sulfide or other radioluminescent material, allowing the radiation from the plutonium to cause his body to luminesce.

  27. Seraphine says:

    I love the glowy green color on Biff.
    I’d deff follow him with my headlights.

  28. Becca says:

    My sister used to have the glow in the dark stars on her ceiling, but they were put up far from a random pattern. Now when my husband and I stay at my parents house we sleep in her old bedroom – now the guest room and we fall asleep staring up at a ceiling that says “I *heart* Jim”. Jim was her high school boyfriend.

  29. Abby says:

    The first two places I lived in college both had glow-in-the-dark paint on the ceiling.

  30. Jandalf says:

    I still have glow-in-the-dark planets and stars on my ceiling.

  31. Brettooley says:

    i have, and commonly wear, a glow in the dark Felix the cat t-shirt that i bought a few years ago, it’s pretty sweet

  32. Joe says:

    As an avid runner, and one who likes to run at 4-5AM, i can tell you that this could come in handy…except for the obvious side effects (i.e. Death)

    I also had the glowing stars in my room and a black light to illumintate them.

  33. Lex says:

    I have a T-Shirt with an alien in skater clothes on it, the skin parts of the alien are glow-in-the dark. It’s really cool when you go to a club with UV-light, because UV-light makes them light really good. In my days as techno-head back in the middle of the nineties (OH GOD… A sentence like this makes you feel old…) I had black and white camouflage pants, where I painted all the white parts with UV-light orange… Was quite a sight on the dancefloor πŸ˜‰

  34. Rob says:

    Excellent comic.

    I never put the planet and stars stickers up myself. When I was living in the college dorm, apparently the person the lived there before me was a huge fan. My roommate and I didn’t notice the stickers all over the ceiling and upper walls until we turned the lights off to go to sleep the first night. Needless to say, we were surprised.

  35. SGrahambo says:

    When I was a kid, I got a HUGE packet of glow in the dark stars and a few planets for my B-day. There were over two thousand stars and 7 planets. It took me a week to put all the stickers on my walls and ceiling, but when I was done, it looked absolutely amazing. I still miss that room to and have been longing to buy another packet of stars for my starless room.

  36. AG says:

    Holy schnikes batman! The first person to post today stole my name!

    My room when I was a little kid had a bunch of glow in the dark fish my mom cut out of wrapping paper and glued onto my walls. Why somebody made glow in the dark wrapping paper is something I’ll never understand.

  37. Reynard says:

    While we never had the glow-in-the-dark stickers, my sister and I had a miniature planetarium (it shined pinholes of light onto the walls and ceiling) that one of us got for Christmas or a birthday. (I can’t remember exactly when because we were *very* young.) Needless to say, it was pretty cool…

  38. Al says:

    Yes! I had glow-in-the-dark planets on my ceiling and I even had them arranged in constellations and such. Some of them are still there and you can even see them if you look for them out of the corner of your eye.

    I’ve seen ads for this comic on other sites for awhile, but I never read it until a few weeks ago. I’m glad I did. I enjoy the humor, sometimes it’s like random association.

  39. Opalin says:

    I had glow in the dark asian dragons. They kept falling off the celing, so I’d put them on my bookshelves.

  40. kryhavok says:

    When I was younger my mom put glow-in-the-dark stars and planets on my old bedroom’s ceiling. I’m older now but my parents haven’t bothered to remove them… It’s now my moms “lounge” and a different color. I’m in my bro’s old room which doosn’t have these on the ceiling, he wasn’t as cool as me when we were younger :). But even if they’re up there, the glowyness stopped several years ago…

  41. Jackson says:

    My brother bought a pack of glowy planet-stickers from the planetarium gift shop once, when he was about seven. He stuck them on the wall right beside his bed, in a tiny cluster taking up about one square foot of the wall, as if the big bang had contained roughly the mass of a single solar system and failed to expand beyond .00001% of the actual space available in the universe. …actually, that wouldn’t be a very big bang.

    Anyway, this one is a particularly good comic. I can certainly appreciate the irony of drinking plutonium as a safety precaution.

  42. Espy says:

    I still have my ceiling full of those stars, but I also have this small glowing dragon up there with them. I used to tell all of my secrets to it when I was younger, and I’m still so fond of it that I’ll probably take it with me when I move, even if I leave the stars behind. : P

  43. Captain Steve says:

    Just got my Book of Biff book today! I now have reason to live again.

  44. Robot Panda says:

    I still have some stars up on my ceiling, as well. I tried sticking some on the ceiling fan, but they would always fly off. But it was pretty cool to watch while the fan was going XD The fact I can’t see without glasses/contacts probably helped that factor.

  45. Sarkreth says:

    You won’t like Biff when he’s angry.

  46. fluffy says:

    I had a stars-and-planets ceiling as a kid, because my dad was way into astronomy and wanted to foster my interest as well. He made sure it was astronomically-correct, so he made it fairly accurate with real constellations and he was all anal-retentive about it.

    I liked astronomy, but for I hated trying to sleep in rooms with glow-in-the-dark stuff. It scared the crap out of me for some reason, probably because I watched too many Scooby-Doo cartoons with glowy ghosts and stuff.

  47. Ela says:

    I used to have the glow in the dark stars! They were awesome… but scary when I was little. Heh, there’s still a few stuck on the ceiling.

  48. Ela says:

    Before reading the caption, I thought this would have something to do with the Incredible Hulk…

  49. mattmatt says:

    ahh he looks cool

  50. Chivalrybean says:

    My friend got some glow in the dark paint/glue stuff and painted/glued stars and planets and Star Trek ships all over his walls.

  51. Ben says:

    I used to have a glow-in-the-dark T-rex skeleton. it was the coolest

  52. Buni says:

    I had a glow in the dark star ceiling in my old room…in fact, they’re all still stuck up there and I can’t get ’em off. πŸ™ Now it’s the guest room…oops!

  53. pyrocat100 says:

    Wehehehe, Biff is all green and glowy.

    My ceiling has little stars on them and a moon, it was left there by the people who lived here before. Its cool.

  54. GSGold says:

    Holy crap, I remember the glow-in-the-dark stars and planets. Those were awesome.

    I want them again.

  55. dragonbrad says:

    chris, i would still love to have those glow in the dark planets

  56. Noah says:

    I have a glow in the dark spiderweb on my ceiling it took forever to paint

  57. bizzybody says:

    Radium and Tritium glow green, but Tritium is a gas. Radium used to be painted onto the hands and numbers on clock and watch faces so they’d glow in the dark. Radiation? What?

    Now you can get stuff with vials of Tritium gas that glow, watches with it in the hands, gunsights, keychains, landing lights for airstrips out in the middle of nowhere, emergency illumination on ships and submarines and lots more uses. The radiation from Tritium is very weak so it only takes a thin glass or plastic vial to contain it completely.

  58. zorgof says:

    I had one but it always kept me up at night.

  59. snakeadelic says:

    I still have a package of glow-in-the-dark stars AND one of planets to figure out where to put up. Also, I once stole a wicked cool tee shirt from a boyfriend; it says “GODZILLA” in big block letters and has a closeup of his eyes inside the lettering. Imagine my surprise like a year and a half later when I wore it for a nightshirt and discovered that the eyeballs glow in the dark! Hey–does anyone else have this weird little quirk? I canNOT see glow-in-the-dark stuff if I look directly at it! It disappears. I have to look an inch or so to one side to see anything that glows in the dark, and I always have. Otherwise my eyesight’s pretty good.

  60. Ben says:

    I have glow-in-the-dark sheeps on my bedroom’s ceilings πŸ™‚

  61. colin says:

    i had them as a kid.us my mom sponge painted the ceiling & walls, and the effect was awe-inspiring at night. also, anyone ever see the x-files episode of the simpsons? O.o

  62. phuzzie says:

    When i was a kid, my ceiling was COVERED in glow in the dark stars and planets. After the big light in the ceiling was turned off they would glow so brightly I could see well enough in the otherwise-dark room to find my way around my room without tripping over anything. They would glow like that for HOURS! It was so nice to fall asleep to them…

    Now I live in a house with that cruddy bumpy ceiling stuff and I dont think the glowey stars will stay there now if I got them.

    I miss my personal night sky so much… especially now since I work night shift and don’t ever get to see the real stars cause of the city… :{

  63. LydiaRaven says:

    I had one. I’ve always had one cause i love stars and space and such

    infact, I STILL have one even though i go to a boarding school. no planets, but tons of stars! I

  64. Lynxeh says:

    I had a bunkbed with a regular sized box spring. They make bunk-bed boxsprings that are a lot thinner… You can probably imagine that sleeping in that bed was almost like a coffin as I grew bigger. When I was little I had the glow in the dark stars that I put on my ‘coffin’ ceiling. I enjoyed watching them lose their glow as I tried to afoid falling asleep.

  65. MaskedMan says:

    @bizzybody ; “Radium and Tritium glow green”

    Again, not true. In their native state, they give off no vivible light. Only when combined with a phosphor do you get a visisble-light glow (usually green, but not always). As I note above, copper-doped zinc sulfide is one such material, which is commonly used in combination with radium to make watch hands and instrument indicators glow. Silver and magnesium have also been used in combination with zinc sulfide.

    Tritium gas is enclosed in borosilicate glass tubes, the interior of which is coated with a thin layer of phosphor.

    So sorry to be such a wet blanket, but as a former Navy Nuc, I sometimes get annoyed at the misinformation out there on the subject. Radiation isn’t a mystical magical force; anyone can learn how it works – it’s not, at its core, all that hard. And no, I don’t glow; Not blue, not green, nor in any other hue.

  66. Avel says:

    Yeah! I had stickers on my ceiling like that. Every week when I got my allowance I’d spend it all on packs of those. I planned to cover my entire ceiling in them.

  67. Vickster says:

    I had thosse glowing stars and planets! And I’d count them every night before going to sleep. And I was always disappointed that I got the same number every time.

  68. steve-o says:

    I used to have those glow in the dark planets and stars hanging from my ceiling. It was quite interesting lying on my back at night and just staring those planets.

  69. emthegreat says:

    i had those sticky glow in the dark stars on my ceiling. they were always falling down.

  70. MATT! says:

    he looks just like Ambush Bug here!

  71. KZero says:

    I had a glow in the dark koosh ball. That was pretty sweet when it got enough sunlight to actually glow at night.

  72. Shorty says:

    It’s the Incredible Biff!!

  73. Sarah says:

    I used to have Ghostbuster pjs that glowed in the dark. They were by favorite pajamas and I wore them for years…and this was when I needed a new pair of shoes every week because I was growing so much. My mom finally took them away from me when the long sleeves were just below my elbows and the pants barely covered my knees. I’m hoping they are still in a box somewhere.

  74. 1 wolffan says:

    I had a ceiling with a full solar system, astroid belt included. I still have a bunch of glowing stars that I keep meaning to put up, but I keep getting destracted by various web-comics and such, when I mean to put them up.

  75. Boumama says:

    I made my daughters nightgowns a few years ago, out of fabrics they chose. The younger one chose Care Bears with glowy moons, stars, and clouds. I did a hideous job, but she still loves the thing and wears it, even though she’s grown a good 8 inches since I made the thing.

  76. the_gail says:

    my finger nails have glow in the dark polish on them right now. when i was little i, for reasons i no longer remember, completely outlined my bedroom door with glow in the dark stuff. I say stuff because some of it was dinasaur toys that i’d hung from yarn tacked to the wall.

  77. Nero says:

    Heh, I expected some of the hulk jokes. Yeah, best glow in the dark thing I have is a glow in the dark poster of pinhead looming out of my closet. No one will spend time in my room now.

  78. Crazy Magnet says:

    I has ceiling stars ^^ Don’t worry Nero, the Hulk was my first thought too πŸ˜› And the_gail, I would kill a man for glow-in-the-dark nail polish.

  79. Marr965 says:

    My mum’s got an R2-D2 t-shirt that has an LED where R2’s round light thingy is… It hasn’t got a battery, though. πŸ™

  80. A.J.γ¨γ„γ†ζ΅·θ³Š says:

    I had both the planets, and I believe fish. It was awesome.

  81. -2! says:

    One of my all time favourite Biff comics, I have been making a game since way before I discovered The Book of Biff (which is fairly recently) in which i decided to explain everything with Uranium, and this comic made me realizes, the preexisting settings in this Universe suite Biff exactly, describing everything about him including the eyebrows!

  82. }o{ Chelsey-Wa }o{ says:

    I still have the glowing stars and planets on my ceiling.

  83. Alice Love says:

    He just doesn’t want to admit he cosplays as invader zim πŸ˜‰

  84. Three of Nineteen says:

    I still have a few stars on my ceiling after all these years, and a cool glow-in-the-dark poster that have aliens marching out of a flying saucer.

  85. lulululu says:

    My first post, though I’ve read this far.

    My brother has stars, planets and UFOs that glow in the dark in his bedroom. Well, they were there when we moved in. He’s probably past that stage, seeing as he’s 21.

  86. JJM says:

    I had those glow in the dark stars stickers many times as a kid. I ordered them from Johnson Smith Company. I can’t seem to find those exact ones anymore. The new ones are crap.

  87. Father of Seven says:

    I let my daughters paint their room in a Pollock style. Slinging paint all over the place. Along with the normal house paint was some glow in the dark paint. The room is interesting at night with strings of glowing all over the place.

  88. Matanui3 says:

    Yes, my cieling was covered in stars and planets. My brother’s too πŸ™‚
    But then I had to change rooms, and didn’t bring them with me πŸ™

  89. figgyleaf says:

    im 17 and i have them up still πŸ™‚

  90. ThunderBunny says:

    Just another stubborn fact: Plutonium is probably the deadliest poison in the world. One thimble-full, if evenly distributed, would eliminate mankind. I won’t ask where he gets his plutonium, but Biff doesn’t have long for this world. If he had lived in the early 20th century, he could have drank Radithor instead, and lived just a little longer. Poor Biff. He’s finally done himself in this time. πŸ™ At least he’ll be a candidate for a posthumous Darwin Award. πŸ™‚

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