#321 – Contact

I loved watching UFO documentaries when I was a kid. I liked both the kinds of shows where they seriously believed it to be true and the ones that made it all out to be a bunch of hooey. I liked practical jokes and special effects so UFO hoaxes seemed like the perfect combination.

I would also like to point out that I used to watch a show on PBS when I was a kid called “3-2-1 Contact.” I named this comic “Contact” before I realized that it is comic #321. When I typed out the title at the top of the post I suddenly burst out laughing. My wife looked at me funny and when I turned my monitor for her to see, she cracked up as well.

Thanks for everyone that bid on the BIff art auction. If you were waiting until the last day to get in a bid, today is the day!


47 thoughts on “#321 – Contact”

  1. Mike says:

    Hey, love the comic! Iv been reading it for awhile. I check every day! :O
    Anyway, this is the first comic thats made me laugh in quite some time, its just so silly, keep up the good work.

  2. Chuck says:

    And here I thought he was going to sing a show stopper.

  3. Elli says:

    I liked the UFO shows too. This one made me laugh so hard. XD

  4. AJ says:

    I was quite a fan of all those shows that could be lumped into the supernatural category as a kid too (UFOs, Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Ghosts/Poltergeists, etc.) I especially liked ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ with Robert Stack. Though the murder cases were interesting, I loved it when they did hauntings. Robert’s voice just fit it all perfectly!

  5. Lucretiel says:

    Heh, I can here him now: “I’m waaaaiiiiiiitiiiiiing……”

  6. CojoinedCows says:

    Ah, the good old streetlight mistake. Happens to me all the time. Once I even thought I was standing under a streetlight just to be pulled up into a UFO. I was so confused that they managed to sell me the entire encyclopedia galactica.
    I threw the books away, though. Not enough pictures.

  7. Sleepingorange says:

    This one really made me chuckle. I guess Biff can’t see well with his eyes closed all the time.

    However, is it just me, or are Biff’s hands and feet smaller in proportion to the rest of him than is usually the case?

    Chance of a life-time:
    Turns out it’s just the street-lamp.
    Oh, disapointment.

  8. Garrett says:

    I saw the name in my rss reader and got a nice chuckle from that. Whenever I finally get to 321 comics on my own site, I need to remember to name it “Contact”, or maybe “Lift-off”! At the current rate, I will probably reach 321 in 13 years(I used a calculator). Actually, I don’t even number my comics.

  9. trueblaze says:

    Good to know I’m not the only one who’s made that mistake. .>”

  10. Elle says:

    Cool, I used to love that supernatural stuff too as a kid! I still like it, just without the wide-eyed innocence and whatnot. I did my biggest assignment for primary school on zombies. I got an A, probably because I told the teacher exactly how to bring a corpse back from the dead to do her bidding.

  11. fishmeester says:

    I think it’s a very creepy coincidence!

  12. Nijihime says:

    Dang,I wanted him to sing a show-stopper,too.

    Come on Biff,start dancing from embarrassment!Pull an Ashley Simpson outta nowhere!

  13. gobbledegook says:

    I feel bad for him… he looks so hopeful.

  14. Bunnyman says:

    On the bright side, he can’t be probed AND he can’t be blinded because he always has his eyes closed (or possibly lacks eyes…) On the not-as-bright side, he’ll probably be admitted to a nut house if someone sees him…

  15. Toshmate! says:

    I think thats one of my favorite.. I laughed a little too hard… oh god i need to read it again and again!!!

  16. aan00b says:

    CojoinedCow: yeah, the Encyclopedia Galactica is no good…The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy is much better, and it has “don’t panic” in large, friendly letters across the cover…

    I’ve never had this happen to me as most of the street lights around where I live are more the “lamp-post” type, and don’t throw a large, detached glow onto the pavement…LOL @ the title, I’ve heard of that show, but I’m not old enough to have watched it…

  17. Julie says:

    I found your comic through a link on Tales of Mu. I love it and have told everyone about it. Now I’m going to have the theme song from 321 Contact stuck in my head all day. My favorite episodes were the ones that had The Blood Hound Detective Agency clips.

  18. Seraphine says:

    Some streetlights give off an alien glow, so I understand how Biff could make that mistake.
    I like Biff’s green sneakers.

  19. Bullet Fiend says:

    Rock On!!! Best comic in weeks (in my opinion)!

  20. Paul says:

    Maybe the aliens controlled your mind and made you call the comic #321 contact.

  21. Ela says:

    So there I was, reading this comic, when a thought came into my head. I’ve been reading Darren Shan’s Cirque Du Freak series, where it claims that vampires made up the stories of UFO’s. It was all a distraction to get people’s minds off of the odd scars on their bodies (from the blood sucking, of course).

  22. Spencer says:

    I miss that show. I used to watch 3-2-1 Contact! all the time as a kid! *sighs* that and Square 4.

  23. Spencer says:

    Er… Square 1…

  24. Micah says:

    How can he hitch a ride? He doesn’t even have his towel with him. (Though this would explain a few things…)

  25. Sam says:

    This one made me smile a big smile.
    Thanks, Chris 🙂

  26. PurpleKoopa says:

    This comic of the funniest ones in a while. 🙂

  27. Contact… is the reason… is the moment… that everything hap-pens…

  28. Don says:

    This may well be my favorite Biff strip. 🙂

  29. Yurgenst says:

    The aliens just want him to think its a street light :0

  30. Mahsee says:

    Man, I remember that show. Always loved to watch it when I could. Pretty funny how comic title and number went together 🙂

  31. Radical Edward says:

    Take it easy, Biff, it’s just a streetlight…

  32. Erkhadz says:

    I was raised watching pbs, 3-2-1 Contact, Captain Kangaroo, Square 1, Mr. Rodgers, Sesame Street, ah the memories; I miss those shows. The crap they show these days pales in comparison.

  33. Radical Edward says:

    They don’t make kids’ shows like they use to…Still, kids can watch Curious George, but not the old ones with the folksy theme song, but the new one with the redesigned George.

    Still, he looks more natural with the three stray hairs and I find it interesting that it still retains a soft feel like in the books.

    I see, in essence, Biff is similar to Curious George.

  34. muffie says:

    I remember that show too no one i work with does though they are all younger than i am >

  35. Elkian says:

    I’ve done that….I think…

  36. dandy says:

    Hey I think you are one of my favorite cartoonist ever and this one(#321-Contact) I think is really my favorite of all your comic strips.
    Thank you for making me smile..

  37. Eliza says:

    I remember that show! Heck, I even remember the theme song. … I couldn’t have been older than five, either…

  38. Torg says:

    It just isn’t the same to be abducted by a streetlight.

  39. Sarah says:

    I used to watch 3-2-1 Contact as well! It was definitely one of my favorites!

  40. jykcor says:

    I swear aliens took my appendix or something. i feel like i have been missing an organ for the longest time.

    On a serious note, i worked in the adarondacks in upstate NY for 6 weeks. i saw a light in the sky through my tent flap that was slightly open, and went outside with my big freaking knife. i swear i saw a big-ish ( it was high up) disk hovering above the office, at least at the height of a plane. it zipped over at breakneck speed near the field, paused for 5 seconds, zipped over the treeline, and shot up at about a 50 degree angle.

    I have not told anyone about this yet.

    i fainted, outside my tent, and awoke 2 hours later in my bed.

    the weird thing is, my back was covered in dirt.

  41. jykcor says:

    the funny thing is, we saw a moose for the first time in 10 years on the evening after my sighting. i have been spooked by that night ever since.

  42. Mosog says:

    I only vaguely remember 3-2-1 Contact. My mom keeps telling me the story of how I corrected a jewelry store display based on information from my 3-2-1 magazine… at the age of 4. Apparently, I was scary smart as a child. Wonder what happened…

    I was more into Square One. To this day, whenever I see 1-1-2-3-5 anywhere, I have to say “Eureka!”

  43. Alice Love says:

    Heh – he looks like a catfish. He IS part amphibian – maybe he can be part fish too?

    I use to do this, film myself under street lamps exclaiming THE TRUTH HAS FOUND ME. Ahh good times.

  44. Romano Giovanni says:

    Square One and 3-2-1-Contact were two of my favorite shows as a kid. I really loved the detectives on both shows. 3-2-1-Contact had The Bloodhound Gang, and Square One had Mathnet. I still remember a lot about them both, and I wish there was a dvd collection available out there somewhere.

  45. Thorax says:

    @Mosog: OMG, same here! I loved mathman skit – I just didn’t like how it was too short. I don’t think that mathman ever completed a level, he shall forever be tornado food.

  46. SurveySays says:

    i like how he WAITED for the ufo. i would have run like a bat outta h#!! if i tought there was a ufo above me.

  47. Tech says:

    reminds me of Mr. Bean

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