#337 – Pop

I hate it when I take too long of a hot shower. My skin feels tight and dry like it’s going to split open. The worst is when it happens right before going to work. Then I have to suffer through the day daydreaming of taking a bath in body lotion.


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  1. Sleepingorange says:

    Bleh. I’m an extremely protracted bather, with a bad habit of falling asleep in the shower; I could totally use one of those timers.

  2. CojoinedCows says:

    I’m normally a very quick showerer. Not today, though. We painted our new appartment and with all the white paint on my arms I’m still looking kinda mouldy…

  3. J says:

    but dont you usually stand up in the shower?

  4. Ice says:

    We’ve got water restrictions in Australia, so no long showers for us πŸ™

  5. Micah says:

    It’s entirely possible to fall asleep standing up. I should know.

  6. pieman says:

    i love extremely hot showers, and the longer, the better

  7. Terashell says:

    I usually shower until the water heater we have stops keeping up. Where I live now, that has yet to happen. I stood there for a good half an hour one day, and I was still getting nice hot water.

    I love living in a single apartment with a water heater designed for a house with 4 people.

  8. Matthew says:

    Micah said:
    It’s entirely possible to fall asleep standing up. I should know.

    Me too. I did once. My brother, instead of waking me, decided to watch the disaster unfold. He said I was OK for about 15min and he thought I would never fall, but then my knees gave way and I just slumped ripping down some curtain/cloth thing with me. Oh well. Good times.

  9. Fudgie says:

    I know I’ve been in the shower too long when someone knocks on the door and tells me to hurry up because I’d been in there for well over half an hour πŸ˜›

  10. Sleepingorange says:

    Well, I find it more pleasant and relaxing to run a shower but engage the stopper anyway; it’s like a bath, but filled from the shower nozzle. That’s how I meant fall asleep in the shower.

    What I wonder, though, is why your brother was watching you showering…

  11. Bob says:

    I dont think he was showering, maby just standing by the window, and he fell asleep.
    I love hot showers, my little brother goes off to school, my parents to work, and i take a nice hour long shower, but if i dont slowly bring the temprature down to a chill, its a bit of a shock walking into frigid air.

  12. thewho1 says:

    unfortunately we have constant showers in the u.k. as it’s ALWAYS RAINING. It’s a wonder we don’t have permanent prune skin.

  13. trueblaze says:

    Oh ya, nothing’s better on a cold day than a nice long hot shower. On hot days it’s also nice to have a nice long cold shower, but I prefer hot ones.

  14. Dr. Doom says:

    I always fall asleep in the shower, i have one of these massage extensions, so if i lay down, it feels like a spa. I assume I’d fall asleep in a spa too, but that’s really beside the point.

  15. Bullet Fiend says:

    I would say it looks more like one of those things you pull out the side of an inflatable pool piece to blow into it.

    Hey, that could be an interesting comic idea…

  16. Gobbledegook says:

    I like doing the stopper thing too. It feels like its raining while I’m taking a bath.

  17. Avel says:

    I just completely coat myself in moisturizer after showers πŸ˜€

  18. Natester says:

    Wow, that has got to feel wierd when a button pops out of your head*snicker**snicker*.

  19. Seraphine says:

    I love hot showers on cold days. My skin turns red like
    I have a sunburn. It’s the only time my feet get warm.

  20. Propane13 says:

    What happened to comic 337?

  21. Chris says:

    Propane13 – fixed πŸ™‚

  22. MaskedMan says:

    In the bad ol’ days, when I still did the submarine thing, I’d come off patrol reeking of boat-stink. I’d take a six of cold beer, set it just outside the shower, and proceed to soak and drink. When the beer was gone, the shower was done.

    Long abstinance+good beer+hot shower==Extreme(ly pleasant) napping

    Great way to get back into a more-or-less human-normal frame of mind.

  23. Hanii Puppy says:

    i love long showers, my showers always last around 20-45 minutes =p (15 if it’s a “Speed-Shower” =p )

    I’m still surprised everytime someone suggests a shower lasting 10 minutes or less :X

    Also, the more i learn about Biff’s Body … the more i think he’s an alien cyborg come to take over earth but forgotten what he was going half way through :X

  24. Hominyjibjib says:

    If your skin is drying out then you should be using Dove. Dove is love

  25. RFPT says:

    @Ice: heh, you maybe. I take a shower for 48 minutes and nobody comes round telling me I’m killing the country.

  26. Hanii Puppy says:

    @ RFPT

    We don’t normally have restrictions here in Scotland, but when i went down to the south of England they had restrictions Β».Β« i think it had somin to do with them getting their water from reservoirs instead of rivers :X

  27. Matt Newton says:

    I apparently don’t have a timer on the back of my head ’cause I could stay in the shower forever.

  28. Radical Edward says:

    I shower just enough to clean up and relax a little. As for water limits, I don’t really push that many limits when it comes to resources.

    Still, a timer? Must of been a replacement for that umbrella implant.

  29. Terashell says:

    Hanii Puppy Says:
    I’m still surprised everytime someone suggests a shower lasting 10 minutes or less :X

    I can take a shower in three minutes flat if I need to, and skip conditioner.

  30. Takanero says:

    i wake up at 6:30 and take a 45 minute shower. and i am a dude. i long hot shower. that is the best then it is a shower/tub so i lay down and fall asleep once in a while. my mom knocks on the door and tells me it’s 7:15. the bumer is the last 15min the water gets cold

  31. India says:

    this one and the 338 have some kind of duplicate display issue.

  32. Alice Love says:

    Longest shower I took was 4 hours. I tend not to take showers when other people will need the bathroom because I often take long ones. I just love showers and what can happen in them :3


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